Monday, September 19, 2011

An Interesting Week

Kia Ora Mother,

Well to answer your first question or last question or question in general (asked what he needed/wanted for Christmas). Nothing I can think of. Yes chocolate dipping ingredients, not heaps but a little. Also, a new BYU shirt would be nice as well. I am good for the moment at least.

It is great to hear that all is going well back home and congrats on the soccer and football success for our family. Bummer for BYU though. Oh well.

This week was interesting indeed. Last week monday we had a fhe at the bishops house and we got there way late, but we caught the last two rounds of scattergories. One of the letters was O and they didn't count Orem as a city. How rude of them. Also, they allowed Louisiana to be a city the next round. They need to go back and take geography again in school.
Anyways, tuesday was district meeting and dinner way out in Meremere. It was an alright day. We had a good lesson with Abel which needs heaps of prayers at the moment though. He is having a really hard time.
Wednesday we just were around Puke and had a couple good lessons. We had a set named John who is doing really well. He is nine with less active parents.
Thursday we were out in Waiuku and had a great miracle out there. We found a family who is interested in learning more. The mum was taught before but didn't want to give up the old ways. We will see this time. We also went out to Karioitahi beach and took some pictures. We tried to find a house out there but no such luck. next time maybe.
Friday we did service for a lady. She rented a trailor and hooked it up to our car. Then we took this rotten bed and carpet to the refuse transfer station. It was disgusting. I am glad we got to help though. Then we had a good lesson out with our set Jackson in Onewhero. On the way home we stopped by a recent convert who was moving in Tuakau to Puke. We helped him mop his garage floor after he had just cleaned it. We had to help get it dry.
Saturday we helped those converts to move and then headed out to Waiuku. We then went to Clarks Beach with a member and tried to find those less-active people. Some were there and some weren't. It rained a lot though but we were able to get a few good pictures:)
Yesterday was a good day although we didn't have any investigators at church. We were able to get John to the fireside last night though. Elder Watson and his wife spoke to us during the investigator, Come and See Fireside. He is amazing and worked as a secretary to the twelve and First Presidency for 38 years I think. I got to meet him afterwords as did John. It is always cool to meet Area Seventies and General Authorities.
Today is just another P-day. I hope it goes well.

Well, I love you heaps mother and am greatful for all you do.
Elder Beckstead

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