Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunny Day

Kia Ora Mother,

That first picture is for Korin.
Elder Beckstead is a wanted man!

The next two are the same family that has had to be baptized in three different weeks. 5 out of 6 are baptized with one due this week. three got baptized last week which was very cool.

Something else that happened this week was that there was a zone conference. My first real one of my mission. It was a great experience. We have had a few miracles lately and we are desperately trying to complete them off.

One that happened yesterday was a man that was brought by a returning member to church. He was a catholic but is sick of it and he wants to be baptized. We had the first lesson with him yesterday and he is hopefully going down on the 11th of June.

We are also shooting for three baptisms this weekend although it might only be two. We are trying to find out where all of our investigators are. It has been incredibly hard to get them to church up here in the city. Why won't they just come? Oh well. there is always next week.

Beside that this week was fairly quiet. I have had fast food like 10 times last week and it was ridiculus. We will see how this week goes with members feeding us.
Elder Thomas and Elder Beckstead
Thanks for all that you do and I love you all heaps.
Love you mother heaps too.
Elder Beckstead

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