Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Being sick :( and excited to call home :)

Kia Ora Mother,

How about since this is my last call home we should disregard that rule. I will leave it up to yous however.

Anyways, we will swing by sister Milham's house tomorrow. We saw her yesterday at church and she seemed to be ok. She mentioned to us a while ago that she has been sick for awhile though. We will swing by and try to give her a blessing tomorrow.

Ok, this week was a pretty slow week. I have been sick all week with a cold. The severeness depending on the day. I am still sick but hopefully I am getting better soon. We were able to have a fireside up at the visitors center yesterday which was pretty poorly attended compared to other visitor center firesides. I hope they pick up.

Transfers this week but both me and my companion are staying. No surprise there. We did get a new district leader and zone leader though.

Ok, I'm sure the Holy Ghost led us this week but I am having a hard time honing in on when and where. So I will tell you a story that happened a few weeks back. I might of already said, but here goes it anyways. We had invited this recent convert family to come to church again. They hadn't been because they had been in hospital in Auckland with one of the parents. Anyways, they assured us they were coming. So we went to church and no sign of them. So after church we went to dinner and then went over to see them. We hadn't planned to before but because of the no show at church we felt obligated to go. When we got there, the lady, Karina said she had been praying that we would come. I know that the Holy Ghost told us to visit them that day, and also the time when to visit. If we had gone a little earlier, they wouldn't have been home.

Also, another cool thing that happened this week was that my companion and I each got two new pairs of shoes each. It was pretty cool to come home and she four sets of shoes sitting on the porch step. With some cinnamon rolls as well. It is great to be in a ward where the members help us out all the time.

Love you heaps and I will call about 9 am our time next week or about 3 pm your time. Talk to yous then.
Elder Beckstead

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