Monday, November 8, 2010

Daylight Savings & Local Sites

Kia Ora Dad,

I am doing good, healthy and fantastic. Daylight savings happened for us over a month ago so now we are twenty hours apart and not nineteen.

Sounds like you had a good time with the play. Are your thighs as tired as mine? I have biked so much this week it isn't funny. Also we taught a whole lot of lessons. 35 to be exact. It seems we don't have any time for anything exept teaching and travel. But it is going great all the same. We found 5 new investigators and set 3 of them for the 20th for baptism. All three are very shaky at the moment though so we will see how things turn out.

I haven't been to any sites yet but I hope to soon. It is getting kinda boring just playing risk on P-days. It is really cold and rainy so being inside is the best decision at this time. I hope it warms up soon so we can go experience what Gisborne has to offer.

Well, everything is going good out here and It sounds like things are good at home.
I love you and miss you a ton.

Love you,
Elder Beckstead

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