Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday and transferred to Papatoetoe

Kia Ora Mother and Happy Easter!

What a message. How did you fit all that in one week. I am impressed. This week was jam packed full of craziness on this end of the world as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the package. I am amazed that you got all that into that box. I know that you are the expert packer of the family now. I appreciate all that was in there and that is a cool shirt. Also, you would be glad to know that the emergency stuff is safely inside my backpack. I can't think of anything I need for my birthday as of now but I will keep you updated.

This week was an interesting one. It started off normal with last p-day which we played ultimate frisbee. It was one of the funnest I have had yet on my mission. I dove for a catch once though and I had mud everywhere after that. Ridiculus. Then we had a service project which took ages and again I got mud and dirt everywhere. We had to week this pretty big area in which the weeds were about 3 feet high. It was interesting to say the least. Then wednesday was transfer calls and district meeting. I was told I was getting transfered and so the long dreadful packing phase kicked in. So packing ensued and saying goodbye ensued as well. I do not like goodbyes much.

Thursday morning I woke up at six and finished everything else up. Then we drove up to Auckland. My companion wasn't at transfers because he stayed in the area I was going too. I am now in the Massey Park Ward and the Ashlynne Ave Ward which is in South Auckland in Papatoetoe (pronounced papatoytoy) and Mangare east. It is definitely a lot busier up here than in the country. A lot more traffic too. So getting settled in we met the few people we had set in the new area and started the process of finding.

We had a baptism in Ashlynne Ave ward of this awesome young man named Phoenix Chung. He is awesome and I am so glad I got to meet him. He was a miracle himself being found last Monday and already baptized. I am assuming that Andrea was baptized but I am waiting for proof next week.

The conversion story of them would take forever to tell so remind me over the phone in a couple weeks. The basics are that we found him tracting and he was baptized just over a month later. Then as we were meeting with him post baptism, he had a interview with the bishop. But he thought it was at the temple so he went up there. As he was there, we met up with his wife and began teaching her. From then on out it was history. She was baptized I hope on Friday last week and confirmed on Sunday. I will be excited to go be with them in the temple in a years time.

Well, one last thing before I go is that I have met a few people that knew Grandma and Grandpa. It has cool to meet them. I will have a great time up here in the city. The people are awesome and my companion is great so far. A little interesting but still good. His name is Elder Thomas and he is from Wellington. He served part of his mission in the West Indies but had to come back for some reason. Anyways, he knew Elder mayer from back home as well.

Love you tons, and have a great week. Talk to you soon.
Elder Beckstead

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