Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving is coming

Kia Ora Mother,

My goodness mom. I thought you were going to try and not be so busy anymore. It doesn't seem to be working though:)
It sounds like you had a wonderful week nonetheless. Also, good luck with the next week. You will survive on friday without us but it will be a tough one:)
This week has been a hard week and a wonderful week. The hard part was that all of our november candidates for baptism are very shakey. One is already postponed indefinitely and the others will be decided tomorrow. It is just hard to see that satan is winning in the month of November.
The good news is that we have a ton of investigators progressing for December. We have four promising prospects for the 4th and then we hope to set lots more for later in the month. Other cool thing is that christmas is on saturday so we are hoping to set a bunch for that wonderful day. So besides that, we didn't have a whole lot happen this week besides what I told you last tuesday.

I have a few things I need to ask you for however. I feel so needy out on a mission. I hope one day I can just write an email to you without asking for something but this week is not it.
I want you to email me two recipes. The breakfast casserole recipe and the pork chimichanga recipe. That is number 1. Number 2 is that I want you to sign me up for the ensign. We get one per companionship and I would like one for me so I can mark it up and such. Thanks
The third thing is a family activity for FHE. Don't worry too much about this one but just sometime in the next two years it would be nice to do for your missionary. I would like the kids to draw up each of the steps of the plan of salvation. I would like a picture for each like a cloud for the pre-earth life or those ancient scales for judgement. Stuff like that but be creative. I would like them to draw and color those and then I would like you to cut them out and laminate them and then send them to me so I can teach the plan of salvation better to kids. If you could do that for a fhe sometime that would be much appreciated. But I know you are all busy so if it doesn't get done for awhile I understand completely.

Well I thank you for the wonderful email and I love you tons.
Thanks for being such an awesome mother.
Elder Beckstead


Kia Ora Sam,

It sounds like you are the good luck charm. Keep it up next week as well will ya.
Have a good week dipping chocolates but don't eat them all. Save some for me.
Love you tons,
Elder Beckstead

On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 10:21 AM, <> wrote:

Dear Trevor. I went to the BYU football game VS New Mexico. BYU won 40 to 7 BYU won by 33 points.

Love Sam.

Hi Trev

Kia Ora Korin,

That is a pretty interesting word you got there. Do you use it often? Anyways, it sounds like you had a very fun and interesting party. TP, eh? Well that is one of the most interesting gifts that I have heard of so far. I am glad you like all your gifts.
Thanks for the love and I love you a ton as well. I miss you also and I need you to go to as many BYU basketball games for me as you can.
Love you,
Elder Beckstead

P.S. I need you to eat food for me this thursday as well as for you. See ya

On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 10:06 AM, <> wrote:

Hi Trev. This week I made up a new word. It is "spotequialunchezoidoryaxawaverjackamobofog". Spot-ekia-lunch-eh-zoid-or-yax-a-waver-jack-o-mob-o-fog. This word has all the letters in the alphabet. It is a grawesome word. I had a birthday party last friday and I got a lot of GRAWESOME presents. my friend jesalynn gave me a roll of toilet paper. she told me to unravel it and so I did. About half way through, a penny fell out. she told me to keep going and I found $12.99 more.  I got $63 total from all my gifts. I also got goldfish and gum and hand sanitizer lotion. I like all my gifts. I love you Trevor and I love how you are so kind. You are patient and understanding too. I love that about you and I miss you tons.
love you,
Korn Dog

My Hectic Week

Kia Ora,

This week was one of the craziest yet in the mission. I think I say that every week but it is true.
Monday was a normal p-day where we played risk 2210. It was fun but I don't like it too much. We then went to visit a few investigators and then saw the YSA FHE at the church. They made me try a mussel. It was no good. Really salty and seafoodish. I prefer to stay away from those.
Then tuesday is where it got interesting. It was going well until about 5 o'clock. I got to DRIVE for the first time. We dropped the ZL's off at the airport because they had a meeting in Auckland. We then got to use the car the next day although because of a limit on K's we didn't except to pick them up. Oh well, I did get to drive a little on the wrong side of the road. I only did an American Salute 3 times. (turning the windshield wipers on to signal).
Wednesday was also filled with appointments as was thursday.
Thursday was interesting because we were so booked that we had to do splits with two elders in our ward. Elder Tham went to a dinner appointment and a lesson and I went to other lessons as well as ACDC (Always Creative Daily Contact). It was crazy but good and we had 8 lessons that day. Busy Busy.
Friday was also busy but not as packed as thursday was.
Saturday is the day that the week went downhill although it was good until saturday night. We traded off on friday night and I went with Elder Collett. We had a few appointments in the morning which went really well. Then we went to a Tongan wedding. Ok, they had so much food it wasn't even funny. They had cooked 20 pigs as well as having a ton of other food as well. We were lucky and didn't have to eat a lot which was unusual according to Elder Collett. We missed desert though which was sad. Then we had a few more people to visit and then we had a dinner appointment. The man took us to McDonalds for dinner which as ok and we ate at the top of Kaiti Hill. My first view of the ocean from Gisborne. Then we had another lesson with someone that I had taught a fair amount. Ashley Maats is her name and she got baptized Oct 30. We were teaching her 2 sisters and one of their boyfriends. Right as we got there, they made me try a Kina. It was nasty. It is a sea Urchin and I don't know why people would ever eat it. So that was my saturday. What made it so bad was after we had trade back. I went to bed a 10:30 but was up at 11:15, 12:30, 1:00, 2:30, 3:45, and 5:00 am. It was a terrible night in the restroom although I didn't throw up ever. What a miracle that was although getting food poisoning right before an eight hour road trip was not very fun. We went to church and i was still miserable. Then we left for Auckland about 12:30 pm or so. We made it up to Papakura just before 9 but I had to sleep on the floor. I got no sleep again but wasn't in the restroom at least. Then on Monday we had Mission Conference. The first part went really well considering and I only missed one part of it. Then we had a mission picture and sociallizing. Then after that we had 3 general Authorities come. 2 area presidency members and Elder Hinckley. It was very good and I was able to pay attention the whole time. Then we drove back to Turanga or something like that and stayed the night. I got a little better sleep but we had to get up early again. We then drove back to Gisborne and got here at 1:30ish. Now we are emailing.

So to condense the week, I drove for the first time, ate mussels and kina, saw a huge Tongan feed, got food poison from that tongan feed. It was from the pork which was a little undercooked. Then we had an 8 hour drive up to Auckland for mission conference and then drove 8 hours back. It was a very interesting week.

Love you all and miss you all as well.
Elder Beckstead

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kia Ora Grandma and Grandpa

Kia Ora Grandma and Grandpa.

It sounds like quite a week. Lets see, lets get right to the questions. I haven't had a zone meeting yet because they are now once every 2 transfers or every three months and this last transfer we didn't have one. We also don't have one this transfer either because of mission conference. Normally zone conferences would be in Hamilton for us, mission conference is in Auckland this transfer though and it is next monday.P-day is mondays everywhere in the world now so that is what it is here as well.

About the chocolates, I love the carmels, mints, and fudge. But whatever is good for me. My week was a crazy one. We picked up some new investigators on the other side of town so we are biking a ton. We also had 35 lessons this week. The standard is 20 per week over here at the moment so we are quite busy at the moment.

Well I love you and miss you both tons. Get better and thanks for the prayers.

Elder Beckstead

Monday, November 8, 2010

Staying Put for Now

Kia Ora Mother,
How are you? I am having a good time out here but this week was really busy. Besides the craziness, transfers came and went and I am still here with Elder Tham in Gisborne. However, I get to go to Auckland next week for Mission Conference. It is next monday so P-day is pushed to wednesday. Just a heads up.
Everything is great and I love you tons.
Miss you and love you,
Elder Beckstead

Daylight Savings & Local Sites

Kia Ora Dad,

I am doing good, healthy and fantastic. Daylight savings happened for us over a month ago so now we are twenty hours apart and not nineteen.

Sounds like you had a good time with the play. Are your thighs as tired as mine? I have biked so much this week it isn't funny. Also we taught a whole lot of lessons. 35 to be exact. It seems we don't have any time for anything exept teaching and travel. But it is going great all the same. We found 5 new investigators and set 3 of them for the 20th for baptism. All three are very shaky at the moment though so we will see how things turn out.

I haven't been to any sites yet but I hope to soon. It is getting kinda boring just playing risk on P-days. It is really cold and rainy so being inside is the best decision at this time. I hope it warms up soon so we can go experience what Gisborne has to offer.

Well, everything is going good out here and It sounds like things are good at home.
I love you and miss you a ton.

Love you,
Elder Beckstead

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Speaking of miracle experiences, yes that brother, Tama is his name, did get baptized but it was very rocky getting there. Let me start from the beginning of the week.

On monday, we had another regular p-day or sort of. One of the zone-leaders was not feeling well so we stayed in the flat cleaning up while we waited for them to come over. Then we shopped and did emails as usual. After 6 we went over to our rides house to go to FHE, or what we thought was our ride. It turns out that he needed a ride as well and left us a note saying sorry but oh well. So we didn't go to FHE on monday. Tuesday through wednesday morning were excellent. We were well on our way to accomplishing the goals we had set for the week and surpassing them by a lot. But then wednesday afternoon came. The whole day was planned out with lessons and we had the interviews for two of our baptismal candidates set up. One of them was there but Tama wasn't. We did a trade-off and I went with Elder Sessions to find Tama. We found him at his house and he told us straight up that he wasn't going to get baptized until he had talked face to face with both of his parents. His mother just lived a few Ks away so that wasn't too bad but his father lived in Australia and had practically disowned him for what we could tell. We tried to persuade him to do god's will first but he wouldn't hear of it.

So we went back to the chapel a little discouraged but later than we had planned so we missed several appointments and had a rough evening. We were able to help someone set up a quit smoking plan which was good. He is less-active and wants to come back. Anyways, thursday we had an official trade-off. I was with Elder Sessions in our area so I was unofficially the senior companion for the day. Oh my goodness! I don't like it much at all. The day turned out really well and our numbers were pretty good. We saw Tama again and he seemed to be doing a lot better. He said he was going to just ask his mother instead which was good news. We told him to call us the next morning and tell us whether he wanted an interview or not. That not we traded back and I called him after planning to see how he was and remind him to call us but no one answered.
The next morning was friday which was weekly planning. Out day was booked full of lessons again and we had to squeeze in our three baptismal candidates which we hadn't set up lessons for. But things never go as planned. Weekly planning was good and Tama did call us around noon. Elder Tham picked up but Tama asked for me. I talked to him and he said set up the interview but we had to answer three questions for him beforehand. We said done, so we set it up for 4 o'clock. Of course that threw a wrench in our day but we didn't care too much because we were so happy. Our appointments fell through at one and we had a walk in lesson that was a complete disaster. One of those almost bible bashing lessons or one of those "A bible, A bible, we have a bible and need no other bible," people. Yeah. So anyways that was at one and then we were late for our next appointment. When we got there, she was drunk and so no go on that lesson. We had other people to see but they were all busy or not home. It wasn't a very great afternoon for numbers or new investigators. Then four rolled around and we went to the maats house to see Tama. They are next door neighbors you see and they were the ones that got baptized a few weeks ago and another cousin was getting baptized saturday. We went in and tried to answer his concerns that he had had over the phone. The first two were fine. Why is authority necessary? and How does the baptism process go? So those were fine in answering but the third was on the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 5. We had a hard time getting him to understand it is just a format to saying prayers not actually saying that prayer. So that lesson took almost an hour. Then we went over to the chapel for the interview. The interview was taking awhile so Elder Session's and I again traded off and went and saw another of our investigators by the name of Teatatu. She is ten and the best investigator anyone could hope for. Never any doubt whatsoever. We saw her and then went back to the chapel and waited for awhile. We had a baptismal program to type up so we did that. Finally the interview was over. It took two hours. So we missed several lessons. We were even late for our MCM which was at 8. It was incredible to have him pass the interview but my goodness, our day was shot. So that was our friday.
Saturday, I woke up feeling really nauseous and dizzy. We had to wake up at six because we had to be at the chapel at seven. I took a shower but still didn't feel well. I said a prayer and felt a little better. I was able to set up the baptism ok but I still wasn't great. Then the baptism rolled around and I was ok. Through the pictures and the actual program I felt fine. I have Heavenly Father to thank for that. We had lunch or a sugar overload after the baptism and then we went back to the flat for a little while after words. While elder Tham was doing some paperwork, I sat down on the couch and felt terrible. I went into bed and crashed for the rest of the day. Again our numbers out the window and our investigators we didn't get to see. The good thing was that both of our appointments fell through that we had that day. Heavenly Father was looking out for us again. Sunday rolled around and I still wasn't feeling good but we went to church and had four wonderful confirmations. I was privileged enough to perform two of them. Tama and Teatatu. It really was a miracle that all four got baptized and it helped us get our zone goal for the month. It was a wonderful miracle that I was able to experience.
So that was my week. I am feeling better now so nothing to worry about. I hope your week was wonderful.

Love you all tons,

Kakite, Elder Beckstead