Monday, April 4, 2011

General Conference Weekend

Kia Ora Mother,
Those are some crazy pictures in our kitchen. I barely recognized it. Also, snow in April? I bet grandma didn't like that much. 

It sounds like an interesting week. I am glad you realize that when bad things happen, great things are just around the corner. Satan is so annoying and does this for every investigator. I wish he would leave them alone for awhile. Anyways, enough complaining on my part. Thanks you again for the package the only other thing was the pan which was fantastic. Also, I made carmel popcorn last night which turned out great. I love the recipies you send me.
Missionary work is moving along. Our teaching pool is growing which is good, but Satan's influence is also growing which is not good. Our set investigators are shaky at the moment, or two of three are. There was a great fireside which we took Dave to last night. I think the last speaker wrote the talk just for him. He used great stories to illustrate his point. My companions are doing well and we are planning to hike a volcano today. More hiking, go figure. Anyways, it should be semi-fun.
I love you tons and am grateful for all that you do for me. Tell dad that the music thing worked and I was able to retrieve it without breaking any rules. He is the best as are you.
Love you,
Elder Beckstead

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