Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Short Testimony

Kia Ora Mother,

I am grateful to hear your testimony and I want you to know that I know those things to be true as well.

I know you do things in spurts but I wouldn't have you do it any other way. Be consistent in Spiritual things but know that I love the way you love us and care for us even if it is sporatic.

This week was a manifestation of that talk. We had a marriage and a baptism this week of a Samoan named Fau. She is awesome and yet went through some tough times this week. We boiled it down to she hadn't been to church, prayed or read and that is why things weren't going right. You can boil most of your problems down to one of those three things not being done properly. Once she started doing those things, things turned right and the marriage and baptism went beautifully. She was confirmed on Sunday and things seem to be ok for the moment.

We also have a family that I wish the family would pray for. There last name is Teulilo. Two of the kids are scheduled for baptism this thursday and the rest are in the weeks to come. Pray for us and wish us luck.

Thank you for all you do. I love you tons and am grateful that I got the best mother in the world. I wouldn't have you any other way than sporatic and one with an excellent testimony.

I love you mom,
Elder Beckstead

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