Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ready or Not! - September 2

<<both Trevor's & Kristin's email - again :)>>

Kia Ora Mother,

Don't cry too much. I'm not home yet:)

Clarke and Marney did come on sunday and I spent ages with them. They came to church and then we talked for an hour afterwords saying goodbye to everyone and trying to get pictures. Then we were able to have dinner with them at a members house. It was a pretty good day except for all the goodbyes that I don't like saying. Well that is over now as I am in hamilton. I also sent my luggage with them so I have to see them at least once more to get it back. Also because I didn't want to carry it up on the bus. Luggage is irritating it is but I guess we need it to carry all of are stuff all over the world.

This week we also milked over 300 cows. We just had to put the suction thingies on but it was still an experience. I have concluded that I am never doing that again, willingly at least. Too smelly for me. Also, we just said goodbye and other such things all week.

I bus up to auckland this week and then fly out tomorrow. I have the longest tuesday in the history of tuesdays and then I get to see yous. I am so excited. I can honestly hardly wait. Whether you know it or not I am appreciative of my family and like spending time with them. I am grateful for being able to serve the lord for awhile but it will be nice to rejoin my family.

I hope that you have a good 2 days until I see yous and I will enjoy my one day.

Love you heaps and heaps
Elder Beckstead

Signing off as a missionary.

On Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 8:36 AM, <> wrote:
Dearest darling amazing spiritual giant Elder Beckstead,
Now that it is time, are you ready?  Are you ready to say goodbye to the beautiful land of New Zealand?  Are you ready to give a fond farewell to those who you have given your whole heart and soul to over the past two years?  Are you ready to give up the days testifying of the Savior and thinking every minute of every hour of every day of others you are serving?  Are you ready to start thinking of your education and your future?  Are you ready to see us?

I will forewarn you that I will try my hardest to welcome you home most warmly and remember that you are now a man.  I will want to cuddle you in my arms and tell you what to do, but will try my hardest to let you make your own decisions and then accept them positively.  I hope to strike a balance between being your mother and cheerleader and not nagging, hounding or forcing you to do the things I want you to do.  But, I'm a bit nervous about it!  Please, please, please tell me when I'm not doing it right!  There are plenty of things that will require your attention and you will need to make major decisions this next month.  Think of September as your "new adventure" month.  These decisions will affect you in all areas of your life, from clothes and how you want to now dress, to education, to a ward to attend, to dating, to eating/driving/entertainment, etc.  It will happen soon enough - are you ready?  Please don't bring home anything you don't want to keep.  Give it away or drop it in the dumpster unless it has special meaning to you and you want to show it to us, or if it is something to keep and cherish.  (We are going shopping Wednesday for new garments and clothes!)  I love the old worn out shoes and am grateful to have them!  If there is something else bring it, otherwise dump it.

Xane is officially 18 years old!  He is so glad to finally be able to say he is eighteen... he has been razed about being 17 since he went to BYU. We ate ham sandwiches and potato chips for dinner and sat in a rainstorm during the pianoguys concert up at Thanksgiving Point with Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson.  It was great!  We will tell you all about it this next week.

This email is super short because I didn't know if you would have much time.  I hope you somehow, somewhere, got to see Uncle Clarke and Aunt Marney.  If so, I will remember it as a tender mercy, and if not, then some things desired are not to be.  I will miss these email times of writing you as a missionary.  Please know I am so grateful you chose to serve the Lord.  I hope you always cherish your missionary service and remember the things our Heavenly Father has taught you in his refiner's fire.  i can't wait to hear what you didn't want to email - all those unspoken things the missionaries refuse to write home about but that are defining moments nonetheless.

I love you Elder Beckstead!  May you say goodbye as dearly as you can, travel safely and return to us with honor.  See you soon -
(as usual, with tears in my eyes, because of the great love I have for you and my Heavenly Father and Redeemer Jesus Christ)

Time To Make You Trunky! - Aug 26th - LONG!

<<This is the email from Kristin and Trevor's reply>>

Kia Ora Mother,

Wow, what an email. And you wrote it ages ago. That is so funny. Have you wanted me home that long. I am glad that I am loved back home and haven't been disowned by my family.

Well, before the list of questions get answered, my last week was an interesting one. I was pretty sick all week and had to take a full day off. I would've taken another off as well but we had a mission conference. We spent the day driving and in a meeting. It wasn't all that fun to tell you the truth but I was glad I was able to let my companion go as well as the senior couple that took us. But I am doing better now mostly. Just the lasting effects of a flu.

Also, we visited quite a few people but our most promising family did not come to church again. It is so frustrating to have people refuse to come to church even though they know they are supposed to and have promised to do so. It is very sad. I think dad is right. That is the hardest part having people refuse the happiness that the church brings and turn to the world instead.

Ok, first of all yes I might have time next week maybe. It is good that you sent it this week because if I had the chance to read it I might not have been able to respond.

Next, I will be excited to see Korin's hair. I haven't even seen a picture in ages so I will be happy to see it. Also, I have tried to do some push-ups to prepare to be her body guard. I reckon between me, xane, and dad, guys should be pretty scared. I am glad she has a year and a bit before she starts dating. Then the real fun begins.

For my first meals home. For breakfast I don't know. Puff-oven Pancake I guess. Then for dinner, probably bbq ribs. boneless if possible. I'm not too fussed as long as it is very american style.

Ok, I want in-n-out or beto's when I get home off the plane on the way home please.

The rest of the week sounds good. Just plan for a few naps here and there. I will be pretty tired. But I mostly game for anything except yardwork or gardening. I would prefer not to go hiking either.

As for school. I have been thinking about it and I have no idea on earth what I am going to do. So as for that one, I will leave that until later. Week 2 maybe. I would like to meet that guy though from SUU. I might even try out for the football team. Who knows. But as for school, that will have to be week 2 material to think about.

As for the movies. I am planning to watch heaps of them. I have heard Tangled is good so i will watch that first. I am so excited to be able to watch things other than church stuff again. So be prepared.

I have already talked to sis lekias about seeing Clarke, Marney, and Oli. Marney is apparently the oldest daughters visiting teaching companion so I hope she can pull some strings. If you are in contact with them. Tell them that they should come down to the Paeroa branch next sunday so they can hear my testimony in Maori. Also, I might send a suitcase with them so that I have to see them in Auckland to get it back. Sister Lekias said when I asked her the first time that they would be able to see me at the airport but after finding out who they were said she would try and do something more. Let them know about sunday though. Starts at 10 am. in Paeroa. I hope to be able to see them.

Thanks for all your support that you have given me and I am super excited to see you next week. I love you heaps and will do my best to finish strong.

Elder Beckstead

On Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 2:28 AM, <> wrote:
Hi Trevor - my favorite Elder Beckstead!

I'm actually going to miss writing/emailing you every week.  However, I will not miss fretting about what to send in those darn packages. Ugh - I don't think I did very well at those.

Well, I have to tell you that thoughts of your impending return are "flying" through my brain but I refuse to say a word until the potentially last email I send.  The little kids are now keeping a count of how many days until you get home.  Just so you know I am writing this on July 8 and saving it as a draft, but hopefully you aren't reading it until the end of August.  Now that you are reading it, if you can, just reply to this document with your answers next to each question.  That way you won't have to try to remember the questions while writing a new letter.  (But the letter portion for the week can still come first before your answers - did that make any sense?)

Do we plan to send you one more email next week?  Will you have time/opportunity to see and read it?  If so, I should have waited one more week to send this one.  Oh well.

Here is a tentative plan for your first week home.  Please let me know what you want or don't want so we can adjust accordingly.  It's YOUR week, so I want you to do things you WANT to do.  There will be plenty of time for you to get to do more things you don't want to do:) Maybe even hike a mountain, since we didn't get to do that yet with all our conflicts. Smile -

At the airport... Korin's hair - you better notice it and make a comment because she has kept her promise to you to not cut it and it is pretty long.  She is even going to Sister Davis' home earlier in the afternoon to get it styled to look as long as possible.  I think it is hilarious because she was determined to stick to that promise!  You are going to have a fit when you see her.  Get ready to knock guys away as you protect her, because she is gorgeous!  Tall!  And as beautiful inside as she is on the outside!

What do you want to eat for your first meals home? It should be something home cooked and will probably be on Wed - think breakfast and dinner.

Since you will be home on Tues night later in the evening, do you want us to have something in the car for you to eat?  Or would your prefer picking something up on the way home from the airport?  I'm sure you'll be starving, but it will also be late.  Your call and "nothing" nor "don't worry about it" is not an option.  I was thinking potentially Wendys, or In and Out, or pizza if we try to find a place.  It would be a sandwich and chips or something if you want to eat in the car.

Wednesday - let you sleep to try to get over jet lag and talk and eat - maybe shop for some new clothes (but read scriptures in the morning before school so think cat naps instead of sleeping in.)  And shopping at DI is definitely a must, even if we only get one thing, before heading to other stores.  Nana is so excited!  I'll pull down the trunk with old stuff in it to see if you want any of it first.  Don't worry about it though... we will be getting you some new things!

Fishing with Dad/Grandpa on Thurs.  Dad is going to check at work this week and see if he can get his hours in on other days during the week and take at least a half day on Thursday.  We'll let you know when you get home.

planning to have visitors all weekend long - open door for neighbors, friends and family.  Saturday morning we have a tentative ward activity for emergency preparedness, Sam has a soccer game at noon, and then the home BYU football game on Sat afternoon begins at 1:00 pm.  There is no way you can go to both the soccer and football games so don't even plan on it.  I'll probably take Sam and leave Dad, Korin and you to go to the stadium.  But definitely an open door on Friday night, Saturday night and on Sunday.

You are speaking in sac mtg on Sunday - fun!

Meeting Chandler at some point.  He is the one I tried to get you to meet in Cedar City before your mission.  You did your best to try to reach out to him and he was silly pickle and didn't ever respond.  He even admits it to his aunt. He is on scholarship for the football team at SUU and is struggling again with all the junk that goes along with being a guy on a sports team.  He has purchased a home in Cedar City for the specific purpose of having the Spirit in his home and choosing his own roommates.  He is considering you as a potential roommate at SUU based on the recommendation of his aunt and uncle who live in our ward (Melissa and Brad Swan).  I don't know when you'll meet either up here or down there, and we have plenty of time to figure it out before you start school again.  And of course you'll have to decide what you are doing about school.  We can definitely talk more about it when you get home.  This is not something you have to even think about today, but I did want you to know something was in the works in case you are getting emails from friends at SUU as school starts again soon. (tomorrow I think)

The kids have already planned your first movie to watch - Tangled.  We'll give you a few weeks and then start you in on watching Burn Notices.  You'll have to start with season one though to get "in" to it.  You'll be playing lots of indoor games and plan to be outside with Sam and Korin playing soccer and football.  And we'll be making trips to the pool too.  Korin is starting on the swim team the day you get home.  That will be very weird :)  She referred three soccer games last Saturday and Sam played in one.  He played defense the whole game and will probably be back there a lot so you'll need to give some tips and advice for being"the wall."  You were actually an amazing sweeper and I regret letting you quit.  However, there is no looking back, just forward and you can now pass along your instinct and knowledge to the samster.

Okay - back to missionary work.  We are praying that you have an incredible week, full of confirmation that your time in the mission field was well spent, a celestial opportunity and one where you will look forward to the eternities because of the firm knowledge that you have that Jesus Christ is real and his Atonement is real.  If at all possible, plan to spend some time with Uncle Clarke and Aunt Marney and Oli either at the mission home or on your last p-day.  Beg the mission president if you need to.  For some bizarre reason I feel strongly that you must at least see them.  And if you have a testimony meeting (or "last meeting") that you can invite people to, invite them and at least two others that have a special place in your heart from your service in New Zealand.  I promise there are some you will never ever forget.

We love you so much!  We are getting incredibly excited for Sept 4 to come.  As they say, leave it all on the field and come home with no regrets.  I am very proud to be your mother and call you son.  And don't worry, I'll be the mother standing there with no makeup on and tears streaming down my face because of the love that I have for you and the joy I'll feel for you because you returned with honor after having fought a good fight.  You will have a week of peace. (Oh brother, I'm practicing right now as I'm writing with tears splashing on the keyboard. So pathetic :)  Good luck this week!  Just go out there and as people ask you about home and make you trunky like crazy, teach them of the gospel and true church that allows them to go "home to heaven" and receive their own homecoming with their Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ.  Teach them that you will want to be with them having received baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I know you can do it!  Embrace the teaching opportunities that WILL come!  I hope you are feeling better after being sick, and if not, get a BLESSING so you can be the strongest missionary in the field this week.

Love you tons and more,
hugs and kisses flying over the internet,

Stay Focused - Aug 19th

Kia Ora Mother,

Well first of all the answer to your question is that last week was a chaotic week. We had quite a few lessons but no one showed up to church. All bailed at the last minute. Hopefully this week will be better. We also had zone conference which went pretty well. I had to get up with my companion and do a role play which I did not enjoy doing at all. We made it through barely. Our goal this week is 3 to come to church. I hope that they actually do come. This family that we have been working with for ages named the ormsby-wards are gradually getting better. They need all the prayers that they can get.

Also, I hope that the people in New Zealand remember me but I don't know what they will remember. I guess I don't know if I will ever know. But I will do my best to finish strong. This week is going to be crazy busy though. We have mission conference and then a tradeoff that I am not looking forward to. I am kinda sick at the moment which isn't helping either. Well I just need to continue to press forward.

I hope that you have a wonderful week and I love you heaps.
Elder Beckstead.

P.S. I wish Uncle Clarke would've come down. It would have boosted my spirits that's for sure. I do hope that I get to see him though when i go up to Auckland. We will see.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Family is Divine - Family Reunion back home

Kia Ora Mother,

What kinda question is that? ((Kristin asked "what part of yourself will you leave in New Zealand?")) I will leave most of my disgusting clothes over here. Is that what you meant. I honestly doubt that. What part of me will I leave in New Zealand. Well, I hope I can leave an influence for good on all that I met. I hope that people will remember a missionary that was happy and wanted to make life a little better for everyone. I hope I accomplished that.

Also, I would be happy to go to the open House. I am looking forward to that already. Also, to tell you the truth I am trying to focus on the Savior and his gospel in between and the comments about going home soon. I am pretty excited.

Ok, this week was an interesting one. The first part of the week we had nothing to do during the day. We had things to do at night but getting to the night was the hard part. We tracted and I can't believe how many doors we had slammed in our face. This place is the most hard hearted place that I have served. And crazy I might add. However, the scenery and the members make up for it.

We were able to find a new investigator this week and we were also able to get into a home where only one other set of missionaries were able to go. I hope that means something. It is a part-member family where the husband is active and the wife is anti. It is a weird situation but that is the way it is.

I hope that yous have a wonderful week and if anyone is still here send them my love. I love you heaps mum and am grateful for all that you do. I can't wait to see you but will try my best to focus for the remainder of my time here.

Elder Beckstead

P.S. We have zone conference this week and mission conference next week so hopefully it will be good.

Crazy Week

Kia Ora Mother,

Well it sounds like you are back to your normal busy over the top self. I think dropping soccer was a good idea as you would be stressed to the max right about now. Have a wonderful week and be the best you can be.

Ok, my week was a pretty crazy week. We had to travel to Hamilton this week for a zone meeting and the focus of the mission is beginning to shift. Since we got the new mission president his focus has been mainly preach by the way or talking to everyone we see. Now that is still the emphasis but also we are to try and get less-actives back to church with all their non-member friends. As usual the main focus is to baptize, baptize, baptize. I think it is a good step though especially for this area. All the recent converts over the last 2 years have all gone less-active except for about 2 or 3. So as we focus on the less-actives we can help the branch grow instead of shrink as it is doing now. I think it is a good thought.

A funny story about tracting this week. We went to contact this referral who was about 20 minutes away. We went out and talked to this guy who ran his own religious newspaper and believed in all Seventh-Day Adventist material except for the actual church itself. So that was fine and the next house over we knocked on. The door was a sliding glass door and after we knocked a big burly guy came to the door. He opened the door and came up and looked at my badge. He said, "Jesus Christ? Nah." Then went back in slammed the door. He slammed it so hard that it slid back open again. He had already walked away and I decided to close the door for him. It is funny how some people just don't like us because of a badge that we wear and that they are in a big hurry to get away. Even to the point of leaving the door open.

Besides that we have just had heaps of rain. There is a bridge that goes over a river as well as some paddocks and this week we drove over the same bridge except it was just a river. No paddocks. The river had risen heaps and guess what. It is still raining outside. It just wont quit.

Well, I am getting more and more excited to see you and trying my hardest to not think about it more than needed. Many different people comment on it more and more though so I know it is getting close.

Have a great week at the reunion. Love you all heaps.
Elder Beckstead

Dad got a new job - Trev's reaction - Aug 5th

Kia Ora Dad,

That is excellent News. I am so happy for you. Now I have to consider transferring up to BYU. I have been thinking about that recently actually and that is just a bigger enticement. We will see how it goes.

This week we traveled heaps and tracted heaps. I am getting tired of getting rejected so much. I know there is a reason but I just don't know what. Maybe it is because I'll get rejected by heaps of women. :) Nah that can't be right. Anyways we will see.

Thanks for all you do and I hope that you enjoy the new job. Also enjoy the reunion or the parts you can go to. Let everyone know that I say hi and that I love them.

Love you heaps dad,
Elder Beckstead

Tough Times - from July 29th

Kia Ora Mother,

Wow, I thought you were going to have a break after being released as VP from soccer. Apparently not. Good luck with the driving and such.

This week for us was just a normal week. Well almost anyways. Transfers came and went and we saw no change for us. We are so far away that the changes that happened have not reached us yet. District Leader stayed the same but one zone leader changed. A few district members also changed but we haven't met them yet. We are just putting along out here.

This past week was abnormal though because we are running short on K's for our car. We were stuck in Thames which is pretty useless when it comes to missionary work. Everyone is on drugs or has had brain damage by them. Everyone we have tracted have said no. I don't even know why we stay here. We should live in one of the towns closer to the chapel. But trying not to complain. Also, our flat has heaps of mold which we had to clean today.

We did have a harvest on Sunday in the branch. That was a good thing. The bad thing was that me and my companion we still together and it was just like church ended an hour early. We haven't heard of any results that came from it either. At least the branch is trying to do things like that.

Apparently, we have zone meeting this week with our zone. I reckon it is completely pointless for us to go because it uses up so many of our k's. It is a new month but still, they tell us to budget and then the make us use them all at the beginning. My priorities must be all mixed up because I just cannot see how it how they do.

Well, I am sorry about complaining so much. We are just trying to get used to the fact that we are going to have to tract this whole transfer which is not what I want to do.

I hope that you recorded the opening ceremonies for the olympics so I can watch it. We had to go fix this old ladies tv and the only part I got to see was the part with mr. bean. That was pretty funny. I hope yous enjoyed it.

have a wonderful week and I will do my best to do so as well.

Love yous heaps,
Elder Beckstead

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Staying Focused

Kia Ora Mother,

It is a crazy to hear all the things that are happening back home. And what is even more crazy is that transfers is this week and I only have 6 weeks left. I am honestly doing good. It is my companion that is having a harder time than me. I am focusing on the things we are doing and can do instead of the things we aren't doing and aren't able to do. It has helped me to stay focused. The only trouble I am having is not going crazy.

Not very much happened this week exciting anyways. We didn't have any investigators at church this week but we did have a few less-actives. Our K's are still shot and we don't have any progressing investigators. But I guess that is some weeks here in the mission.

Well I don't think anything is going to effect us during transfers. So my focus is going to be on this area and not going over K's. Also, we are basically completely trusting in the Lord to fill our time because it is almost impossible. We are staying positive.

Love yous heaps.
Elder Beckstead

Happy Birthday

Kia Ora Mother,

Well Grandpa said the same thing about the singing and I told him I would be happy to listen but I need a break. I will have to think about it some more but I already know I don't have too much of a choice in the matter. I might just have to go with Xane on Sunday :) but we will see.

This week was an interesting week for sure. It started off alright and interviews happened on Thursday. It was funny though because I was interviewed three times. The first time President Lekias thought I was going home next week and it was all about finishing strong. Then Sister Lekias told him and he called me back in. The second interview was about my area and staying focused. Then he called me in a third time for a temple recommend. I had asked about it during the first interview and he thought I was going home so he said we would do it then. It was a big mess that turned out for the best. All three interviews took about as long as a normal one, so it worked out. Then we drove back and we were suppose to help this guy milk cows. We got there at the end and just watch him treat some of the cows. We are helping him again this week though which I am not excited about at all.

Yes, I did get the package and thank you very much. It was a good package. I even got to give a couple of the baptism pencils away at a baptism we had this weekend. More on that later.

Friday was an ok day except for the fact that not much happened. We had weekly planning and then a member took us to lunch. Then we had a mini, MCM which is a missionary meeting. We were supposed to stay in Waihi with our branch president but he was with the youth until 10:30 pm. You know how changing plans urcs me but there it was.

Saturday was a very trying day. It was my birthday but that night leading up to it I got very little sleep. Then we got our k's lowered in the morning. Right after that we got a phone call from our branch mission leader stating that our potential set couldn't get baptized because she would be baptized into inactivity. We understood the circumstances but it was still annoying. Also, they asked us to tell them she couldn't get baptized. Then we met crazy people throughout the day. Finally, we were at our branch mission leaders for dinner and he gave me a pretty cool birthday present. Looking back it was an alright day. Just certain events have been challenging.

Then yesterday we had 2 baptisms in the branch. The senior couple in our branch are doing very well and 2 of the girls they were teaching got baptized. It was good to see them get dunked :) I gave them a pencil each so hopefully they liked them.

It was a very interesting week with good and bad mixed in. Our mission president told Elder Cenicola that we were under no pressure to baptize and that the branch is not the best at the moment so we will have to do alot of finding on our own. I guess that is what we will be doing from now on.

I hope that you have a good week and I love you heaps.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, July 9, 2012

Trip to Coromandel and Upcoming Interviews

Kia Ora Mother,

Ok, this week was a crazy week. We were stuck here is this area for most the week because we didn't go to district meeting and we didn't have heaps of k's for much. The only exciting thing we did was go up to Coromandel, sleep on the floor of the chapel/house which was freezing cold, and find out that that area is more dead than this one. Suffice it too say that when I got back yesterday from that excursion I was very tired hungry and grumpy. I am warning you now that I need a few days of sleep recovery when i get home because I am exhaused every day and if you miss sleep it is impossible to make it up. I know you know how it is. Oh well. I will just let my mother fix me up when I return home.

Well, this week looks like an interesting one. We have interviews which I am not really looking forward to at the moment but they will happen anyways. Then the package that you sent is sitting in my district leaders boot waiting for me to collect it. The problem is that he lives ages away. I will get it wednesday for sure. Then of course it is my birthday. We will see if I do anything out of the ordinary. I doubt it but we'll see.

Overall things are moving forward and it is getting closer and closer to September. Ok, your question is a bit hard this week but here goes. The first thing about my companion is that he is very good with bible scriptures. I am terrible with the Bible. So with my Book of Mormon knowledge and his bible knowledge we do alright. Second is that he stops for nothing. That is very irritating sometimes but it is a strength that he has. And thirdly he is from California which I guess is a good thing.

Three things about this area are that it is beautiful. Great scenery all around. Then the second is that the people at least the members are mostly nice. They are happy to see Elders back in the area. Thirdly, I am grateful to have a car again. I am tired of biking and a car is a great relief from that.

Then three things I have learned from my mission president is that first, no effort is wasted. I also learn that from Preach My Gospel. Second is that when we come to see people as our brothers and sisters, it becomes easier to see what they can become and it is easier to talk to them and offer the gospel. Then thirdly, is that we as missionaries need to know three things, how we feel when someone gets converted, how they feel and how the members feel when involved in the conversion process.

Love you heaps and I hope that you have a wonderful week.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, July 2, 2012

Visit from Alex & Package Sent Home

Kia Ora Mother,

It sounds like a fun week back home. I am glad that Alex was able to catch all of yous home. He was very nice to me here in New Zealand and I am grateful for that. Don't worry too much about the birthday package. It will be great. Also, I enjoy getting spoiled but I think I had my turn. You can spoil my kids instead.

This week was an interesting one for us. We started the week sick. Both me and my companion went to the doctors on Tuesday. Then we had a tradeoff with the zone leaders. We were kinda out of it but it turned out to be successful. Then we continued to try and find people the rest of the week. Saturday we had a fun activity. It was an olympic kai night, or olympic food night. There were six countries involved. Cook Island which we were apart of. Chile, Iceland, France, Netherlands, and Russia.

Me and my companion had to wear lava lavas and leis and we sang the Cook Island national anthem. That was interesting. The other groups did theirs as well. Then all of the groups did a dance or presentation from their country. We didn't get involved in that. The best one was the Russian group. It was comprised of all Tongans. There were two families and they did a great job. We had a great night. Oh and then everyone made food from their countries.

It was a pretty good week although we still are having troubles finding people to teach. We have concluded that we will have to tract everywhere. It is not an exciting prospect. Oh well. I guess it is only for another 2 months. I can do anything for two months.

To answer the question. I fasted for people to teach. and also patience so I wont explode at my companion or my leaders. It is proving difficult at the moment. People just do some really dumb things. Oh well. I guess I do as well.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week. and keep in mind something that has helped me this week. No effort is wasted. It feels like sometimes we do things that are a waste of time when we are trying our best to serve the lord. It never is. Someone is always watching and listening even if they do not know it themselves at the time.

Love you heaps.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, June 25, 2012


Kia Ora Mother,

It sounds like you had a good week. Congrats to Sam for winning the tournament. Also, good luck with the swim meet and the hike. Sounds like fun to watch. :)

This week was an interesting week. We are having a hard time to find people in this area that are interested. Also, when we find people we have a really hard time getting them to church. That has been the real problem that we are trying to fix in this area at the moment. We will see how things progress before I come home.

I wonder what Xane has in mind. Hopefully nothing too crazy. I think I will need to adjust to life again. At the moment I am sick and have been ever since I have been in this area. My companion is sick as well. We have no idea what is going on and we are trying to get better as best we can.

Thanks for all that you do. I love you heaps. Have a wonderful week and tell everyone hello for me.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, June 18, 2012

Transfer to Thames

Kia Ora Mother and Dad,

I am sorry about the New Zealand lingo (Mackers & suss). I am just so used to it. Ok, so I didn't email Sis Burgener, Sis Milham did. I just told her I was leaving and she did the rest. So I guess you can say that I influenced it but I didn't send it.

So, some details about my new area. There is a branch in Coromandel and in Paeroa. I am staying in Thames which is about 30 min from Paeroa and an hour from Coromandel. The main town that we cover include Thames, Paeroa, Waihi, Whangamata, Whitianga, Tairua, and Coromandel. They range from 30 minutes to 2 hours away. All of this is about an hour and a half from Hamilton which means we don't go to district meeting. It is just me and my companion, a lot of driving and 6 weeks minimum together, but probably 12.

My companion is from Ventura California, well that is where he left from anyways. He is 21 yrs old and talks heaps. He is a pretty good missionary as far as I have been able to judge. There is not much to do up here, so I will know once we actually teach a real lesson. This isn't a great picture but I will try and get a better one next week.

I hope that all is well back home and tell dad and grandpa happy fathers day. I don't know when it is since it is in Sept here. Algoods. Love yous heaps and thanks for all that you do. Have a wonderful week.

Elder Beckstead

Monday, June 11, 2012

Little Miracles This Week

Kia Ora Mother,

Ok first of all, the main little miracle this week was miami and okc winning:) It made me smile even though I am pretty sure that isn't what you were talking about. <<Kristin asked what little miracles made him smile>> Another miracle was that on tradeoff this week I was able to see one of my converts that I baptized over a year ago. He is doing good. Still not married but at least they have a date set now. I asked them and they said they still have the wedding paper that I gave them. I can't believe the procrastination in this country although I guess it is a world wide plague.

They two girls are doing good. They are at a tangi (funeral) for a few days and missed church. Also, are some of the ward council is against us baptized them. It seems like no matter what we do, we can't please them. They always want more. But I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion and agency.

Enough complaining. Other miracles include massive feeds. A member gave us 20 dollars to pay for mackers this morning. Heaps of people give us rides when we need to go somewhere. I guess I have a lot to be thankful for. But I am mostly grateful for my father in heaven, Jesus christ and his atonement and my family back home. Thank you so much for your prayers and your support. Tell uncle Erik and Nathan thanks heaps for helping out.

I hope you have a wonderful week. You know I am fine with whatever you send me for my birthday. Mostly everything is to give away anyways. Giving always brings the spirit. I love it.

Love yous heaps.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, June 4, 2012

Interesting Week and What to Do When Discouraged

Kia Ora Mother,

Okay. Where to start. Well, congrats on the successful garage sale. It sounds like you all had heaps of fun. Also, I am not surprised that tucanos won out. That place is pretty good. Anyways, it sounds like you had a good week.

Ok, for my week we had an interesting one. We had tradeoff with the zone leaders which went pretty well. We were able to set two kids for baptism but he was kinda rude to some of our less actives. We went back the next day to one of them and she said that if I hadn't been there she would have shut the door in his face. I hope no ones says that about me except for those that actually do shut the door in my face. So that was that, and then district meeting was switched to friday for some reason. My district leader got sick so the zone leader had to call us twice last week for nightly calls.

We found out that the kids mum says no for letting them get baptized and she is very stubborn about it. We had to teach young mens yesterday in church in pukete ward and we met three crazy 12 year old girls at church. That pretty much summed up the craziness of the week. Oh, I forgot. We also had an 8 year old baptism that we attended that was supposed to start at 3:30 but when we arrived at 3:29 there was no one there. They chapel was locked and the font was empty. It of course started late and we missed dinner because of it. It was pizza too. Oh well, no hard feelings.

The little miracles this week was getting one of our investigators to a fireside last night. We was kinda reluctant to go inside because he said he wasn't a church person but after the fireside, he said he couldn't wait for next sunday. I am hoping it was the spirit that touched him and not all of the girls spirits but I guess we will find out later on. I will let you know next week.

For the other question, when I am down, do one of two things. Go to a members house that I like and just be with them for a few minutes. Something there always makes me laugh and get in a good mood so that I can continue the work. Or the other thing is to walk for a little while. Let the feeling of despair and discouragement role over in my head and exit finally out my ears or something like that. Anyways, sometimes it takes longer walks or longer visits but those two things usually work if not always.

I hope that you have a wonderful week and the two girls who are set are named Lekita and Leeahdin. Good luck saying them but heavenly father with know who you mean. Love yous heaps.
Elder Beckstead

P.S. About the shoes. Give them to xane to wear. Currently I have three pairs that I am alternating around with an additional two unused pairs that are for home. Just think of it as one of the pairs I was given was to replace the old ones and the ones you have are new ones I sent home for xane. Or something like that. Also, I want to add tootsie rolls and a couple of twix to the list of birthday lollies.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Referral

Kia Ora Mother,

Well, to answer your question, nothing huge that I can think of. However, at church yesterday I was talking to a lady about a girl that she referred us to. She wasn't very helpful as she knew less about the girl that we did. All she knew was that she had come to young womens a couple times and she asked her if she wanted to know more. The girl said yes and so we got the referral. Anyways, that was kinda frustrating and as she walked off another member came and gave us another referral. I had never talked to this particular member before but here she was and here we were getting another referral. I guess I can't complain.

Besides that, this week was pretty boring. My companion got sick friday night and we were in the flat all day saturday. I know you know but missionary flats are so boring. At least give me a tv or something. Not for a few more months at least I know. Then because of that we had lots of people missing from church. My companion is mostly better which is good.

I hope those pictures of the shoes are ok. Sorry it took so long. Have a wonderful week and I hope that you know that I am doing very well.
Love you heaps.
Elder Beckstead

P.S. By the way, president said no to staying with Uncle Clarke. Go figure. oh well. That just means you will get to see me on the fourth of September.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Time is Flying By (plus mother's email)

Kia Ora Mother,

Well, your emails are back to normal. It is good to see that things are settling down now that you have one less child in the house and quite a few less burdens filling up your life. Lets see how long it will last:)

This week was a pretty good one and it sounds like it was good for you as well. We had zone conference this week and Elder Hamula gave us most of the trainings. It was good to hear from him on how we were doing as a mission and what we needed to improve on. It was kinda an eye opener into the soul of what we lacked and how we could improve. Almost everything he talked about was related to faith. How in order to gain fatih, we have to have hope that there is something better for us. Once we have the hope, then the action comes which leads to a personal witness and testimony. He related almost the entire thing to us being a doctor which I can relate well with. Not a doctor persay but pharmacy thrown in. It was quite good.

Anyways, we also had stake conference this week but the first half we missed because the sound wasn't working properly. It was all of New Zealand that had it and it was broadcast from Salt Lake. We caught Elder Bednar's talk and it was the link between Testimony and lasting conversion. They both need to be there of we are lacking a pretty major part of both. The only down part was that not many investigators showed up. It was alright though. This week should be a big week for us.

I was able to ask president at zone conference, well sort of. I asked him if he wanted me to ask him a question concerning going home. He asked when I go home and I said September. Then he said ask him later. So no I haven't asked him yet about it, but I will ask the office when they call me probably in a couple weeks and if they say call president then I will then.

Now that I look back, this week was filled with meetings and I am exhausted. Hopefully, this week will go back to normal and we can just do the ins and outs of missionary work. We will see how that works out for us because a tradeoff is scheduled for tomorrow. Oh, well.

I am happy and yes I am looking forward to these next few months going be pretty quick. I hope that there are a few more people out there that I can meet before that time expires though. I love you heaps mum and I hope you have a great week.

Elder Becsktead
On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 7:27 AM, <> wrote:
Oh Trevie,

It was wonderful talking with you and hearing your voice!!!  "Music" to a mother's ears to hear her children, especially one who has been at someone else's dinner table for a while.  Thank you for calling and talking with us.  You sounded happy and healthy and I hope the phone call didn't make you homesick or trunky.  You still have some quality time as a missionary!  And I have some tips for you in this email.  It was a great Mother's Day because I had you on the phone and Xane close by along with Dad, Korin, Sam, Grandpa B and Nana.  Then, yesterday, in celebration of Grandma B's birthday, Grandpa, Aunt Rae, Uncle Brad, Brady, Angela, Dad and I went to the Oquirrah Mountain Temple to do a session together.  It is a beautiful little temple and we had a very nice time.  Grandpa said he felt Grandma's presence with him.  That is especially nice and one of the blessings of temples.  The veil is very thin there:)

Hey, I found my notes - Vaughan's (Elder Greening's) parents like fermented lobster and lamb.  Have you enjoyed either of these tasty morsels?  I couldn't quite get my brain past the "fermented' part but Vaughan said his family loves it.  We said hello to him again at his wedding reception on Thursday and we also met President Porter.  He asked how soon before you came home and couldn't believe it was coming so quickly. He seemed to be a nice man.  We didn't have any time to visit - just a quick hello and introduced ourselves as your parents.  (We never saw Sister Porter.)

Today in sacrament meeting, the High Councilor told us of a story from his life.  He was not a member when he married and his in-laws invited them to dinner along with the missionaries.  He said he told them "No, he was NOT interested."  He apologized if any members in the ward were the missionaries he was rude to since he doesn't remember their names nor their faces.  He explained that "No, I'm not interested" really means, "I'm not ready yet to hear the gospel message."  I'm sure you've heard this before but I'm writing it again to remind you that "no" only translates to "not yet."  Keep that in mind every day for every contact.

I am also listening to the book on Cd Divine Signatures by Gerald Lund.  The whole point of the book is that Heavenly Father knows exactly who we are and exactly what is going on.  He orchestrates "coincidences" in such a way that sometimes we can (almost) see the Lord's signature on the experience.  He gives several examples and then yesterday the portion I listened to was put there so I could forward it on to you.  You've had the first half your whole mission.  Now incorporate the second half if you haven't already.
Elder Lund was a member of the Second Quorum of Seventy for a while (I think...) and visited with many mission presidents.  During one visit the following happened.  While they were together the Mission President received a phone call.  At the conclusion of the call he asked, "what were the little miracles this week?"  Then the phone rang several more times as zone leaders were calling in their reports for the week and each time the Mission President asked the exact same question at the end of the call.  Elder Lund thought about the question and when a time came for them to continue their visit he asked about it.  The MP said (as in every mission) that they experience a lot of appointments that fall through.  An appointment time is set, the missionaries arrive, and then either the people aren't home, or there is a conflict that cancels the appointment.  He said in the past, the missionaries left the door dejected and disappointed and then returned home or went on to the next appointment.  In his prayers, he was inspired to know that Heavenly Father knows all that goes on.  He needed to start asking, If that appointment falls through, is there someone else in that exact area that has been prepared?  So, this MP taught his missionaries that the each time an appointment falls through, step back, wait a bit and listen to the Spirit and then look around.  These are the experiences he now calls "little miracles."  And each district leader asks the missionaries, then reports to zone leaders who report to MP who asks at he end of each phone call, "what were the little miracles this week?"

I know when I served as a missionary, we had tons of appointments fall through, and we did feel disappointment and often we did turn around and go on.  I don't remember often stepping back and looking around, if ever.  I pass that little tip on to you now, because I know that every once in a while we need an experience pointed out to us.  Two of the miracles explained in the book were 1) the missionaries stepped away from the door and waited.  A few minutes later the elevator door opened and a man stepped out and asked "are you the guys I'm supposed to talk to?"  They told him they were missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and had a message of Jesus Christ to share with him.  He said he was at home somewhere else in the building and felt the need to get dressed and go in the elevator because he needed to talk to some people.  That was a little miracle.  2) some missionaries were on a train visiting with a seat mate and the subject included religion.  Pretty soon the seat mate said he wasn't interested in religion is his life and got up and walked away.  A few minutes later, the man in the seat in front of them turned around and said he hoped they didn't mind but he overheard some of their conversation and said even though the other man wasn't interested in religion, he was interested and would they mind talking to him?  That was a little miracle.  I encourage you to do this "step back, wait a bit, listen to the Spirit and then look around" tip for the whole week and then let me know next email how it goes.  Unfortunately, I know you'll have more than a few opportunities to try it out, since appointments fall through every single day of a missionary's life.

So - how did your interview with your MP go?  Did you visit more than 5 minutes?  Did you get to ask about staying with Uncle Clarke?  Are you happy?  Brayden Angus spoke today in church along with the High Councilor.  He enters the MTC on Wednesday bound for Spokane, Washington Mission.  We are all so excited for him! And boy was he ever tender and emotional during his talk.  Bishop and Pres Webb called it humility and Xane called it nervousness - I agree with them all.  No question of the week today - you can tell me anything you want to.  Tonight we have Xane's seminary graduation and boy is he irked.  He is so disgusted that he has to "walk" in three graduations in a month's time!  I really don't think he minds graduation so much, but he always has a conflict (boy, does that ever sound familiar???).  Tonight he will have to miss ward prayer and munch and mingle.  He is bothered missing it, because he and his roommate Matt have to host the munch and mingle next Sunday night and neither one of them has been yet, so they don't know what to expect! Poor Xane!  He loves BYU though and is quite enjoying being out on his own.  Oh!  And yesterday we received six letters for you from SUU - yes, count them, SIX.  And they were all exactly the same letter saying you had deferred til Fall 2012 and were excited for you to return.  I guess I'll be calling them tomorrow morning and asking for an extension on the deferment :)  I will also be telling them of your six letters and Xane's seven emails regarding his "you haven't finished your application yet."  They need some new employees in the registration office.  Maybe you better plan to apply!  Did Dad tell you he applied for two jobs at BYU this week?  He really, really, really wants one of them.  We are currently in waiting mode, which is actually good because he hasn't received a rejection email yet :) Next step is hopefully getting an interview.  Don't worry, we'll keep you posted if anything positive happens.

We are also on track for traveling to New Zealand for Christmas 2012.  We talked with the kids about going to NZ after your mission and December is the much better time to go.  September has everybody in school with no way to miss a couple of weeks to pick you up.  We have been "going without," eating weird food out of food storage, and saving every penny from refereeing, babysitting, donating plasma, etc and, with incredible blessings from Heavenly Father we have saved $12,000 (USA) so far.  I couldn't remember if we mentioned it at all to you, and I thought you needed to know.  Keep working for the Lord and we'll keep saving with His help and hopefully you have a family vacation to look forward to - it will be your only Christmas present this year!

We love you tons - I love you more than I can say in mere words in an email,
hugs, kisses, squeezes and slobbers,

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Being sick :( and excited to call home :)

Kia Ora Mother,

How about since this is my last call home we should disregard that rule. I will leave it up to yous however.

Anyways, we will swing by sister Milham's house tomorrow. We saw her yesterday at church and she seemed to be ok. She mentioned to us a while ago that she has been sick for awhile though. We will swing by and try to give her a blessing tomorrow.

Ok, this week was a pretty slow week. I have been sick all week with a cold. The severeness depending on the day. I am still sick but hopefully I am getting better soon. We were able to have a fireside up at the visitors center yesterday which was pretty poorly attended compared to other visitor center firesides. I hope they pick up.

Transfers this week but both me and my companion are staying. No surprise there. We did get a new district leader and zone leader though.

Ok, I'm sure the Holy Ghost led us this week but I am having a hard time honing in on when and where. So I will tell you a story that happened a few weeks back. I might of already said, but here goes it anyways. We had invited this recent convert family to come to church again. They hadn't been because they had been in hospital in Auckland with one of the parents. Anyways, they assured us they were coming. So we went to church and no sign of them. So after church we went to dinner and then went over to see them. We hadn't planned to before but because of the no show at church we felt obligated to go. When we got there, the lady, Karina said she had been praying that we would come. I know that the Holy Ghost told us to visit them that day, and also the time when to visit. If we had gone a little earlier, they wouldn't have been home.

Also, another cool thing that happened this week was that my companion and I each got two new pairs of shoes each. It was pretty cool to come home and she four sets of shoes sitting on the porch step. With some cinnamon rolls as well. It is great to be in a ward where the members help us out all the time.

Love you heaps and I will call about 9 am our time next week or about 3 pm your time. Talk to yous then.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, April 30, 2012

Eventful splits with Zone Leaders

Kia Ora Mother,

It sounds like you had a good week. Don't worry too much about Xane wanting to be by himself. He will come back to see yous soon. At least he can as where I couldn't without a long bike ride.

Anyways, my week was an interesting one. We had a tradeoff with the ZL's on Wednesday night to Friday morning. It was only supposed to go until Thursday night but an emergency happened so we were stuck together for an extra night. It was ok though. He is a pretty hilarious guy or elder excuse me.

We had a service project which was pretty crazy on trade off. We had to turn this overgrown garden into just plain dirt so that they could turn in back to grass. We broke two spades in the process, or shovels as we call them and our primary weapons of choice was then an ax and a rake. It was pretty ridiculus seeing us try to get some of the stuff out with those. There were bushes that were over 15 years old and the root reaked havoc all over the place. It was an adventure to say the least.

Then the rest of the week was alright. Trying to find our investigators that have gone missing. Two have disappeared and one we think is in the hospital with his partner having a baby. We were able to get up to the visitors center with one of our investigators for an elders quorum activity. It was pretty fun. We met a new sister from Italy who was pretty nice. There are two sisters that go home this week which is pretty crazy. Our investigators wife who is an active member was trying to set me up with them when I get home. Thank goodness it was not with them present. I kept trying to remind her that I have ages left and that they would probably be married by then. She was having none of it. I hope that you don't do the same before I even get home. I am proud of you so far.

Have a wonderful week mother and I love you heaps.
Elder Beckstead

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Interesting Week

Kia Ora Mother,

Wow, it sounds like everything is moving forward at an incredibly fast rate. It will be so weird to come home and see everything that is different. Thanks for the package by the way. I loved the photos even though I can barely recognize anyone in them:) JK

This week was an interesting week for us. We had interviews with President and our district leader lost his status. So now the zone leaders are our temporary district leaders for 2 weeks. It is very strange having to call them for everything now. Oh well, I guess it is one of the adventures of missionary work. Also, we had a service project for a PM family and we weeded the garden. He made a picture for another family we are trying to help remain active and start teaching the parents. It turned out really good.

Besides that, not much new news this week. We had an investigator show up at church that we had never met. She is one of the recent converts sisters. We were unavailable to teach her so our Ward Mission Leader taught her for us. He came up afterwords and told us to visit. We are just hoping she lives in our area. We are stilling trying to get people to progress, but it seems most are at a standstill. Now with the school holidays over and school is back in session, we should be able to get people to start acting normal again. Although, we want them to not act normal and come to church. I guess you know what I mean.

I hope that you have a good week this week and know that I love you heaps and heaps.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter & Family Surprise

Kia Ora Mother,

It sounds like an interesting Easter weekend to say the least. I am guessing from the reaction that the release (Kristin from Relief Society Presidency) came as a shock to the whole stake. I guess that is what happens when everyone and their dog knows who you are. From the sounds of things you are doing just fine and are kinda relieved that part of your workload is removed. I reminds me of when we are transferred really quick out of an area. What did you do? or Are you ok? are questions frequently asked. The response is that we are where we are called for as long as we need to be and when we accomplish what we are called to do we move on. Sometimes it happens faster than others, that is for sure.

Yes, i did get my surprise and one answer to that question is that i didn't know how much i would miss my family when I entered the MTC and I still hadn't realized until I actually saw some of them. Then it hit me how much we rely on our families and how much of a sacrifice a mission really is. We do give up two years with our family so others can be with theirs for eternity.

Well, this week was a hard week up until conference and seeing Clarke, Marney and Oliver. People just avoided lessons or were busy doing other things. With Easter weekend, everyone was partying and drinking up a storm. People just didn't seem interested this week, so much so that we didn't even get one new investigator. The highlight was of course seeing conference and Uncles, Aunties, and Cuzzies. Also, one of our investigators, William was watching conference on the Internet at his house when we went by. I guess we just had to be patient.

So, last week you said you wanted details of Clarke and Marney's visit. Well, we had just started watching Pres. Uchtdorf's talk during priesthood session. It was about 7 pm or so. Anyways, I saw movement in the foyer and looked up and saw two people with a little kid. I looked back down and then realized that i knew those two people. i again looked up and saw them motioning for me to come out. I hastened to do so. (Nice scripture language eh?) I couldn't believe that they were hear and we had a great talk for the next hour and a half. It was great to catch up and I am going to have a hard time adjusting to american english again i realized last night. They caught me on heaps of things that are just second nature now. Like "heaps" in that last sentence. It will be interesting to say the least. They also gave me two huge boxes of honey bunches of oats and lots of little snack size candy. It was like halloween and easter rolled into one. It was sooooo good to see them and it will be soooo good to see yous as well. Hey, we were wondering if I could stay with them for a week after my mission finishes? I don't know if that is allowed but you might have to arrange it from that end. Anyways, it was just a thought.

Thanks for the email and don't let peoples comments get you down. I try not to over here. Have a wonderful week.
Love you heaps.
Elder Beckstead

Temple, tree & Conference

Kia Ora Dad and Happy Easter,

It sounds like a lot is happening back home. Which tree (we cut down a tree) was it, the one closest to the road or the one by the house? If it was the one by the road, I remember giving blood and less than an hour later I was back cutting down one of the branches. What an experience to remember about that tree.

Anyways, we only get to go (to the temple) twice a year now with the mission. It used to be once a month when the temple was open on Mondays. Then when it closed, it switched to just public holidays when the temple was open on Mondays. But Pres Lekias cancelled that as well. So just twice a year and I think this past trip will be my last. We will see though.

Conference was good this year. I tried to apply the parenting talks to our investigators. I guess they are kinda like our children just a little older and wiser in the worldly ways. Anyways, it was great. Halfway through priesthood conference I got interrupted by a good surprise. Clarke and Marney and Oliver were outside in the foyer. Suffice it to say, i missed the rest of that session. I don't mind though as it was great to see them.

Have a great week dad and I love you heaps. Thanks for being the parent that all of the speakers in conference were talking about. I'm pretty sure they used mum and you as the template for what others need to do :)

Elder Beckstead

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Area and Going to the Temple

Kia Ora Mother,

No surprise this weekend unless it consisted of my having to conduct a fireside. I also heard that you emailed sister Milham. Other than that nothing else exciting has happened in my life.

Except going to the temple this week. That was exciting. I love going to the temple and feeling the Holy Ghost in such abundance. I have a name for you to write in my book.

My companion is pretty good. The only not good is what you would expect with two unknown people being stuck together. We are getting there though. No investigators to pray for yet. Well I guess pray for William. He is the only one that can possibly be baptized anytime soon. The others in our teaching pool have a little anklet that prevents them leaving the house. If they do they will be arrested.

Anyways, I love you heaps mother and am grateful for the short email. Not really, I like the longer ones better. Tell Xane to cut his own hair:) Good practice for his mission. JK

Elder Beckstead

Monday, March 26, 2012

Transfer to Hamilton

Kia Ora Mother,

Thanks for the email and as usual the timing is perfect. I actually did get transfered and double shifted into an area. I am now in Hamilton which is good because it is more city that the areas that i have been in. O am actually very excited right now because I am sitting in a mall that is probably bigger or almost bigger than the whole town of Kaitaia.

Anyways, before I forget, there is a lady in my ward now that knows Sis Burgener. Her name is Mary Milham and she said if you ever need to contact me or something, send her an email and she will let me know.

Lets see, other news is my new companions name is Elder Randeny from Sri Lanka and he has been out 6 months. Being double shifted has meant a lot of finding and meeting people at the present. We replaced sisters, so many of the members are happy to have Elders in the ward. We cover 2 wards as well and I am back on a bike. That is the one part I don't like but mostly it is good.

I wish I had more time and I might hop on later but I am short a 2 dollar coin. I hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks again for the email. Being put in this position has really given that sight of the shore and I am being pushed more than I have in different ways.

I love you heaps.
Elder Beckstead

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Slow Week

Kia Ora Mother,
Well I can't say that I am surprised but that was definitely a busy week. There is a member that thinks he is busy but compared to you he is not too busy. This email just proves it.
Well, my week wasn't nearly as exciting. We had our set fall through because apparently we went to her house too much. People come up with the dumbest excuses to not do what God wants them too these days. We will definitely keep trying though.
Not much else to tell except for transfers this week. We know one of the elders is getting transfered but besides that we don't know anything else. My guess is that it will stay the same except for him but who knows.
I hope you have a great week and I love you heaps.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pray for Temz & Clarks Family

Kia Ora Mother,

Sounds like an interesting week you have had and just for the record I think I am like you when I pray except for not so specific. I need to work on that especially when investigators are concerned.

Before I forget, please pray for Temz, and also the Clarks Family. The area up here has always been pretty slow and this last week we just did a major preach by the way sweep. No conventions or anything just alot of tracting and talking to people. Most of the lessons were walk in lessons with people we talked to on the street. Some have potential but most didn't. Oh, well. We can't give up.

So, basically the figurines for the ward member up here. 8 of them. And also my mission journal is the three ring binder that says missionary Journal on the front. The pages are probably 8 inches by 6 inches or so. I just need more of the inserts. The littlest package will be fine.

Ok, the exciting parts of the week was an emergency district meeting in whangarei because president lekias wanted to meet with the district and zone leaders. Then we had two trade-off this week which was good and annoying at the same time. We were able to accomplish alot I think this week.

Well, tell everyone that I love them heaps and tell both sams to stay out of trouble.
I love you heaps and am grateful for all that you do. In answer to your question, no I don't get Ensigns anymore but I am busy with other stuff they are having us do at the moment so I am not to fussed. I will just order them again when I get home.

Arohanui, and have a great week.
Elder Beckstead

PS: Oh also. Please don't send anything else that I just have to drag around. Now I am starting to get rid of the load I am carrying around. Keep it at home because I will need it there. Thanks for that and I can't think of anything else that I need at this point in time. Just prayers and emails and preparations for what happens in 6 months.

800 People and Figurines

Kia Ora Dad,

Don't worry about the soap box. I love reading your emails too. This week has been one of the busiest of my mission in concern of talking to people. We talked to and offered the gospel to over 800 people this week. We also had just under 30 lessons. Mostly they were short lessons but hopefully powerful nonetheless.

Tell mum when she reads this email that she still has time. Don't let her freakout, this is only a preliminary email time this morning. I will be back on later to read hers as well.

I want you to know that I am happy and healthy at the moment and just enjoying the crazy people of the north. Tell the schwartings thanks for the email. Tell them that I enjoyed their class very much even to this day and that xane has told me he enjoys it as well. Tell them thanks for the example they showed to me.

I love you dad and I am grateful for all you have done for me.
Elder Beckstead

P.S. There is a guy in our ward that teaches seminary and he is teaching Old Testament. Every year he gives the students a figurine of someone from the book. Two years ago it was Captain Moroni and last year it was Joseph Smith with the Book of Mormon. So he was wondering if you could send 8 figurines of someone in the Bible. David slaying Goliath or Moses with the ten commandments. Anything really related to the Old testament.

Ok, also, I need more inserts to my Missionary Journal. Mum might be shocked but I actually do write and I am running out of pages. Besides that I am pretty good.

Love you heaps.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Guardian Angel and Zone Conference

Kia Ora Mum and whanau(family),

Before I begin, I want you to go over to grandma great and tell here how much I love her and am grateful for those cheese and crackers those many years ago. So goodbye for me before it is too late.

Ok, so this week we had zone conference which went pretty well. We talked about heaps of things which were all pretty good. President did call that morning last monday but we had already left. Then he called me again that night down in Whangarei. He spoke to me again at zone conference but not much was said. Then we came back up to Kaitaia and this week hasn't been to productive until yesterday. We were able to go on splits. My comp went to Matauri Bay and I stayed here. Then we met up again and went to Ahipara to teach a 15 year old girl named Temz. She has been taught for ages and has been to church for ages as well. We had a prayer and a song and then she told us that her dad finally gave permission for here to be baptized. We set a date and made sure she new everything, which she does. It was a miracle.

Not much else to tell other than I am healthy and well. Trying to work as hard as I can. This week is full of interesting trade-offs and such so we will see how that goes.

I love you more that I can say and I hope that everyone is coping alright. Tell Xane congrats again for making it into BYU and I will tell you as well to not set me up with any of his friends. I will get into the swing of things when I get home.

Elder Beckstead

On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 4:11 AM, <> wrote:
Dearest Wonderful Trev,

I certainly hope you had a fantastic week!  The email we sent you last time was pretty brutal and I am terribly sorry about that.  We tried calling the Mission President from Boston and only had the phone number from the mission website.  It was busy for the first several tries and then when we finally got through I just had to leave a message ($32.83 for a 15 second voicemail from the hotel phone - youch! :)  We spent the next day finishing up convention and then traveling home.  I worried that you may not have found out about it yet and so dad and I sat down to email you before church.  In the afternoon, Dad tried calling the Mission President again and this time was able to talk with him.  He said we would not be able to speak with you directly - mission rules say that missionaries can only speak with family if a parent or sibling dies.  That was a bummer but we understood.  Then he said he did get our message but hadn't had a chance to reach you yet.  I panicked and raced to the computer to see if you'd responded.  You had, in a state of shock.  We honestly didn't plan for that email to be your first communication about your Grandma.  Aunt Randi and Uncle Jeff spent all Saturday trying to find a translator to call Tara's Mission President - native Portuguese who doesn't speak any English - and were able to talk with him and let Tara know. (He actually called a conference call and let them talk to Tara for 29 minutes :)  So, when we didn't get to talk with you, I justified it by thinking for some darn reason you had to have this experience and I really, really hoped you would have something wonderful happen this week because of it. The something wonderful could be peace and comfort in your heart, or it could be teaching the Plan of Salvation with deeper meaning, or it could be some investigator or member or your companion was able to offer you some support and love.  In the end, I hope the Mission President eventually contacted you!  And if not, oh well.

We actually did have a great time in New York City and Boston.  We were gone for a full week.  I hired referees (a new couple in our ward for the first Sunday), Grandma and Grandpa B and Nana switched off during the weekdays/nights, and then Taylor and Brooke came in for the second weekend.  I think the kids had a great time and we certainly did.  Bowler and his wife, Donna and her husband, Kelli and her husband, Dad and I were able to go together.  Heather and Burton had another commitment with the Ice Breaker Tournament down in St. George for President's Day weekend and couldn't go with us this year.  Hopefully next year will be better.  We did get you a spinner key chain in New York and ended up without one in Boston.  Dad says we'll just have to go back again (or get one online:)  We also got one plastic one from the 9/11 memorial.  In New York City we visited the Empire State Building, took a Staten Island Ferry to go past the Statue of Liberty, visited Times Square, Sacrament Meeting in a Spanish Ward, saw the Ground Zero visitor's center, drove down 5th avenue, drove past the Manhattan Temple and ate lots of great food.  I tried to order dessert first and drink milk, but some restaurants didn't either one or both!  How crazy is that!  One waiter that did accommodate me was so surprised; he said he'd worked there 5 years and no one had ever requested milk "to drink" and eaten their dessert at the beginning of the meal.  Well!  That made it all the funnier.  In another restaurant I ordered milk and the waiter said they didn't have any.  Strike One.  Then I requested a dessert menu and he said they didn't have any desserts.  Strike Two.  There were several other strikes during the meal but some good things happened too so by the time we left, he was back to only strike one and did get a tip :)

In Boston, we visited the USS Constitution - a warship built in 1774 and used in the revolutionary war and the war of 1812 - also known as Old Ironsides, and the Monument at Bunker's Hill and walked the Historic Freedom Trail.  We also got to go inside the Boston Temple (100th temple dedicated) and participate in a session there.  It was wonderful!  Convention was Thursday, Friday and Saturday and on Friday night after we got the dreadful news about Grandma both Dad and I received Priesthood Blessings of comfort from the Bowler, Jorge and Jim.  Kelli later said it was the most spiritual soccer convention trip she had ever been on.  It was a very nice trip and we did have a wonderful time!  I have to say one of my favorite meals there was an italian one.  I had butternut squash ravioli.  My goodness!  It was delicious!

Once we arrived home, plans were in full swing for funeral preparations and Dad just joined right in.  It took me a couple of days, but I realized my primary job of supporting was to keep everyone fed.  Meals were coming in like crazy, but I had to make sure they were on the table ready to eat so that the family just sat down, ate, and then got back up to finish what they were doing.  I then cleared and cleaned up.  We have such a loving and supportive neighborhood/ward.  They kept us going throughout the week!

The viewing was very nice.  There were people who waited in line for an hour just to speak to Grandpa.  One man said he met Grandma in the 4th grade and knew her in school.  Another said they knew Grandpa before he was born.  All of Aunt Rae's coworkers came and many of Aunt Randi's came too.  There was a beautiful spirit there.  One lady came up and tapped me on the shoulder and said "could you tell them to talk less; the line goes down the hall and around the corner."  I actually did try to mention it to dad and finally said "forget it."  So I went back over to the long line - I was the first to greet people - and started thanking them for waiting in the very long line, and apologizing for the wait, and then saying Grandma and Grandpa are amazing and they have tons of people who love them and so how do you tell friends and family they can't chat and offer their condolences?  I could almost feel the whoosh of aggravation leave them and the smile of love and support replace it.  They all agreed that Grandma and Grandpa are amazing and that they didn't want their few minutes of tender support to be cut short either.

The viewing in the morning was also very nice but I didn't hang around that one at all.  I was busy in the church doing "busy beaver" activities.  The funeral was beautiful.  Aunt Rae gave the life sketch, Aunt Randi, Dad and Bishop Fehlberg all gave talks and did a marvelous job.  I learned later that Aunt Randi hadn't spoken in a chapel from the pulpit since Taylor was 4 years old.  That was 2 years before I joined the family.  She did a very nice job!  Xane and Korin sang "I Believe in Christ" and were amazing.  It wasn't an amazing singing rendition so much as it was an amazingly courageous effort and The Spirit was incredibly thick!  The Bishop asked some people later how it was.  "It was Perfect."  Could you hear? "No, but it was perfect."  Please explain... "We could hear just enough as the music faded in and out that we sang in our mind the lyrics we knew and we saw Korin and Xane standing there as a tribute to their Grandma because they loved her so much and it was absolutely perfect."  The crazy thing about that for me was that they were already on the program before I ever got home.  All I could think was "are you kidding??? Just the two of them??? No other voices to help when they get emotional???  They are great singers but definitely not professional. Why on earth would someone ask a youth to do that?"  Let's just say I was a wreck before they even started.  They didn't know the song well, and they refused to practice much.  We did run through it once from the hymnbook and Xane asked me to find an arrangement.  I called Sister Raynes daughter and asked if her mother had any arrangements which she did and Danielle brought them right over.  We practiced once more to see which arrangement we liked best and then Korin practiced once more with me at home while Xane was gone, and then Xane practiced once more with me 30 minutes before the funeral.  Brother Williams accompanied them (it was way too hard for me, and we decided Aunt Rae didn't really have time to practice it either) and they never practiced together, ever.  Phew!  Made it through - the married grandkids also sang "Families Can Be Together Forever"  Brynne and Bambi had a difficult time with that one.  All in all, it was a beautiful funeral and I'm glad it's over.

That afternoon we all met back at our home.  The salt and pepper shakers grandma wanted Taci to have, but she loved the CD party with Uncle Dee's music and wanted us to do something again for Grandma.  So she and Jake took down families together to the cabinet and each member of the family got to choose a set of their very own to remember Grandma with.  You and Tara will get to choose yours when you get home.  It was very sweet and a nice ending to a very Spirit filled day.

Yesterday, all the endowed members of the immediate family went to the temple together.  There were 15 of us in the Celestial Room - what a legacy!  We figured out that of 11 grandchildren, 8 have been sealed in the temple and 10 have temple recommends.  The only one that doesn't is Sam cuz he's too short at the moment.  Bryan then reminded us there is a great granddaughter with a temple recommend as well.  Isn't that amazing?!  You are part of an incredible family!  I'm sure we could have gone on and figured out returned missionaries too.  We topped the day off with lunch at Mama Chu's.  Dad and I grabbed Korin and Sam and joined them.  Korin scored 3 goals and 1 assist in her futsal game.  Last night BYU won their game too.

There you have in a tiny nutshell, our week.  Again, I hope yours is worth telling about too, even if it is in a tiny nutshell :)

We love you and have prayed extra hard for you and Tara every prayer this week!  I hope you were consoled and comforted and in answer to your question, I don't know "why" she went home to heaven before you got home from serving the Lord.  I just know the Plan of Salvation is real and you will see her again.  She doesn't have to fight the frailties of her mortal body any longer.  She was getting pretty miserable.  Prepare yourself for an email regarding Grandma Great.  She had another mini stroke yesterday and Nana says she has given up.  It shouldn't be too much longer before she gets to shed her mortal frail body as well.  She isn't strong enough to walk any more and she can't see anything at all.  Her speech is slurred and she is miserable. She just wants to "go home."

And on that happy note - We love you!!!!!!!!!
hugs and tons of kisses,

Monday, February 20, 2012

Grandma B. Funeral & Crazy Week


Kia Ora Mum and Dad and Whanau,

I can't believe this. It is a good thing I teach the plan of salvation on a regular basis and i know that it is true. When I read the email, my mind just froze. I don't know how to react.

Well, to try and get over it, I will tell you of my crazy week. I don't know if I told yous but last week we went to the cape. It was really fun and only the back of my neck and my feet got really burned. Oh, yeah the back of my knees as well. It was a very fun trip although it kinda made me and my companion a bit trunky hanging with a dead missionary all day.

On tuesday we had district meeting and it was a bit unusual with this new district leader but it went alright. We then went on a split in our area with some members which worked out pretty well.

Wednesday was a normal day. We taught a dutch lady and she is pretty interested in learning. Her problem is that she works on sundays so we will see what will happen.

Thursday was a very busy day in which we visited a lot of less-active and former investigators. It was a good day but still we haven't found much good potential here in this area. It seems like everyone is too dead or lazy up here. We also found out that one of the members here past away. We had talked to him the previous saturday so he could bring someone to church. That night he had a stroke and so he wasn't at church. Then we found out that he died on thursday or Wednesday or something like that. Too many deaths happening around the world.

Friday was a pretty boring day. We have this crazy maori investigator that we spent some time with and then we were trying to figure out how to burn a dvd. It worked and Saturday and sunday we have been exchanging discs about every 4 hours or when we can. It takes ages to burn a DVD. Oh well, we will continue to do what we can.

Saturday wasn't too exciting and sunday we were able to have 3 at church. All 3 can't get baptized for awhile so it is still really hard to get going. We will still strive to continue however.

This week we are going to the glow worm caves in Kawakawa. It should be pretty fun but we will see if it is worth it.

I hope that everything goes well this week and I will definitely be there in spirit for the funeral. I still can't believe that grandma is gone. Why? I guess another one of lifes challenges that I haven't had to deal with much until now. Uncle Dee and now Grandma. Tell Grandpa he can't leave for awhile. At least until I see him again.

I love you all heaps,
Elder Beckstead

Dearest Trevor - Elder Beckstead,

We hope this email is not the first time you get this news, but if it is please grab a tissue before you continue reading.

Your sweet wonderful Grandma B went "home" last Friday evening.  She wasn't feeling too well on Thursday night and then Friday, all day she was just a little off balance.  Grandpa kept checking her blood sugar and it seemed within the good range but she fell down several times during the day. The first time all the kids were at school and Grandpa was here with Grandma alone (we were in Boston!).  Grandpa couldn't get her up and then after a few phone calls John DePalma came over and helped.  They struggled getting her down the hall into the living room from the kitchen and were really having a very difficult time getting her through that last corner.  Grandpa called the Bishop and not long after some of the Denning boys and Lynette along with Mary Fehlberg came and helped get her onto the couch.  How grateful we are for loving neighbors who come immediately.  Remember you never know when you get that "inconvenient phone call requesting aid" who you will be helping.  We weren't here but others were!

She took a really great 2 hour nap and appeared to be better.  By then, Xane, Korin and Sam were home.  She collapsed again on her way to the bathroom and Grandpa came and got Xane.  He went right down and they helped her up and got her slightly but not quite situated on the toilet.  Turned out to be an outfit changing experience and Grandpa took care of that. She tried to get up and get back to the couch on her own and collapsed again in the doorway of the bathroom and hallway.  Again Xane went down to help but this time she was unconscious.  He was on the floor with her and cradled her head in his lap.  He said to Grandpa "she isn't breathing."  Grandpa said she was because he could see her chest rise and fall, but he decided this was different than a regular sugar low and called 911.  Xane again said to Grandpa that Grandma wasn't breathing.  The paramedics arrived quickly and went right to work. They said they had to take her to the hospital right away and Grandpa requested they give him enough time to give her a blessing first.  They said no time, could do it at the hospital and they were off.  Gordon Smith drove Grandpa behind the ambulance.  Meanwhile, Xane called us in Boston and told us of what was happening.

Here is where the tender mercies and outpouring of love for our family continue on... Suzette and Lexie Stewart were hugging Korin and Sam while the paramedics were here.  Brent Campbell was right with Xane and there were neighbors everywhere.  Gordon and June were with Grandpa.  And Hoa LeBras was here too. After the ambulance left, the Stewarts piled the three kids into the car to see a puppy in Spanish Fork and try to distract them.  Gordon drove Grandpa to the hospital and Sister LeBras started the food coming in.  Dad was on the phone in Boston calling Aunt Rae and Aunt Randi and letting them know.  Taylor and Brooke were on their way down to stay with the kids for the weekend. The Bishop was on his way home from Salt Lake and stopped at the hospital where he called your Dad to tell her she was gone.  Grandma had no pulse on the way or in the hospital.  The very kind doctor came out and told Grandpa there was really nothing they could do for her and if he wished he could go in, be by her side, and hold her hand.  When Grandpa held her hand, her pulse rate immediately shot up to normal and she squeezed it (I think).  After very few seconds it slowly decreased again and she passed away.  It was like she came back just to say goodbye.

We know you love her very much and will miss her too.  We received the miracle of getting on an overbooked plane and sitting in an emergency exit row and being home early from our soccer convention trip.  She passed away on Friday evening about 6:10 pm, and we arrived home Saturday night about 11:00 pm.  We finally got to bed about 3:00 am (Boston time).

We still hope to be able to talk with you about this if your mission president allows it.  We only had the office phone number from with us and tried several times but the line was busy.  Once we finally got through I had to leave a message and don't know if anyone has even listened to it yet.  Now it is 4:00 am your time and so we will try the President's cell phone this afternoon after church. I bet you already know simply through the Holy Ghost.  We are so sorry if your only info is this email.

We love you and pray for you and Tara.  We know you are being comforted as are we.  The Plan of Salvation is real!  The Atonement and Resurrection are real!  The resurrection is real! We know Grandma was greeted by her parents and Uncle Dee and her brothers and tons of other family.  

Sending tons of love, hugs and kisses your way!
Mother and Dad

Monday, February 6, 2012

Couple a weeks of craziness :)

Kia Ora Mother,

I will tell you of the craziness that accompanied my couple weeks but first I want to tell you that I am now at full health and and waiting to see who my new companion is. Transfers this week. Ok also, to answer your two questions. I think the first one had to do with being the right person or something. Anyways, yes I am trying to be what God wants me to be not just do what I am comfortable doing. It has been extremely tricky this transfer with all of the no's for permission and trying to work with the ward here in Kaitaia and with the branch in Matauri Bay. Anyways, your second question, I am pretty sure that there has been righteous indignation a lot in the mission at the moment by most people. Either in presidents case about disobedience, or in the missionary's case for the recent converts or investigators disobedience. I'm sure every mission goes through that.We will push on no matter what.

Ok, back to the start of 2 weeks ago.
Monday the 23. We had a good fhe with bishop and his wife with some investigators in Ahipara. It went really good and we did the egg into the bottle trick. I might have to show yous if yous don't know what it is when I return. You basically put thing in a bottle and the put a match in it. Then you put a preshelled hard boiled egg on top and it gets sucked in. It is pretty good. It says to use rubbing alcohol but that doesn't exist in this country so we used methylated spirits instead. It still worked good but would've worked better in a glass bottle.

Tuesday we had a trade-off after district meeting. I went with Elder Lamb who is a canadian who is pretty funny. It is pretty weird how much alike we are though. Personality-wise anyways. We had a pretty good day and the trampoline picture was with him.

Wednesday we traded back and we were supposed to stay the night out at our ward mission leader. Then from there we would stay in Matauri Bay at our Branch Presidents house. But we got permission denied. We still made it out to the ward mission leaders house and another member for dinner out there about 40 K's from Kaitaia but we had to come home. We still tried to get permission for later but it never worked out.

Thursday, we didn't have anything exciting happen because we hadn't planned anything because we were supposed to be headed to Matauri Bay. We did stay about Kaitaia though and had a good day.

Friday was the same as thursday except we did heaps of service. We had mowed this lady's lawn on thursday and on friday we helped her move. We also moved some rocks for a rock garden for a member just down the road. I got a few blisters which was no good. Oh well.

Saturday, we got permission to stay in Kaikohe so we went on the route we were going to take to Matauri Bay and visited all of those people who we were supposed to on thursday. Not too many people were home because of the long weekend but it was still a good day. That night we stayed in Kaikohe at the elders flat there.

Sunday, we spent the whole day out in Matauri Bay. It was good to see the members there and get to know them. The only down part of the day was almost ripping our front bumper off because of a metal post sticking out of the ground. It was ridiculus. A cool story from the day was that we went out a ways not knowing where these people stayed other than a road. We went on a road and asked a few people. We finally found the right house and as we walked up he said we were welcome to come inside. He said it was kindof a rude awakening to see us because he knows where he should be on sunday but other things take him away. It was pretty funny to hear him talk the way he was. He was happy to see us but I know the spirit was eating him up on the inside. We stayed in Kaikohe again that night.

Last Monday we went to email at the chapel because all the shops were closed for a public holiday. But the internet wasn't working. So we went on with the plans and went to the cape instead. It was good to go see the ocean and the very top of New Zealand. There are some pictures but the best ones are on the elders camera in Kaikohe. I hopefully will get them later. It was a good day doing that and we stayed again in Kaikohe and that is when the trouble started. That night I was up all night throwing up and having diarrhea. It was not a fun experience.

Tueday I made it to district meeting but after that it was just a long day of sleeping, eating nothing, and trying not to be sick. There was another missionary named Elder Ngalu that was also sick. We boiled it down to some fish we ate the previous day on the way back from the cape. It was no good. So we had to stay an extra day in Kaikohe because I couldn't drive home or Sister Lekias wouldn't let me anyways.

Wednesday, we made it back finally and had a pretty good day taking it easy. Then that night my companion got a call from President telling him he was training down in the city and that he would be in the tongan program. He was excited about the tongan program but he does not want to train at all. He wasn't happy about that at all. Anyways, the ap's then called and told us they would pick him up in Kaikohe the next day at about 2 pm. Because of that our thursday was shot.

Thursday we drove down at 12 pm and got to kaikohe. We went with the other elders to a few appointments and the ap's finally got elder Pohahau at about 4 pm. Then I stayed with Elder Ngalu while Elder Lamb went on a trade off to another part of their area with a member. So I was in Kaikohe that night and Elder Pohahau was in Auckland.

Friday was weekly planning. I did that by myself and then when Elder Pohahau came back he went with Elder Lamb to see some tongans at the edge of our area closest to Kaikohe. I stayed again with Elder Ngalu. That night we again stayed in Kaikohe to prepare for a baptism for those elders.

Saturday, the baptism was very nice. We got back to Kaitaia about midday and worked over here. We had a few good lessons which went well.

Yesterday we went to church and only one of our investigators showed up when we were supposed to have about 5 or 6. Ridiculus but that is life. Then we went to ward council in which I was finally able to introduce a 21 day program. We will see how it works out. Then we went to a members to break our fast and were there the rest of the evening because my companion crashed on the couch. I just talked with the bishopric member about things that could help the ward. There is some serious issues with this ward but nothing that can't be fixed if we rely on the lord and actually get to work. We will see how it goes.

Well, today is a lazy day again and another public holiday so everything is closed. We are at a members house which is good and I am getting all of Elder Pohahau's pictures before he goes.

I love you heaps and I hope not to miss another p-day because the email gets to long to write.

Elder Beckstead