Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Extremely Stressfull and Rewarding Week

Kia Ora Mother,
I think the puzzles were the present for your birthday and for Christmas. They started out in a yellow bag anyways, If you got them, Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!
Ok, my week was extremely stressful and rewarding.
We had a baptism of Leah which was great but getting her to the waters was very hard. She was great up until thursday night for her interview. I was with someone else 50 K's away but Elder Battsagaan was there taking care of her. He was with a member who went to pick them up but found they were in west Auckland instead of at home. They told them to meet at the KFC in Manurewa which was a 45 min drive away for both parties. They met there and went to the interview in which Leah freaked out and almost didn't go into. They managed to calm her down enough to go in and pass it.
The next day we went to her lesson and found she was in a terrible state. She hadn't been out of bed yet and it was 2 pm. She was scared stiff for the next day and crying. We had a wonderful lesson and the fellowship we took was awesome. She had never met him and vice versa but he appied things wonderfully to her.
This member had told a story the previous sunday about a little devil that she remembered and as we quoted it a few times in made her smile.
We managed to get everything sussed out and she was excited for the next day.
The next day I was on tradeoff in my area so we made sure all was well. It was fine and everything was ready for the baptism to start on time at 5 pm except for my companion. He was late. We waited for 20 min and just as we were about to begin without him, he walked in the door. It was a wonderful experience but I wish Satan would quit messing with the minds of our investigators.
We were supposed to have another baptism but he postponed because he couldn't quit smoking (bummer). We will keep working with him.
Pray for these people please. Jeff, the one that postponed. Kevin, and Mike. That would be wonderful.
I know that without the Spirit's guidance this week we wouldn't have had a baptism but because we followed the promptings of the Holy Ghost we were able to help one of our Father in Heaven's children come closer to him.
There is a really good quote that applies here I think.
"Challenges don't determine who we are; Rather, our responses to those challenges determine who we become."   September 2011 ensign
I love you heaps and am grateful for all you do for me. I'm sorry for no exciting bday present this year for you but I send my love a hundred fold.
Elder Beckstead

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