Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving is coming

Kia Ora Mother,

My goodness mom. I thought you were going to try and not be so busy anymore. It doesn't seem to be working though:)
It sounds like you had a wonderful week nonetheless. Also, good luck with the next week. You will survive on friday without us but it will be a tough one:)
This week has been a hard week and a wonderful week. The hard part was that all of our november candidates for baptism are very shakey. One is already postponed indefinitely and the others will be decided tomorrow. It is just hard to see that satan is winning in the month of November.
The good news is that we have a ton of investigators progressing for December. We have four promising prospects for the 4th and then we hope to set lots more for later in the month. Other cool thing is that christmas is on saturday so we are hoping to set a bunch for that wonderful day. So besides that, we didn't have a whole lot happen this week besides what I told you last tuesday.

I have a few things I need to ask you for however. I feel so needy out on a mission. I hope one day I can just write an email to you without asking for something but this week is not it.
I want you to email me two recipes. The breakfast casserole recipe and the pork chimichanga recipe. That is number 1. Number 2 is that I want you to sign me up for the ensign. We get one per companionship and I would like one for me so I can mark it up and such. Thanks
The third thing is a family activity for FHE. Don't worry too much about this one but just sometime in the next two years it would be nice to do for your missionary. I would like the kids to draw up each of the steps of the plan of salvation. I would like a picture for each like a cloud for the pre-earth life or those ancient scales for judgement. Stuff like that but be creative. I would like them to draw and color those and then I would like you to cut them out and laminate them and then send them to me so I can teach the plan of salvation better to kids. If you could do that for a fhe sometime that would be much appreciated. But I know you are all busy so if it doesn't get done for awhile I understand completely.

Well I thank you for the wonderful email and I love you tons.
Thanks for being such an awesome mother.
Elder Beckstead

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