Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunny Day

Kia Ora Mother,

That first picture is for Korin.
Elder Beckstead is a wanted man!

The next two are the same family that has had to be baptized in three different weeks. 5 out of 6 are baptized with one due this week. three got baptized last week which was very cool.

Something else that happened this week was that there was a zone conference. My first real one of my mission. It was a great experience. We have had a few miracles lately and we are desperately trying to complete them off.

One that happened yesterday was a man that was brought by a returning member to church. He was a catholic but is sick of it and he wants to be baptized. We had the first lesson with him yesterday and he is hopefully going down on the 11th of June.

We are also shooting for three baptisms this weekend although it might only be two. We are trying to find out where all of our investigators are. It has been incredibly hard to get them to church up here in the city. Why won't they just come? Oh well. there is always next week.

Beside that this week was fairly quiet. I have had fast food like 10 times last week and it was ridiculus. We will see how this week goes with members feeding us.
Elder Thomas and Elder Beckstead
Thanks for all that you do and I love you all heaps.
Love you mother heaps too.
Elder Beckstead

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Week

Kia Ora mother,

I just looked at my time and I have 4 minutes to complete this email. typing slow is my middle name so lets see how much gets done. I think I am going to come home to Utah and ask where are house got moved to. So many changes seem to be happening. It is the same out here as we prepare for a new mission president and try to send president porter off with a bang. We have 6 set currently for the coming weeks with one this week. I am praying everyday that all will work out.

A few things about me this week is that I got soaked, no baptisms and come and see fireside for investigators put on by president and I finally got out a pair of thermal garments. Are they supposed to go to your ankles and wrists or like on my do they go six inches above the ankle and about halfway up your forearm. They kept me very warm though.

Thanks for all the updates and yes we just love you around us.
I better send this before it cuts me off.
Love you tons,
Elder Beckstead

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

It was great to get to talk to Trevor. He sounded happy and glad to be a missionary. He assured his mother that he was keeping his apartment clean and that he was eating fairly nutritious meals :)

Trevor did say they had two baptisms this week (a 10 year old and an 11 year old).

We love him and are very proud of him.

Kristin & Ryan

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Short Testimony

Kia Ora Mother,

I am grateful to hear your testimony and I want you to know that I know those things to be true as well.

I know you do things in spurts but I wouldn't have you do it any other way. Be consistent in Spiritual things but know that I love the way you love us and care for us even if it is sporatic.

This week was a manifestation of that talk. We had a marriage and a baptism this week of a Samoan named Fau. She is awesome and yet went through some tough times this week. We boiled it down to she hadn't been to church, prayed or read and that is why things weren't going right. You can boil most of your problems down to one of those three things not being done properly. Once she started doing those things, things turned right and the marriage and baptism went beautifully. She was confirmed on Sunday and things seem to be ok for the moment.

We also have a family that I wish the family would pray for. There last name is Teulilo. Two of the kids are scheduled for baptism this thursday and the rest are in the weeks to come. Pray for us and wish us luck.

Thank you for all you do. I love you tons and am grateful that I got the best mother in the world. I wouldn't have you any other way than sporatic and one with an excellent testimony.

I love you mom,
Elder Beckstead