Monday, October 25, 2010

Email to Korin

Korin's email:

Hi Trev,

I'm so sorry I didn't get to write to you last week. I had a headache so I came home and slept. Opening night for the play is on Wednesday Nov 3. It is really soon and I'm a little scared. Mom finished my costume and I wish you could see it. On Friday last week, I went and stayed with Tara at her apartment. We got to babysit Mady. After that we went and saw despicable me. It is so funny. I hope we can get it. Than we went back to her apartment and slept. We slept in till 10. It was great. She dropped me off at the BYU stadium. Xane, Sam and I watched the game and BYU won. Than we went home and I got in the car to go to the photo shoot for the play. than we came home and saw the girl that Xane asked on a date. We had dinner with her and than we went to the BYU womens soccer game. It was fun and the San Diego State goalie got a red card. BYU won.Today it has been really rainy. I don't like it.

Love you,

kornish pixie dounuts
Trevor's reply:
Kia Ora Korinny,

No worries on the missed email last week. I am glad to hear from you this week. It sounds like a good week for you. Keep track of those movies you see that are good so I can see them when I get home. Way to go, BYU in both sports. Xane asked a girl on a date. Are You SERIOUS? No way. Good on him. Keep tara company for me will ya. Thanks.

Keep doing what your doing and good luck with school and especially the play in a week and a half.

Love ya tons,
Elder Beckstead

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