Monday, July 9, 2012

Trip to Coromandel and Upcoming Interviews

Kia Ora Mother,

Ok, this week was a crazy week. We were stuck here is this area for most the week because we didn't go to district meeting and we didn't have heaps of k's for much. The only exciting thing we did was go up to Coromandel, sleep on the floor of the chapel/house which was freezing cold, and find out that that area is more dead than this one. Suffice it too say that when I got back yesterday from that excursion I was very tired hungry and grumpy. I am warning you now that I need a few days of sleep recovery when i get home because I am exhaused every day and if you miss sleep it is impossible to make it up. I know you know how it is. Oh well. I will just let my mother fix me up when I return home.

Well, this week looks like an interesting one. We have interviews which I am not really looking forward to at the moment but they will happen anyways. Then the package that you sent is sitting in my district leaders boot waiting for me to collect it. The problem is that he lives ages away. I will get it wednesday for sure. Then of course it is my birthday. We will see if I do anything out of the ordinary. I doubt it but we'll see.

Overall things are moving forward and it is getting closer and closer to September. Ok, your question is a bit hard this week but here goes. The first thing about my companion is that he is very good with bible scriptures. I am terrible with the Bible. So with my Book of Mormon knowledge and his bible knowledge we do alright. Second is that he stops for nothing. That is very irritating sometimes but it is a strength that he has. And thirdly he is from California which I guess is a good thing.

Three things about this area are that it is beautiful. Great scenery all around. Then the second is that the people at least the members are mostly nice. They are happy to see Elders back in the area. Thirdly, I am grateful to have a car again. I am tired of biking and a car is a great relief from that.

Then three things I have learned from my mission president is that first, no effort is wasted. I also learn that from Preach My Gospel. Second is that when we come to see people as our brothers and sisters, it becomes easier to see what they can become and it is easier to talk to them and offer the gospel. Then thirdly, is that we as missionaries need to know three things, how we feel when someone gets converted, how they feel and how the members feel when involved in the conversion process.

Love you heaps and I hope that you have a wonderful week.
Elder Beckstead

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