Monday, February 20, 2012

Grandma B. Funeral & Crazy Week


Kia Ora Mum and Dad and Whanau,

I can't believe this. It is a good thing I teach the plan of salvation on a regular basis and i know that it is true. When I read the email, my mind just froze. I don't know how to react.

Well, to try and get over it, I will tell you of my crazy week. I don't know if I told yous but last week we went to the cape. It was really fun and only the back of my neck and my feet got really burned. Oh, yeah the back of my knees as well. It was a very fun trip although it kinda made me and my companion a bit trunky hanging with a dead missionary all day.

On tuesday we had district meeting and it was a bit unusual with this new district leader but it went alright. We then went on a split in our area with some members which worked out pretty well.

Wednesday was a normal day. We taught a dutch lady and she is pretty interested in learning. Her problem is that she works on sundays so we will see what will happen.

Thursday was a very busy day in which we visited a lot of less-active and former investigators. It was a good day but still we haven't found much good potential here in this area. It seems like everyone is too dead or lazy up here. We also found out that one of the members here past away. We had talked to him the previous saturday so he could bring someone to church. That night he had a stroke and so he wasn't at church. Then we found out that he died on thursday or Wednesday or something like that. Too many deaths happening around the world.

Friday was a pretty boring day. We have this crazy maori investigator that we spent some time with and then we were trying to figure out how to burn a dvd. It worked and Saturday and sunday we have been exchanging discs about every 4 hours or when we can. It takes ages to burn a DVD. Oh well, we will continue to do what we can.

Saturday wasn't too exciting and sunday we were able to have 3 at church. All 3 can't get baptized for awhile so it is still really hard to get going. We will still strive to continue however.

This week we are going to the glow worm caves in Kawakawa. It should be pretty fun but we will see if it is worth it.

I hope that everything goes well this week and I will definitely be there in spirit for the funeral. I still can't believe that grandma is gone. Why? I guess another one of lifes challenges that I haven't had to deal with much until now. Uncle Dee and now Grandma. Tell Grandpa he can't leave for awhile. At least until I see him again.

I love you all heaps,
Elder Beckstead

Dearest Trevor - Elder Beckstead,

We hope this email is not the first time you get this news, but if it is please grab a tissue before you continue reading.

Your sweet wonderful Grandma B went "home" last Friday evening.  She wasn't feeling too well on Thursday night and then Friday, all day she was just a little off balance.  Grandpa kept checking her blood sugar and it seemed within the good range but she fell down several times during the day. The first time all the kids were at school and Grandpa was here with Grandma alone (we were in Boston!).  Grandpa couldn't get her up and then after a few phone calls John DePalma came over and helped.  They struggled getting her down the hall into the living room from the kitchen and were really having a very difficult time getting her through that last corner.  Grandpa called the Bishop and not long after some of the Denning boys and Lynette along with Mary Fehlberg came and helped get her onto the couch.  How grateful we are for loving neighbors who come immediately.  Remember you never know when you get that "inconvenient phone call requesting aid" who you will be helping.  We weren't here but others were!

She took a really great 2 hour nap and appeared to be better.  By then, Xane, Korin and Sam were home.  She collapsed again on her way to the bathroom and Grandpa came and got Xane.  He went right down and they helped her up and got her slightly but not quite situated on the toilet.  Turned out to be an outfit changing experience and Grandpa took care of that. She tried to get up and get back to the couch on her own and collapsed again in the doorway of the bathroom and hallway.  Again Xane went down to help but this time she was unconscious.  He was on the floor with her and cradled her head in his lap.  He said to Grandpa "she isn't breathing."  Grandpa said she was because he could see her chest rise and fall, but he decided this was different than a regular sugar low and called 911.  Xane again said to Grandpa that Grandma wasn't breathing.  The paramedics arrived quickly and went right to work. They said they had to take her to the hospital right away and Grandpa requested they give him enough time to give her a blessing first.  They said no time, could do it at the hospital and they were off.  Gordon Smith drove Grandpa behind the ambulance.  Meanwhile, Xane called us in Boston and told us of what was happening.

Here is where the tender mercies and outpouring of love for our family continue on... Suzette and Lexie Stewart were hugging Korin and Sam while the paramedics were here.  Brent Campbell was right with Xane and there were neighbors everywhere.  Gordon and June were with Grandpa.  And Hoa LeBras was here too. After the ambulance left, the Stewarts piled the three kids into the car to see a puppy in Spanish Fork and try to distract them.  Gordon drove Grandpa to the hospital and Sister LeBras started the food coming in.  Dad was on the phone in Boston calling Aunt Rae and Aunt Randi and letting them know.  Taylor and Brooke were on their way down to stay with the kids for the weekend. The Bishop was on his way home from Salt Lake and stopped at the hospital where he called your Dad to tell her she was gone.  Grandma had no pulse on the way or in the hospital.  The very kind doctor came out and told Grandpa there was really nothing they could do for her and if he wished he could go in, be by her side, and hold her hand.  When Grandpa held her hand, her pulse rate immediately shot up to normal and she squeezed it (I think).  After very few seconds it slowly decreased again and she passed away.  It was like she came back just to say goodbye.

We know you love her very much and will miss her too.  We received the miracle of getting on an overbooked plane and sitting in an emergency exit row and being home early from our soccer convention trip.  She passed away on Friday evening about 6:10 pm, and we arrived home Saturday night about 11:00 pm.  We finally got to bed about 3:00 am (Boston time).

We still hope to be able to talk with you about this if your mission president allows it.  We only had the office phone number from with us and tried several times but the line was busy.  Once we finally got through I had to leave a message and don't know if anyone has even listened to it yet.  Now it is 4:00 am your time and so we will try the President's cell phone this afternoon after church. I bet you already know simply through the Holy Ghost.  We are so sorry if your only info is this email.

We love you and pray for you and Tara.  We know you are being comforted as are we.  The Plan of Salvation is real!  The Atonement and Resurrection are real!  The resurrection is real! We know Grandma was greeted by her parents and Uncle Dee and her brothers and tons of other family.  

Sending tons of love, hugs and kisses your way!
Mother and Dad

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