Monday, September 26, 2011

Week of miracles

Kia Ora Mother,

This week started off a bit crazy. We had a good lesson with Jackson who is set for this week and then we had a FHE with the bishop and no investigators. Go figure.

Tuesday, I had a trade-off with the zone leaders in their area and I was with Elder Nipko. It went really well. I learned a lot.

Wednesday, we went to the TEMPLE! It was great. The only problem was waking up at 5:00 am. It was a wonderful experience. We had a few appointments though starting at 5 pm till 9 but we didn't get home until 7 pm so we missed a couple of those.

Throughout all this our investigator that was set for baptism wasn't looking too hot. He was kinda avoiding us, and looked really down all the time. But he turned out to be a miracle. We have been working with this investigator which has been taught for three years. We have had a date, sep 24 ever since I came to this area set with him. This past week he seemed to be avoiding us. He seemed really down. His problem and the reason for no baptism is his partner is still married and they live together. It is hard to get a divorce for her and he can't get married until she gets divorced.

Anyways, we have tried and tried to get him or her to move and he tried to ask family and friends all of who said no. He even asked the neighbors which said no. We then talked to the neighbors who said yes. We told, Abel which is his name, and he still seemed down. However, on the day of his interview. We finally found him and he said he was moving out. He moved out and had his interview. He was so pumped because he passed it. He was then baptized on saturday as planned and it was a special experience.

So, when there is an investigator striving for a goal and nothing seems to work, do all you can to acheive that goal and even if it is beyond our power, Heavenly Father will step in and fulfil his part. No goal is too high for him so we just need to do what we can and he will do the rest.

So, you kinda know what happened on Thursday. Heaps of running around and trying to organize everything. Same with Friday and Saturday. So the baptism went fantastic and Abel is doing so well. Also, our one for next week is looking good. Jackson is his name and we also have another named John for the 15th of october. Please pray for them.

So, sunday was also full of miracles. We were both feeling tired az because of daylight savings which we lost an hour of sleep. And we had to get up at six for a meeting at church. At church abel was confirmed and I got to do that and we had three investigators there. After church my companion was feeling sick and I have a cold. Even through that we kept working and we found four new investigators including a family. We also saw an investigator that had been avoiding us. She is really good though if we can get her on board.

It was a week of miracles for sure although I am sure worn out from it all. i hope you had a good week as well.

Ok, to answer you question from last week again. I would like a motab cd of somekind and I also want the Nashville tribute to the missionaries, The Work Cd. I hope you can find it.

I also want you and dad to know that I am doing well and that I am liking my new area. I also am enjoying the car an awful lot especially when it rained.

I hope all is well back home and I love you heaps.
Elder Beckstead

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