Monday, October 18, 2010

Hey From Gisborne

Hey from Gisborne.

This week was a crazy week down here. Last monday was p-day and we played Risk as we are doing now. Then we went to the YSA FHE and taught a lesson. It was great.

Then tuesday came and we had district meeting. We learned about how better to get our investigators to church. Then my companion took off to Auckland with the Zone Leaders for a leadership training thingamobob. So I went with the other elders in our zone down to Wairoa. It was interesting because we got to use the training we had in District meeting on an inactive lady that hadn't been to church in over ten years. We got her committed and actually taught her a lesson the next day. It was a good experience. Wairoa is about an hour south of Gisborne.

Then arrived Wednesday. We were still in Wairoa and went and visited most of their investigators. The elders I was with were Elder Manning and Elder Petty. They are both great elders. We did teach several times and actually helped with a service project in the morning. I didn't have my work shoes with me so i had to wear a pair of Elder Manning's. We also had the privelege of giving a blessing. That night after PEC we came back up to Gisborne.

Then came thursday. Elder Petty had a meeting at the stake center so Elder Manning and I went to some of our investigators by the church. Only one was home and we set an appointment for later. Then we collected Elder Petty and off we went to the Investigators in our area. We went to almost all of the ones I could remember and it was a hard day. Several investigators dropped us and we hadn't taught a lesson. After lunch back at the flat in which we made pasta Elder Petty said a prayer that we would get to teach a lesson. We went and taught the Maats who were getting baptized on saturday. We taught them and I got to meet the cousin that had gone out of town. It was a good lesson but I kept praying that we would get another lesson in. We went around and another investigator dropped us. It was frustrating but we kept our heads up and kept going. We finally tried one of the people i had talked to on the street the week before. We got in the door and were able to teach them. It was a major miracle and a great experience. The lady I talked to was in her twenties and hadn't anything to do with religion before. The mother in law was catholic and she actually helped us out in teaching part of the lesson. It was very interesting but wonderful.

Friday came along and we had a lesson with the Maats and noon. Then the Elders came back from Auckland and I finally got mail from everyone. At least I hadn't gotten one when I arrived in Auckland that first day. After we had lunch and regrouped, I took off with Elder Tham but again it was a really hard day. No one was home. Even the appointments I had set on thursday fell through. It was frustating again. I got my first flat tire and it took two patches to fix. We did have a lesson with recent converts and then dinner with a member. The recent converts were a family named the martins and they are great. They have 11 kids. Only 8 or so are still in the house though. One of the dogs stoll both of our right shoes and it was kinda funny. The dog also stoll Elder Tham's helmet and Elder Tham got a flat tire. Dinner at the members house was kfc and it was good. We also did a friend share and we are trying to set up a Wananga which is like a conference weekend thing where we stay at a members house and eat, do dishes, and teach for a weekend. I hope it works out.

Saturday was conference weekend and it was a very busy day for us. We had to be at the church at 7:30 am to fill the font. We had a wonderful baptism at 10 for Shayna and Chrystal Maats, and Katya McFlinn. A member baptized them and I got to confirm Shayna. It was a great experience although I was really nervous but it went ok. Then we had conference at 1, 4 and 7. They were all great but the one at 1 was the priesthood session and it was different seeing it first. Then we went home. We were at the church almost all day. We did go out and preached by the way for a little bit but mostly we remained at the chapel.

Sunday had a slow start. We studied and then weekly planned for the next week. After that we went to the lunch at a members house. It was very good.We had a roast of somekind. I still prefer grandma's though. Then we went to conference. The first session was great. Then we gave a blessing and one of our recent converts of last july, gave the annointing for the first time. It was his first blessing and it was great for him. The church was then closed because of a health issue and we didn't get to watch the second session. We were going to go out and visit some of our investigators but we found out who had the dvd of conference and went and took it from them. We watched it a little but again were interupted to give another blessing in the zone leaders area. We went to the blessing and then were late reporting to the AP's the weeks numbers. It was crazy day.

So now it is monday and p-day again and we are playing Risk. I love everyone back home and miss them. I hope everything is going great there and things are great here. Love ya tons.
Elder Beckstead

P.S. Some fun facts about here so far. I have eaten Lamb tails and powa. Lamb tails are ok but not really worth the effort of eating them. Not enough meat. Powas are ok as well but I will stay clear of them if possible. Cray fish is weird as well and the prices on everything is astonomical.
Love ya!


  1. hay elder haw have you been i miss you and elder thom hes gon now i hade this bigge speach written out for you but it got deleted and it took me ages to writ it so im not going to love you LOVE THE LORD AND ILL TALK TO YOU SOON

  2. Heey Elder Beckstead, Katya here. How have you been? We have been absolutely amazing. Angel has now gotten into church. We meet Elder Callister form the Qorium of the 70. Hes absolutely amzaing and gave us hook up into BYU Hawaii scholarships, so the LORD is definately on our side and our trrials have been so large i cannot explain them. You are looking great i can say(: . Our Elders are Elder Tautuiaki and Elder Burton. We have a couple missinarys here Elder and Sister Gublar. They are amazaing. We have 6pairs of elders in our small region of Tairawhit. Anyways reply back so we can here from you as it has been along time(:
    Love Katya,Natlia and the Maats whanauxox