Monday, February 6, 2012

Couple a weeks of craziness :)

Kia Ora Mother,

I will tell you of the craziness that accompanied my couple weeks but first I want to tell you that I am now at full health and and waiting to see who my new companion is. Transfers this week. Ok also, to answer your two questions. I think the first one had to do with being the right person or something. Anyways, yes I am trying to be what God wants me to be not just do what I am comfortable doing. It has been extremely tricky this transfer with all of the no's for permission and trying to work with the ward here in Kaitaia and with the branch in Matauri Bay. Anyways, your second question, I am pretty sure that there has been righteous indignation a lot in the mission at the moment by most people. Either in presidents case about disobedience, or in the missionary's case for the recent converts or investigators disobedience. I'm sure every mission goes through that.We will push on no matter what.

Ok, back to the start of 2 weeks ago.
Monday the 23. We had a good fhe with bishop and his wife with some investigators in Ahipara. It went really good and we did the egg into the bottle trick. I might have to show yous if yous don't know what it is when I return. You basically put thing in a bottle and the put a match in it. Then you put a preshelled hard boiled egg on top and it gets sucked in. It is pretty good. It says to use rubbing alcohol but that doesn't exist in this country so we used methylated spirits instead. It still worked good but would've worked better in a glass bottle.

Tuesday we had a trade-off after district meeting. I went with Elder Lamb who is a canadian who is pretty funny. It is pretty weird how much alike we are though. Personality-wise anyways. We had a pretty good day and the trampoline picture was with him.

Wednesday we traded back and we were supposed to stay the night out at our ward mission leader. Then from there we would stay in Matauri Bay at our Branch Presidents house. But we got permission denied. We still made it out to the ward mission leaders house and another member for dinner out there about 40 K's from Kaitaia but we had to come home. We still tried to get permission for later but it never worked out.

Thursday, we didn't have anything exciting happen because we hadn't planned anything because we were supposed to be headed to Matauri Bay. We did stay about Kaitaia though and had a good day.

Friday was the same as thursday except we did heaps of service. We had mowed this lady's lawn on thursday and on friday we helped her move. We also moved some rocks for a rock garden for a member just down the road. I got a few blisters which was no good. Oh well.

Saturday, we got permission to stay in Kaikohe so we went on the route we were going to take to Matauri Bay and visited all of those people who we were supposed to on thursday. Not too many people were home because of the long weekend but it was still a good day. That night we stayed in Kaikohe at the elders flat there.

Sunday, we spent the whole day out in Matauri Bay. It was good to see the members there and get to know them. The only down part of the day was almost ripping our front bumper off because of a metal post sticking out of the ground. It was ridiculus. A cool story from the day was that we went out a ways not knowing where these people stayed other than a road. We went on a road and asked a few people. We finally found the right house and as we walked up he said we were welcome to come inside. He said it was kindof a rude awakening to see us because he knows where he should be on sunday but other things take him away. It was pretty funny to hear him talk the way he was. He was happy to see us but I know the spirit was eating him up on the inside. We stayed in Kaikohe again that night.

Last Monday we went to email at the chapel because all the shops were closed for a public holiday. But the internet wasn't working. So we went on with the plans and went to the cape instead. It was good to go see the ocean and the very top of New Zealand. There are some pictures but the best ones are on the elders camera in Kaikohe. I hopefully will get them later. It was a good day doing that and we stayed again in Kaikohe and that is when the trouble started. That night I was up all night throwing up and having diarrhea. It was not a fun experience.

Tueday I made it to district meeting but after that it was just a long day of sleeping, eating nothing, and trying not to be sick. There was another missionary named Elder Ngalu that was also sick. We boiled it down to some fish we ate the previous day on the way back from the cape. It was no good. So we had to stay an extra day in Kaikohe because I couldn't drive home or Sister Lekias wouldn't let me anyways.

Wednesday, we made it back finally and had a pretty good day taking it easy. Then that night my companion got a call from President telling him he was training down in the city and that he would be in the tongan program. He was excited about the tongan program but he does not want to train at all. He wasn't happy about that at all. Anyways, the ap's then called and told us they would pick him up in Kaikohe the next day at about 2 pm. Because of that our thursday was shot.

Thursday we drove down at 12 pm and got to kaikohe. We went with the other elders to a few appointments and the ap's finally got elder Pohahau at about 4 pm. Then I stayed with Elder Ngalu while Elder Lamb went on a trade off to another part of their area with a member. So I was in Kaikohe that night and Elder Pohahau was in Auckland.

Friday was weekly planning. I did that by myself and then when Elder Pohahau came back he went with Elder Lamb to see some tongans at the edge of our area closest to Kaikohe. I stayed again with Elder Ngalu. That night we again stayed in Kaikohe to prepare for a baptism for those elders.

Saturday, the baptism was very nice. We got back to Kaitaia about midday and worked over here. We had a few good lessons which went well.

Yesterday we went to church and only one of our investigators showed up when we were supposed to have about 5 or 6. Ridiculus but that is life. Then we went to ward council in which I was finally able to introduce a 21 day program. We will see how it works out. Then we went to a members to break our fast and were there the rest of the evening because my companion crashed on the couch. I just talked with the bishopric member about things that could help the ward. There is some serious issues with this ward but nothing that can't be fixed if we rely on the lord and actually get to work. We will see how it goes.

Well, today is a lazy day again and another public holiday so everything is closed. We are at a members house which is good and I am getting all of Elder Pohahau's pictures before he goes.

I love you heaps and I hope not to miss another p-day because the email gets to long to write.

Elder Beckstead

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