Monday, April 18, 2011

New week and quote on faith

Kia Ora Dad,

Don't worry about the long emails. They are great. Thanks for the quote. That does put it in a better perspective. i will try to have faith in the lords timing and not my own. That has been an issue for a lot of people lately here. Well, I don't have too much time here but we do have a baptism set for next friday which is great. She is the wife of my other recent convert Robert. I don't know if you remember him. Anyways, her name is Andrea and she is converted from Jehovah's witness which is incredible. There stories are just amazing about how we have found and helped both of them. Remind me next week and I will explain more for the blog.

Thanks for all that you do and will you tell Bro. Furr thank you so much for the email. I am grateful for the love he and his family show me. Tell him thank you for all he does and the example he is to me.

Thank you dad again for the music and I love you tons,
Have a great week.
Elder Beckstead

On Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 4:07 PM, <> wrote:
Hello Elder,

How are things going? I have a quote for you from Elder Dallin H. Oaks:
"Faith in the Lord is trust in the Lord. We cannot have true faith in the Lord without also having complete trust in the Lord’s will and in the Lord’s timing. As a result, no matter how strong our faith is, it cannot produce a result contrary to the will of Him in whom we have faith. Remember that when your prayers do not seem to be answered in the way or at the time you desire. The exercise of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is always subject to the order of heaven, to the goodness and will and wisdom and timing of the Lord. When we have that kind of faith and trust in the Lord, we have true security and serenity in our lives."

I thought the part about having faith in the Lord's will and the Lord's timing was so important to remember. We don't see the end from the beginning and it is easy to get impatient. I know that insight will help me in my life and I hope you remember and use it to help you on your mission.

We finally had some decent weather this weekend so we were able to have some soccer games. I'm sure it won't surprise you to know I spent most of the day down there (over 7 hours). Needless to say, most of us got our first good sunburn on the season. It was fun!

We hope your healthy and enjoying the uniqueness of a threesome companionship. We pray your investigators are progressing toward baptism, but remember it is on the Lords timetable, not ours. Keep up the good work and don't let satan get you discouraged.

Oh, a couple of updates. It was great to see Elder Paul Peay last weekend. He will speak next week (on Easter Sunday with Austin Jones). Austin goes into the MTC on April 26th. Jacob Thayne's speaking next Sunday too for his mission, and it is exactly at the same time ... ugh!

While I'm thinking about it, I got an email regarding scout stuff this week, and somebody replied to all instead of just to the sender. He mentioned that he and his wife were off to New Zealand on a mission. I, of course, emailed him and he is going to be the mission president on the other New Zealand mission (It's Wellington ... right?). He did say he is going with the new Auckland mission president (who is from Australia). The guy was pretty funny. He congratulated us on having a fine son that is serving a mission, and joked that if things get a little rough, he will help arrange an exchange at the mission border so you can serve in his mission :).

One other thing I wanted to tell you. There was this guy that I used to work at WordPerfect/Novell/Corel with. He was the one that I used to go to lunch for pizza every day with. I got a call that he had a heart attack and was in the hospital. Two days later he passed away. He has 5 children. One boy just got off a mission and another one that has his call. Then a 16 yr old and 13 yr old boy and a 11 yr old daughter. He was the coach of the Lone Peak Lacrosse team and was only 45 years old. It was pretty sad. Luckily we know this life isn't the end, but it seemed hard for his family that remains behind.

I had better go. This is getting long like Mom's emails. That's ok, if there is someone I want to be like it is your mother. She is amazing!!!!!!

We love you tons and tons and tons. We will pray for you daily!


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