Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ready or Not! - September 2

<<both Trevor's & Kristin's email - again :)>>

Kia Ora Mother,

Don't cry too much. I'm not home yet:)

Clarke and Marney did come on sunday and I spent ages with them. They came to church and then we talked for an hour afterwords saying goodbye to everyone and trying to get pictures. Then we were able to have dinner with them at a members house. It was a pretty good day except for all the goodbyes that I don't like saying. Well that is over now as I am in hamilton. I also sent my luggage with them so I have to see them at least once more to get it back. Also because I didn't want to carry it up on the bus. Luggage is irritating it is but I guess we need it to carry all of are stuff all over the world.

This week we also milked over 300 cows. We just had to put the suction thingies on but it was still an experience. I have concluded that I am never doing that again, willingly at least. Too smelly for me. Also, we just said goodbye and other such things all week.

I bus up to auckland this week and then fly out tomorrow. I have the longest tuesday in the history of tuesdays and then I get to see yous. I am so excited. I can honestly hardly wait. Whether you know it or not I am appreciative of my family and like spending time with them. I am grateful for being able to serve the lord for awhile but it will be nice to rejoin my family.

I hope that you have a good 2 days until I see yous and I will enjoy my one day.

Love you heaps and heaps
Elder Beckstead

Signing off as a missionary.

On Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 8:36 AM, <> wrote:
Dearest darling amazing spiritual giant Elder Beckstead,
Now that it is time, are you ready?  Are you ready to say goodbye to the beautiful land of New Zealand?  Are you ready to give a fond farewell to those who you have given your whole heart and soul to over the past two years?  Are you ready to give up the days testifying of the Savior and thinking every minute of every hour of every day of others you are serving?  Are you ready to start thinking of your education and your future?  Are you ready to see us?

I will forewarn you that I will try my hardest to welcome you home most warmly and remember that you are now a man.  I will want to cuddle you in my arms and tell you what to do, but will try my hardest to let you make your own decisions and then accept them positively.  I hope to strike a balance between being your mother and cheerleader and not nagging, hounding or forcing you to do the things I want you to do.  But, I'm a bit nervous about it!  Please, please, please tell me when I'm not doing it right!  There are plenty of things that will require your attention and you will need to make major decisions this next month.  Think of September as your "new adventure" month.  These decisions will affect you in all areas of your life, from clothes and how you want to now dress, to education, to a ward to attend, to dating, to eating/driving/entertainment, etc.  It will happen soon enough - are you ready?  Please don't bring home anything you don't want to keep.  Give it away or drop it in the dumpster unless it has special meaning to you and you want to show it to us, or if it is something to keep and cherish.  (We are going shopping Wednesday for new garments and clothes!)  I love the old worn out shoes and am grateful to have them!  If there is something else bring it, otherwise dump it.

Xane is officially 18 years old!  He is so glad to finally be able to say he is eighteen... he has been razed about being 17 since he went to BYU. We ate ham sandwiches and potato chips for dinner and sat in a rainstorm during the pianoguys concert up at Thanksgiving Point with Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson.  It was great!  We will tell you all about it this next week.

This email is super short because I didn't know if you would have much time.  I hope you somehow, somewhere, got to see Uncle Clarke and Aunt Marney.  If so, I will remember it as a tender mercy, and if not, then some things desired are not to be.  I will miss these email times of writing you as a missionary.  Please know I am so grateful you chose to serve the Lord.  I hope you always cherish your missionary service and remember the things our Heavenly Father has taught you in his refiner's fire.  i can't wait to hear what you didn't want to email - all those unspoken things the missionaries refuse to write home about but that are defining moments nonetheless.

I love you Elder Beckstead!  May you say goodbye as dearly as you can, travel safely and return to us with honor.  See you soon -
(as usual, with tears in my eyes, because of the great love I have for you and my Heavenly Father and Redeemer Jesus Christ)

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