Monday, November 22, 2010

My Hectic Week

Kia Ora,

This week was one of the craziest yet in the mission. I think I say that every week but it is true.
Monday was a normal p-day where we played risk 2210. It was fun but I don't like it too much. We then went to visit a few investigators and then saw the YSA FHE at the church. They made me try a mussel. It was no good. Really salty and seafoodish. I prefer to stay away from those.
Then tuesday is where it got interesting. It was going well until about 5 o'clock. I got to DRIVE for the first time. We dropped the ZL's off at the airport because they had a meeting in Auckland. We then got to use the car the next day although because of a limit on K's we didn't except to pick them up. Oh well, I did get to drive a little on the wrong side of the road. I only did an American Salute 3 times. (turning the windshield wipers on to signal).
Wednesday was also filled with appointments as was thursday.
Thursday was interesting because we were so booked that we had to do splits with two elders in our ward. Elder Tham went to a dinner appointment and a lesson and I went to other lessons as well as ACDC (Always Creative Daily Contact). It was crazy but good and we had 8 lessons that day. Busy Busy.
Friday was also busy but not as packed as thursday was.
Saturday is the day that the week went downhill although it was good until saturday night. We traded off on friday night and I went with Elder Collett. We had a few appointments in the morning which went really well. Then we went to a Tongan wedding. Ok, they had so much food it wasn't even funny. They had cooked 20 pigs as well as having a ton of other food as well. We were lucky and didn't have to eat a lot which was unusual according to Elder Collett. We missed desert though which was sad. Then we had a few more people to visit and then we had a dinner appointment. The man took us to McDonalds for dinner which as ok and we ate at the top of Kaiti Hill. My first view of the ocean from Gisborne. Then we had another lesson with someone that I had taught a fair amount. Ashley Maats is her name and she got baptized Oct 30. We were teaching her 2 sisters and one of their boyfriends. Right as we got there, they made me try a Kina. It was nasty. It is a sea Urchin and I don't know why people would ever eat it. So that was my saturday. What made it so bad was after we had trade back. I went to bed a 10:30 but was up at 11:15, 12:30, 1:00, 2:30, 3:45, and 5:00 am. It was a terrible night in the restroom although I didn't throw up ever. What a miracle that was although getting food poisoning right before an eight hour road trip was not very fun. We went to church and i was still miserable. Then we left for Auckland about 12:30 pm or so. We made it up to Papakura just before 9 but I had to sleep on the floor. I got no sleep again but wasn't in the restroom at least. Then on Monday we had Mission Conference. The first part went really well considering and I only missed one part of it. Then we had a mission picture and sociallizing. Then after that we had 3 general Authorities come. 2 area presidency members and Elder Hinckley. It was very good and I was able to pay attention the whole time. Then we drove back to Turanga or something like that and stayed the night. I got a little better sleep but we had to get up early again. We then drove back to Gisborne and got here at 1:30ish. Now we are emailing.

So to condense the week, I drove for the first time, ate mussels and kina, saw a huge Tongan feed, got food poison from that tongan feed. It was from the pork which was a little undercooked. Then we had an 8 hour drive up to Auckland for mission conference and then drove 8 hours back. It was a very interesting week.

Love you all and miss you all as well.
Elder Beckstead

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