Monday, April 9, 2012

Temple, tree & Conference

Kia Ora Dad and Happy Easter,

It sounds like a lot is happening back home. Which tree (we cut down a tree) was it, the one closest to the road or the one by the house? If it was the one by the road, I remember giving blood and less than an hour later I was back cutting down one of the branches. What an experience to remember about that tree.

Anyways, we only get to go (to the temple) twice a year now with the mission. It used to be once a month when the temple was open on Mondays. Then when it closed, it switched to just public holidays when the temple was open on Mondays. But Pres Lekias cancelled that as well. So just twice a year and I think this past trip will be my last. We will see though.

Conference was good this year. I tried to apply the parenting talks to our investigators. I guess they are kinda like our children just a little older and wiser in the worldly ways. Anyways, it was great. Halfway through priesthood conference I got interrupted by a good surprise. Clarke and Marney and Oliver were outside in the foyer. Suffice it to say, i missed the rest of that session. I don't mind though as it was great to see them.

Have a great week dad and I love you heaps. Thanks for being the parent that all of the speakers in conference were talking about. I'm pretty sure they used mum and you as the template for what others need to do :)

Elder Beckstead

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