Tuesday, October 11, 2011

General Conference and Trip to Waikaretu

Kia Ora Dad and Mum as well. And whanau.
It looks like you had a busy week again and a great experience at the BYU game. All I have to say is no fair but I am glad you had fun anyways.
First of all, I want you to tell sister Brousseau and the entire primary thank you for the letters. I appreciated all of them. You can tell Sam thanks personally or I can. Thanks Sam for the letter.
General Conference was this weekend and it was amazing. I will definitely keep track of My 5 dollar bills from now on:) The only bummer was not being able to see the priesthood session. The cd was faulty. Is there anyway you could download it and send it via email or something so I could put in on my flashdrive and watch it. Now that we have dvd players in the flat and it plays flash drives it could be possible. If not I will just have to read it in November.
Ok, the next news is that this week we drove 70 Kms out to a place called Waikaretu. It rained and we drove on a metal road so our car was way dirty. It was ridiculus. We did have a lesson out there though and the kids are really good but the mom is less-active and a bit interesting. We will see what happens.
Also, the last bit of news is that lots of blessing were given this week. It was crazy and good at the same time. It is always good helping others. We have a baptism this week as well which should be really good. It is a nine year old named John or Sione, whichever you prefer. Please pray for him and Jackson as hopefully he will be confirmed this week.
I love you all heaps and am grateful for all you do. I hope that everyone is healthy and happy and progressing in school, work, home, and church.
Elder Beckstead

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