Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Baptism - Happy Fathers Day!

Kia Ora Dad and Mother,

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!!!!!

Thanks for the advice. It is still a struggle to get people to church but we are still praying for success and new ideas. The person that had the bad experience is pretty paranoid about people she doesn't know and just doesn't trust anyone. She has a daughter and is way overprotective so when some little thing went wrong in nursury, she blew it way out of proportion. Oh, well. It wasn't the wards fault and we will try to keep working on her.

Yes, we attend ward council when they have them. In one ward they only have a meeting once a month. It is irritating sometimes especially when no one turned up. The other ward has a weekly meeting that switches between pec and ward council. That is a little better but I wish the ward would act when we tell them to do stuff.

We did have lots of teaching this week. We did have one baptism which went really well. I am doing better, slowly getting into the motions of senior companion. I think I will get used to it when I am on the plane home. Typical don't you think. I guess not everything can be perfect can it. I think just having to plan and organize everything has been the hardest part of the switch between junior and senior. I don't like leading in the first place but now it is just all on my shoulders. It should be a little easier to delegate now that my companion knows a few people around here. Also, having to come up with what to teach has been hard as well. Discerning needs is definitely something that I need to work on.

Anyways, thanks for the quote. It applies as the quote you normally send perfectly at this point in time. We need to work really hard and pray for the lords help as well

Well, I love you heaps and thanks again for the quote and advice.
Elder Beckstead

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