Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crazy Week

Kia Ora Mother,

Well it sounds like you are back to your normal busy over the top self. I think dropping soccer was a good idea as you would be stressed to the max right about now. Have a wonderful week and be the best you can be.

Ok, my week was a pretty crazy week. We had to travel to Hamilton this week for a zone meeting and the focus of the mission is beginning to shift. Since we got the new mission president his focus has been mainly preach by the way or talking to everyone we see. Now that is still the emphasis but also we are to try and get less-actives back to church with all their non-member friends. As usual the main focus is to baptize, baptize, baptize. I think it is a good step though especially for this area. All the recent converts over the last 2 years have all gone less-active except for about 2 or 3. So as we focus on the less-actives we can help the branch grow instead of shrink as it is doing now. I think it is a good thought.

A funny story about tracting this week. We went to contact this referral who was about 20 minutes away. We went out and talked to this guy who ran his own religious newspaper and believed in all Seventh-Day Adventist material except for the actual church itself. So that was fine and the next house over we knocked on. The door was a sliding glass door and after we knocked a big burly guy came to the door. He opened the door and came up and looked at my badge. He said, "Jesus Christ? Nah." Then went back in slammed the door. He slammed it so hard that it slid back open again. He had already walked away and I decided to close the door for him. It is funny how some people just don't like us because of a badge that we wear and that they are in a big hurry to get away. Even to the point of leaving the door open.

Besides that we have just had heaps of rain. There is a bridge that goes over a river as well as some paddocks and this week we drove over the same bridge except it was just a river. No paddocks. The river had risen heaps and guess what. It is still raining outside. It just wont quit.

Well, I am getting more and more excited to see you and trying my hardest to not think about it more than needed. Many different people comment on it more and more though so I know it is getting close.

Have a great week at the reunion. Love you all heaps.
Elder Beckstead

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