Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ready or Not! - September 2

<<both Trevor's & Kristin's email - again :)>>

Kia Ora Mother,

Don't cry too much. I'm not home yet:)

Clarke and Marney did come on sunday and I spent ages with them. They came to church and then we talked for an hour afterwords saying goodbye to everyone and trying to get pictures. Then we were able to have dinner with them at a members house. It was a pretty good day except for all the goodbyes that I don't like saying. Well that is over now as I am in hamilton. I also sent my luggage with them so I have to see them at least once more to get it back. Also because I didn't want to carry it up on the bus. Luggage is irritating it is but I guess we need it to carry all of are stuff all over the world.

This week we also milked over 300 cows. We just had to put the suction thingies on but it was still an experience. I have concluded that I am never doing that again, willingly at least. Too smelly for me. Also, we just said goodbye and other such things all week.

I bus up to auckland this week and then fly out tomorrow. I have the longest tuesday in the history of tuesdays and then I get to see yous. I am so excited. I can honestly hardly wait. Whether you know it or not I am appreciative of my family and like spending time with them. I am grateful for being able to serve the lord for awhile but it will be nice to rejoin my family.

I hope that you have a good 2 days until I see yous and I will enjoy my one day.

Love you heaps and heaps
Elder Beckstead

Signing off as a missionary.

On Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 8:36 AM, <> wrote:
Dearest darling amazing spiritual giant Elder Beckstead,
Now that it is time, are you ready?  Are you ready to say goodbye to the beautiful land of New Zealand?  Are you ready to give a fond farewell to those who you have given your whole heart and soul to over the past two years?  Are you ready to give up the days testifying of the Savior and thinking every minute of every hour of every day of others you are serving?  Are you ready to start thinking of your education and your future?  Are you ready to see us?

I will forewarn you that I will try my hardest to welcome you home most warmly and remember that you are now a man.  I will want to cuddle you in my arms and tell you what to do, but will try my hardest to let you make your own decisions and then accept them positively.  I hope to strike a balance between being your mother and cheerleader and not nagging, hounding or forcing you to do the things I want you to do.  But, I'm a bit nervous about it!  Please, please, please tell me when I'm not doing it right!  There are plenty of things that will require your attention and you will need to make major decisions this next month.  Think of September as your "new adventure" month.  These decisions will affect you in all areas of your life, from clothes and how you want to now dress, to education, to a ward to attend, to dating, to eating/driving/entertainment, etc.  It will happen soon enough - are you ready?  Please don't bring home anything you don't want to keep.  Give it away or drop it in the dumpster unless it has special meaning to you and you want to show it to us, or if it is something to keep and cherish.  (We are going shopping Wednesday for new garments and clothes!)  I love the old worn out shoes and am grateful to have them!  If there is something else bring it, otherwise dump it.

Xane is officially 18 years old!  He is so glad to finally be able to say he is eighteen... he has been razed about being 17 since he went to BYU. We ate ham sandwiches and potato chips for dinner and sat in a rainstorm during the pianoguys concert up at Thanksgiving Point with Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson.  It was great!  We will tell you all about it this next week.

This email is super short because I didn't know if you would have much time.  I hope you somehow, somewhere, got to see Uncle Clarke and Aunt Marney.  If so, I will remember it as a tender mercy, and if not, then some things desired are not to be.  I will miss these email times of writing you as a missionary.  Please know I am so grateful you chose to serve the Lord.  I hope you always cherish your missionary service and remember the things our Heavenly Father has taught you in his refiner's fire.  i can't wait to hear what you didn't want to email - all those unspoken things the missionaries refuse to write home about but that are defining moments nonetheless.

I love you Elder Beckstead!  May you say goodbye as dearly as you can, travel safely and return to us with honor.  See you soon -
(as usual, with tears in my eyes, because of the great love I have for you and my Heavenly Father and Redeemer Jesus Christ)

Time To Make You Trunky! - Aug 26th - LONG!

<<This is the email from Kristin and Trevor's reply>>

Kia Ora Mother,

Wow, what an email. And you wrote it ages ago. That is so funny. Have you wanted me home that long. I am glad that I am loved back home and haven't been disowned by my family.

Well, before the list of questions get answered, my last week was an interesting one. I was pretty sick all week and had to take a full day off. I would've taken another off as well but we had a mission conference. We spent the day driving and in a meeting. It wasn't all that fun to tell you the truth but I was glad I was able to let my companion go as well as the senior couple that took us. But I am doing better now mostly. Just the lasting effects of a flu.

Also, we visited quite a few people but our most promising family did not come to church again. It is so frustrating to have people refuse to come to church even though they know they are supposed to and have promised to do so. It is very sad. I think dad is right. That is the hardest part having people refuse the happiness that the church brings and turn to the world instead.

Ok, first of all yes I might have time next week maybe. It is good that you sent it this week because if I had the chance to read it I might not have been able to respond.

Next, I will be excited to see Korin's hair. I haven't even seen a picture in ages so I will be happy to see it. Also, I have tried to do some push-ups to prepare to be her body guard. I reckon between me, xane, and dad, guys should be pretty scared. I am glad she has a year and a bit before she starts dating. Then the real fun begins.

For my first meals home. For breakfast I don't know. Puff-oven Pancake I guess. Then for dinner, probably bbq ribs. boneless if possible. I'm not too fussed as long as it is very american style.

Ok, I want in-n-out or beto's when I get home off the plane on the way home please.

The rest of the week sounds good. Just plan for a few naps here and there. I will be pretty tired. But I mostly game for anything except yardwork or gardening. I would prefer not to go hiking either.

As for school. I have been thinking about it and I have no idea on earth what I am going to do. So as for that one, I will leave that until later. Week 2 maybe. I would like to meet that guy though from SUU. I might even try out for the football team. Who knows. But as for school, that will have to be week 2 material to think about.

As for the movies. I am planning to watch heaps of them. I have heard Tangled is good so i will watch that first. I am so excited to be able to watch things other than church stuff again. So be prepared.

I have already talked to sis lekias about seeing Clarke, Marney, and Oli. Marney is apparently the oldest daughters visiting teaching companion so I hope she can pull some strings. If you are in contact with them. Tell them that they should come down to the Paeroa branch next sunday so they can hear my testimony in Maori. Also, I might send a suitcase with them so that I have to see them in Auckland to get it back. Sister Lekias said when I asked her the first time that they would be able to see me at the airport but after finding out who they were said she would try and do something more. Let them know about sunday though. Starts at 10 am. in Paeroa. I hope to be able to see them.

Thanks for all your support that you have given me and I am super excited to see you next week. I love you heaps and will do my best to finish strong.

Elder Beckstead

On Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 2:28 AM, <> wrote:
Hi Trevor - my favorite Elder Beckstead!

I'm actually going to miss writing/emailing you every week.  However, I will not miss fretting about what to send in those darn packages. Ugh - I don't think I did very well at those.

Well, I have to tell you that thoughts of your impending return are "flying" through my brain but I refuse to say a word until the potentially last email I send.  The little kids are now keeping a count of how many days until you get home.  Just so you know I am writing this on July 8 and saving it as a draft, but hopefully you aren't reading it until the end of August.  Now that you are reading it, if you can, just reply to this document with your answers next to each question.  That way you won't have to try to remember the questions while writing a new letter.  (But the letter portion for the week can still come first before your answers - did that make any sense?)

Do we plan to send you one more email next week?  Will you have time/opportunity to see and read it?  If so, I should have waited one more week to send this one.  Oh well.

Here is a tentative plan for your first week home.  Please let me know what you want or don't want so we can adjust accordingly.  It's YOUR week, so I want you to do things you WANT to do.  There will be plenty of time for you to get to do more things you don't want to do:) Maybe even hike a mountain, since we didn't get to do that yet with all our conflicts. Smile -

At the airport... Korin's hair - you better notice it and make a comment because she has kept her promise to you to not cut it and it is pretty long.  She is even going to Sister Davis' home earlier in the afternoon to get it styled to look as long as possible.  I think it is hilarious because she was determined to stick to that promise!  You are going to have a fit when you see her.  Get ready to knock guys away as you protect her, because she is gorgeous!  Tall!  And as beautiful inside as she is on the outside!

What do you want to eat for your first meals home? It should be something home cooked and will probably be on Wed - think breakfast and dinner.

Since you will be home on Tues night later in the evening, do you want us to have something in the car for you to eat?  Or would your prefer picking something up on the way home from the airport?  I'm sure you'll be starving, but it will also be late.  Your call and "nothing" nor "don't worry about it" is not an option.  I was thinking potentially Wendys, or In and Out, or pizza if we try to find a place.  It would be a sandwich and chips or something if you want to eat in the car.

Wednesday - let you sleep to try to get over jet lag and talk and eat - maybe shop for some new clothes (but read scriptures in the morning before school so think cat naps instead of sleeping in.)  And shopping at DI is definitely a must, even if we only get one thing, before heading to other stores.  Nana is so excited!  I'll pull down the trunk with old stuff in it to see if you want any of it first.  Don't worry about it though... we will be getting you some new things!

Fishing with Dad/Grandpa on Thurs.  Dad is going to check at work this week and see if he can get his hours in on other days during the week and take at least a half day on Thursday.  We'll let you know when you get home.

planning to have visitors all weekend long - open door for neighbors, friends and family.  Saturday morning we have a tentative ward activity for emergency preparedness, Sam has a soccer game at noon, and then the home BYU football game on Sat afternoon begins at 1:00 pm.  There is no way you can go to both the soccer and football games so don't even plan on it.  I'll probably take Sam and leave Dad, Korin and you to go to the stadium.  But definitely an open door on Friday night, Saturday night and on Sunday.

You are speaking in sac mtg on Sunday - fun!

Meeting Chandler at some point.  He is the one I tried to get you to meet in Cedar City before your mission.  You did your best to try to reach out to him and he was silly pickle and didn't ever respond.  He even admits it to his aunt. He is on scholarship for the football team at SUU and is struggling again with all the junk that goes along with being a guy on a sports team.  He has purchased a home in Cedar City for the specific purpose of having the Spirit in his home and choosing his own roommates.  He is considering you as a potential roommate at SUU based on the recommendation of his aunt and uncle who live in our ward (Melissa and Brad Swan).  I don't know when you'll meet either up here or down there, and we have plenty of time to figure it out before you start school again.  And of course you'll have to decide what you are doing about school.  We can definitely talk more about it when you get home.  This is not something you have to even think about today, but I did want you to know something was in the works in case you are getting emails from friends at SUU as school starts again soon. (tomorrow I think)

The kids have already planned your first movie to watch - Tangled.  We'll give you a few weeks and then start you in on watching Burn Notices.  You'll have to start with season one though to get "in" to it.  You'll be playing lots of indoor games and plan to be outside with Sam and Korin playing soccer and football.  And we'll be making trips to the pool too.  Korin is starting on the swim team the day you get home.  That will be very weird :)  She referred three soccer games last Saturday and Sam played in one.  He played defense the whole game and will probably be back there a lot so you'll need to give some tips and advice for being"the wall."  You were actually an amazing sweeper and I regret letting you quit.  However, there is no looking back, just forward and you can now pass along your instinct and knowledge to the samster.

Okay - back to missionary work.  We are praying that you have an incredible week, full of confirmation that your time in the mission field was well spent, a celestial opportunity and one where you will look forward to the eternities because of the firm knowledge that you have that Jesus Christ is real and his Atonement is real.  If at all possible, plan to spend some time with Uncle Clarke and Aunt Marney and Oli either at the mission home or on your last p-day.  Beg the mission president if you need to.  For some bizarre reason I feel strongly that you must at least see them.  And if you have a testimony meeting (or "last meeting") that you can invite people to, invite them and at least two others that have a special place in your heart from your service in New Zealand.  I promise there are some you will never ever forget.

We love you so much!  We are getting incredibly excited for Sept 4 to come.  As they say, leave it all on the field and come home with no regrets.  I am very proud to be your mother and call you son.  And don't worry, I'll be the mother standing there with no makeup on and tears streaming down my face because of the love that I have for you and the joy I'll feel for you because you returned with honor after having fought a good fight.  You will have a week of peace. (Oh brother, I'm practicing right now as I'm writing with tears splashing on the keyboard. So pathetic :)  Good luck this week!  Just go out there and as people ask you about home and make you trunky like crazy, teach them of the gospel and true church that allows them to go "home to heaven" and receive their own homecoming with their Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ.  Teach them that you will want to be with them having received baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I know you can do it!  Embrace the teaching opportunities that WILL come!  I hope you are feeling better after being sick, and if not, get a BLESSING so you can be the strongest missionary in the field this week.

Love you tons and more,
hugs and kisses flying over the internet,

Stay Focused - Aug 19th

Kia Ora Mother,

Well first of all the answer to your question is that last week was a chaotic week. We had quite a few lessons but no one showed up to church. All bailed at the last minute. Hopefully this week will be better. We also had zone conference which went pretty well. I had to get up with my companion and do a role play which I did not enjoy doing at all. We made it through barely. Our goal this week is 3 to come to church. I hope that they actually do come. This family that we have been working with for ages named the ormsby-wards are gradually getting better. They need all the prayers that they can get.

Also, I hope that the people in New Zealand remember me but I don't know what they will remember. I guess I don't know if I will ever know. But I will do my best to finish strong. This week is going to be crazy busy though. We have mission conference and then a tradeoff that I am not looking forward to. I am kinda sick at the moment which isn't helping either. Well I just need to continue to press forward.

I hope that you have a wonderful week and I love you heaps.
Elder Beckstead.

P.S. I wish Uncle Clarke would've come down. It would have boosted my spirits that's for sure. I do hope that I get to see him though when i go up to Auckland. We will see.