Monday, September 12, 2011

Food Update and Rugby World Cup

Kia Ora Mother,

That is hilarious about Tara (the first area in her mission the people they live with made a green spinach smoothie for breakfast). That cracks me up. I haven't had that yet (green smoothies) on my mission. Just islander food and sea food. No good.

Anyways, the food I have in my apartment is usually grilled ham and cheese or pb&j. Sometimes we get creative but not very often. Eating at members houses always changes but yesterday we had really good pineapple chicken. We also had lemon thing pie. I don't know how to spell that other word.
We also eat out sometimes at McDonalds, or pizza hut as well. I do admit though that I miss the food from back home a lot. Especially Sunday dinners and waffles. I also miss In-n-Out as well:)

Ok, last Tuesday was district meeting and a trade-off with elder Middleton. He is a convert of just over a year and a half and from Oregon. We had an new investigator and we set him but he lives about 50 km from our flat so that hasn't worked out. It would have been nice though.
Wednesday, we traded back and ate at carls Jr. Not as good as home but still good. Then we came back and had an alright day.
Thursday, we were out in Waiuku and had a good day out there. Saw a few people and met with the Moutere's. A very cool member family.
Friday, we had an alright day. We went out to Tuakau and had a good lesson there. We had a new investigator named Roxy who is really good except that she is a hard-out Vegan. She believes in that so much that it might be an issue. She has to see animals treated as equals to humans or no go. We will see how that goes. Also, it was the opening night of the World Cup. We watched a little of the opening ceremony during dinner and a little of the game as well. I don't know if we were supposed to but it was on in every house in New Zealand so we would've anyways probably. The All Blacks played Tonga and there were flags everywhere for both teams. It was nuts and still is nuts.

Saturday was a good day mostly. We went out to Port Waikato and except for getting kicked off someones property had alright success. Taught a Filipino guy out there that was from Puke which was pretty funny. Then we had lunch at the beach which was nice.

Never got onto the sand but we were at a lookout point. Then we went down to Waikaretu to look for an investigator but we couldn't find her. Maybe next time now that we know where she lives. Then our appointment fell through. Dinner was good. It was a chicken curry. That reminds me, one of my favorite meals over here is butter chicken curry. It is fantastic. Anyways, then there was a dance for the ward conference party thing. It wasn't too bad but the music was too old for my taste. It is nice being a missionary and not being able to dance.
Sunday, we went out to Pukekawa and visited people out there. Actually just two people. The Daji families. Then it was early in day for accountibility.
Today we had to clean the flat which was annoying for the inspection on Wednesday. We will see how that goes.

Well, besides the World Cup nothing too crazy is happening over here. We do have a restriction on Km's. 2400 for the month. Not too bad but not too good either.

I am well and hope you are too.
Love you heaps,
Elder Beckstead

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