Monday, April 2, 2012

New Area and Going to the Temple

Kia Ora Mother,

No surprise this weekend unless it consisted of my having to conduct a fireside. I also heard that you emailed sister Milham. Other than that nothing else exciting has happened in my life.

Except going to the temple this week. That was exciting. I love going to the temple and feeling the Holy Ghost in such abundance. I have a name for you to write in my book.

My companion is pretty good. The only not good is what you would expect with two unknown people being stuck together. We are getting there though. No investigators to pray for yet. Well I guess pray for William. He is the only one that can possibly be baptized anytime soon. The others in our teaching pool have a little anklet that prevents them leaving the house. If they do they will be arrested.

Anyways, I love you heaps mother and am grateful for the short email. Not really, I like the longer ones better. Tell Xane to cut his own hair:) Good practice for his mission. JK

Elder Beckstead

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