Monday, June 20, 2011

Feeding the Missionaries in Orem

Jeez louise mother,

I am impressed at the amazing skills of my mother to feed anyone who walks in the door. I now don't feel so bad asking people to give us rides knowing that my family is doing the same back home.

How come we never interacted with the missionaries much before I left?

Anyways, Love,
Elder Beckstead

On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 4:28 PM, <> wrote:
I realized none of us told you of this experience and thought it was one you might enjoy reading...

The missionaries here in our ward have started calling Dad at least once a week to drive them places.  They call at the craziest times - in the middle of Sam's baseball games, on Monday evenings, we always have things going on and Dad leaves whatever he is doing to go get them.  So anyway, this last Saturday we got up early and got going but of course I neglected to have breakfast ready.  About 10:15 I started fixing puff'n pancakes for everyone to eat as a brunch.  The missionaries called and Dad took them from point A to point B.  Then they called again and asked him to drive them once more.  They wanted to go to lunch at a certain place which ended up being closed.  So Dad asked if they'd like to come to our house.   It wasn't just two missionaries, it was also the Spanish speaking Elders too.  They said sure - but will your wife be okay with that?  Next thing I know, Dad arrives home and there are four Elders coming in the back door behind him.  Ihopefully welcomed then (barely said hello) and put them all to work, setting the table, getting glasses out, utensils on the table, etc.  I knew we wouldn't have enough puff'n pancakes although I did have two pans in the oven, so I sent dad down for sausage from the freezer, I pulled out grapefruit, bananas and peaches and all the toppings.  We had strawberry milk and water. Phew!  While I was finishing preparations I sent them all in the family room and made them each make a birthday card for Grampa's 80th birthday book.  Dad told them that if their mission president asked what they'd done that day, they could answer that they'd "scrapbooked."  It was pretty funny!!!

Delicious breakfast for only having 5-10 minutes to work with !  They always tell daddy "Thanks Brother Beckstead - we know we can always count on you:)"

Don't you dare get discouraged!!!  (Well, okay, you can be discouraged for 10 minutes.) Great things are happening both in Orem and New Zealand so you, your companion, and your investigators who are ready, can receive blessings galore.

Love you again!

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