Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter & Family Surprise

Kia Ora Mother,

It sounds like an interesting Easter weekend to say the least. I am guessing from the reaction that the release (Kristin from Relief Society Presidency) came as a shock to the whole stake. I guess that is what happens when everyone and their dog knows who you are. From the sounds of things you are doing just fine and are kinda relieved that part of your workload is removed. I reminds me of when we are transferred really quick out of an area. What did you do? or Are you ok? are questions frequently asked. The response is that we are where we are called for as long as we need to be and when we accomplish what we are called to do we move on. Sometimes it happens faster than others, that is for sure.

Yes, i did get my surprise and one answer to that question is that i didn't know how much i would miss my family when I entered the MTC and I still hadn't realized until I actually saw some of them. Then it hit me how much we rely on our families and how much of a sacrifice a mission really is. We do give up two years with our family so others can be with theirs for eternity.

Well, this week was a hard week up until conference and seeing Clarke, Marney and Oliver. People just avoided lessons or were busy doing other things. With Easter weekend, everyone was partying and drinking up a storm. People just didn't seem interested this week, so much so that we didn't even get one new investigator. The highlight was of course seeing conference and Uncles, Aunties, and Cuzzies. Also, one of our investigators, William was watching conference on the Internet at his house when we went by. I guess we just had to be patient.

So, last week you said you wanted details of Clarke and Marney's visit. Well, we had just started watching Pres. Uchtdorf's talk during priesthood session. It was about 7 pm or so. Anyways, I saw movement in the foyer and looked up and saw two people with a little kid. I looked back down and then realized that i knew those two people. i again looked up and saw them motioning for me to come out. I hastened to do so. (Nice scripture language eh?) I couldn't believe that they were hear and we had a great talk for the next hour and a half. It was great to catch up and I am going to have a hard time adjusting to american english again i realized last night. They caught me on heaps of things that are just second nature now. Like "heaps" in that last sentence. It will be interesting to say the least. They also gave me two huge boxes of honey bunches of oats and lots of little snack size candy. It was like halloween and easter rolled into one. It was sooooo good to see them and it will be soooo good to see yous as well. Hey, we were wondering if I could stay with them for a week after my mission finishes? I don't know if that is allowed but you might have to arrange it from that end. Anyways, it was just a thought.

Thanks for the email and don't let peoples comments get you down. I try not to over here. Have a wonderful week.
Love you heaps.
Elder Beckstead

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