Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sick :( All Blacks won :) and 3 things that have changed me

Kia Ora Mother,

Well this last week wasn't that exciting because I was sick almost every day last week. There was one day where my neck was hurting and I was wishing that dad was here to crack it. Then we went to Waiuku and there is a member there that did it and more. He did the whole body makeover thingy. It hurt alot but felt lots better afterwords.

So this week wasn't that exciting so I will start again next week. I am already planning to make mexican food for my companion this week so we will start from there. Also, this week was a bad time to ask my what I ate because of being sick. I mostly ate water and bread and unfortunately bananas. I hope it goes back to normal food this week.

The rugby world cup also finished and the All Blacks won. Things should go back to normal now that school holidays are over and that the rugby world cup is over. Before I forget, tell dad thanks for the address and all the other stuff he does. Also, thank you mum as well.

Three things that have changed me is how you feel when people accept the gospel. The importance of the scriptures being studied everyday. And, the importance of modern day prophets and revelation. That has definitely made a difference in how I study and pay attention for conference, the ensign, and in church.

We are short on time today because of Labor Day but I love you heaps, and hope all is well at home.

Elder Beckstead

P.S. The bishops name is Peter Stanford and his Wife Cheryl. I don't know when they will call but I hope they see you and sorry for the crazy package. Enjoy! :) Love you!

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