Sunday, October 3, 2010

Awesome Missionary Mail

It has been a great week and I am getting along with my companion. He is sick at the moment though. Yes my mission seems like it is going to last for 100 years not 2. Everyones says it goes fast but I want to know when it starts to seem that way. The work is hard here yes and the days last forever. I definitely look forward to each night. Either, or. Multiple emails is great or one email is great too. As long as you write, I am satisfied. For the BOM testimonies, print them out and sent them and sent the pdf file. General conference is next week for me so I am looking forward to it.
There were no baptisms for us this weekend but we did have one in our zone. We also have 3 next weekend and I am excited. We did teach 21 lessons this week though. I was proud of that. We are really close with some other people as well. We just need to get them committed to baptism. Anyways, the mission is great so far and I am glad everything is going well back home.
Elder Beckstead

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