Monday, September 26, 2011

Week of miracles

Kia Ora Mother,

This week started off a bit crazy. We had a good lesson with Jackson who is set for this week and then we had a FHE with the bishop and no investigators. Go figure.

Tuesday, I had a trade-off with the zone leaders in their area and I was with Elder Nipko. It went really well. I learned a lot.

Wednesday, we went to the TEMPLE! It was great. The only problem was waking up at 5:00 am. It was a wonderful experience. We had a few appointments though starting at 5 pm till 9 but we didn't get home until 7 pm so we missed a couple of those.

Throughout all this our investigator that was set for baptism wasn't looking too hot. He was kinda avoiding us, and looked really down all the time. But he turned out to be a miracle. We have been working with this investigator which has been taught for three years. We have had a date, sep 24 ever since I came to this area set with him. This past week he seemed to be avoiding us. He seemed really down. His problem and the reason for no baptism is his partner is still married and they live together. It is hard to get a divorce for her and he can't get married until she gets divorced.

Anyways, we have tried and tried to get him or her to move and he tried to ask family and friends all of who said no. He even asked the neighbors which said no. We then talked to the neighbors who said yes. We told, Abel which is his name, and he still seemed down. However, on the day of his interview. We finally found him and he said he was moving out. He moved out and had his interview. He was so pumped because he passed it. He was then baptized on saturday as planned and it was a special experience.

So, when there is an investigator striving for a goal and nothing seems to work, do all you can to acheive that goal and even if it is beyond our power, Heavenly Father will step in and fulfil his part. No goal is too high for him so we just need to do what we can and he will do the rest.

So, you kinda know what happened on Thursday. Heaps of running around and trying to organize everything. Same with Friday and Saturday. So the baptism went fantastic and Abel is doing so well. Also, our one for next week is looking good. Jackson is his name and we also have another named John for the 15th of october. Please pray for them.

So, sunday was also full of miracles. We were both feeling tired az because of daylight savings which we lost an hour of sleep. And we had to get up at six for a meeting at church. At church abel was confirmed and I got to do that and we had three investigators there. After church my companion was feeling sick and I have a cold. Even through that we kept working and we found four new investigators including a family. We also saw an investigator that had been avoiding us. She is really good though if we can get her on board.

It was a week of miracles for sure although I am sure worn out from it all. i hope you had a good week as well.

Ok, to answer you question from last week again. I would like a motab cd of somekind and I also want the Nashville tribute to the missionaries, The Work Cd. I hope you can find it.

I also want you and dad to know that I am doing well and that I am liking my new area. I also am enjoying the car an awful lot especially when it rained.

I hope all is well back home and I love you heaps.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, September 19, 2011

An Interesting Week

Kia Ora Mother,

Well to answer your first question or last question or question in general (asked what he needed/wanted for Christmas). Nothing I can think of. Yes chocolate dipping ingredients, not heaps but a little. Also, a new BYU shirt would be nice as well. I am good for the moment at least.

It is great to hear that all is going well back home and congrats on the soccer and football success for our family. Bummer for BYU though. Oh well.

This week was interesting indeed. Last week monday we had a fhe at the bishops house and we got there way late, but we caught the last two rounds of scattergories. One of the letters was O and they didn't count Orem as a city. How rude of them. Also, they allowed Louisiana to be a city the next round. They need to go back and take geography again in school.
Anyways, tuesday was district meeting and dinner way out in Meremere. It was an alright day. We had a good lesson with Abel which needs heaps of prayers at the moment though. He is having a really hard time.
Wednesday we just were around Puke and had a couple good lessons. We had a set named John who is doing really well. He is nine with less active parents.
Thursday we were out in Waiuku and had a great miracle out there. We found a family who is interested in learning more. The mum was taught before but didn't want to give up the old ways. We will see this time. We also went out to Karioitahi beach and took some pictures. We tried to find a house out there but no such luck. next time maybe.
Friday we did service for a lady. She rented a trailor and hooked it up to our car. Then we took this rotten bed and carpet to the refuse transfer station. It was disgusting. I am glad we got to help though. Then we had a good lesson out with our set Jackson in Onewhero. On the way home we stopped by a recent convert who was moving in Tuakau to Puke. We helped him mop his garage floor after he had just cleaned it. We had to help get it dry.
Saturday we helped those converts to move and then headed out to Waiuku. We then went to Clarks Beach with a member and tried to find those less-active people. Some were there and some weren't. It rained a lot though but we were able to get a few good pictures:)
Yesterday was a good day although we didn't have any investigators at church. We were able to get John to the fireside last night though. Elder Watson and his wife spoke to us during the investigator, Come and See Fireside. He is amazing and worked as a secretary to the twelve and First Presidency for 38 years I think. I got to meet him afterwords as did John. It is always cool to meet Area Seventies and General Authorities.
Today is just another P-day. I hope it goes well.

Well, I love you heaps mother and am greatful for all you do.
Elder Beckstead

Monday, September 12, 2011

Food Update and Rugby World Cup

Kia Ora Mother,

That is hilarious about Tara (the first area in her mission the people they live with made a green spinach smoothie for breakfast). That cracks me up. I haven't had that yet (green smoothies) on my mission. Just islander food and sea food. No good.

Anyways, the food I have in my apartment is usually grilled ham and cheese or pb&j. Sometimes we get creative but not very often. Eating at members houses always changes but yesterday we had really good pineapple chicken. We also had lemon thing pie. I don't know how to spell that other word.
We also eat out sometimes at McDonalds, or pizza hut as well. I do admit though that I miss the food from back home a lot. Especially Sunday dinners and waffles. I also miss In-n-Out as well:)

Ok, last Tuesday was district meeting and a trade-off with elder Middleton. He is a convert of just over a year and a half and from Oregon. We had an new investigator and we set him but he lives about 50 km from our flat so that hasn't worked out. It would have been nice though.
Wednesday, we traded back and ate at carls Jr. Not as good as home but still good. Then we came back and had an alright day.
Thursday, we were out in Waiuku and had a good day out there. Saw a few people and met with the Moutere's. A very cool member family.
Friday, we had an alright day. We went out to Tuakau and had a good lesson there. We had a new investigator named Roxy who is really good except that she is a hard-out Vegan. She believes in that so much that it might be an issue. She has to see animals treated as equals to humans or no go. We will see how that goes. Also, it was the opening night of the World Cup. We watched a little of the opening ceremony during dinner and a little of the game as well. I don't know if we were supposed to but it was on in every house in New Zealand so we would've anyways probably. The All Blacks played Tonga and there were flags everywhere for both teams. It was nuts and still is nuts.

Saturday was a good day mostly. We went out to Port Waikato and except for getting kicked off someones property had alright success. Taught a Filipino guy out there that was from Puke which was pretty funny. Then we had lunch at the beach which was nice.

Never got onto the sand but we were at a lookout point. Then we went down to Waikaretu to look for an investigator but we couldn't find her. Maybe next time now that we know where she lives. Then our appointment fell through. Dinner was good. It was a chicken curry. That reminds me, one of my favorite meals over here is butter chicken curry. It is fantastic. Anyways, then there was a dance for the ward conference party thing. It wasn't too bad but the music was too old for my taste. It is nice being a missionary and not being able to dance.
Sunday, we went out to Pukekawa and visited people out there. Actually just two people. The Daji families. Then it was early in day for accountibility.
Today we had to clean the flat which was annoying for the inspection on Wednesday. We will see how that goes.

Well, besides the World Cup nothing too crazy is happening over here. We do have a restriction on Km's. 2400 for the month. Not too bad but not too good either.

I am well and hope you are too.
Love you heaps,
Elder Beckstead

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September is here - weekly events

Kia Ora Mother,

To answer your questions. No I haven't used the 21 day program yet. Keep reminding me though. Also, yes I am used to the wrong side of the road and it is nice to drive again. My companion goes out in February back home to Mongolia.

Ok, let's see. District meeting was tuesday and we were supposed to mow lawns but it rained. We went out to Tuakau which is 10 K's away.
Wednesday we went out to Waiuku which is 20 K's away and spent the day out there. We were supposed to have a blitz with the zone leaders but they got held up and weren't able to make it. They couldn't tell us because we don't have a cell phone. We waited for a few minutes but left so it was algoods.
Thursday was around here in Puke and not too much happened. We visited a few members and had dinner with the ward mission leader.
Friday was weekly planning and we had a friend share with a members family where they made their own missionary badges and visited someone and shared a message with them. They are going to do it every friday.
Saturday we had a miracle. We went thoughout the day with not much happening. Then we went out about 25 K's to a members house we didn't know. They had an unbaptized 9 year old and the reason was because the dad almost broke his neck and was in hospital. The boy, Jackson wanted his dad to baptize him so they decided to wait. We set him for the 17th of September and they are algood for that day. Also, they had a new baby recently as well which caused the delay.

Then nothing too exciting happened at church yesterday or afterwords. We found a new investigator and he knows he wants to be baptized but he likes the things he is doing too much. It will be interesting working with him.

Well, congrats on the new calling. I remember when I was made senior companion it was two weeks of stress and then I calmed down. I know you can do it and it will be stressful for a little while and then you will flow right into the routine.

I love you very much mother, and I hope all is well with you. Keep up the great work and thanks for all the support you give me.

Elder Beckstead