Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2 emails - Memorial Day & Grandma's Birthday

Kia Ora Mother,

It sounds like a lot has been happening and congrats on the new phone. I am currently wishing our companionship had one to communicate outside of the flat. It makes missionary work a million times easier. Anyways, I had a pretty good week. I got fed way too much though. I had mexican food and kfc and subway and hamburgers and american food and heaps of other things thrown in. It was ridiculus and yet really good after it happened. I think it is in south Auckland that I will gain the most weight.

We have been getting up early four times a week to play basketball and it is really good except that I am really tired during the day. Also, we had another baptism this week which went really well. We were supposed to have two but one couldn't make it because of a funeral that the family had. We are hoping for this week though.

Well we are just waiting to meet this new mission president while trying to finish strong. We comes at the beginning of July so we will see how that goes. Will he be strict of not is my question but we will just have to wait.

Have a great week and I love you heaps. Don't be on the phone too much but use it for its purpose. Thanks for all the advice you always seem to have and Know that I am doing well over here. I will keep you updated on transfers this week.

Love you,
Elder Beckstead


Kia Ora Dad and thanks for the effort.

Tell Grandma and Grandpa I love them and appreciate the letter from them through you.

I am doing well looking forward to transfers wondering how it arrived so fast. Anyways, it did so I will update you on the news.
I sent a package today for you and I hope it arrives soon. It is for a Happy Birthday for you, Grandma and Grandpa.

We had dinner with the Marshall Family yesterday and he is from Orem. He was the allstate halfback in 1970-71. I thought that was pretty cool. He wasn't sure if he knew you or not but it was a probably not.

Anyways, Have a wonderful trip and I love you all heaps. Thanks again dad and wish Grandma and Happy Birthday tomorrow for me and on Tuesday for you.

Love you,
Elder Beckstead

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