Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Transfer to Tokoroa & New Companion

Kia Ora Mother,

Elder Dyumthi & Elder Beckstead
Elder Dyumthi
Ok, to start of my New companion is named Elder Dyumthi, pronounced, (Joompty), and he is from Botswana, Africa. My new area is currently Tokoroa but we also cover Taupo and Turangi. Turangi and Tokoroa are almost 2 1/2 hours apart. Of course I am in a car and of course we are already out of K's for the month almost. Have to walk or bike until the end of the transfer because we have 400 left but a trip to hamilton this week for zone conference. Fun times.

We have some investigators name Layla, and Seena who are set. Layla is awesome and Seena needs some work. I will keep you updated. Both are set for December, Layla the 3rd and Seena the 10th.

By the way, Here are pictures of Albie and Olga and they might be emailing you to get these. So here they are so you can send them when they ask.

 Also, here are the photos for jackson's family. They might be emailing you for them so here they are.

Last week was an interesting week because of moving. Tuesday was regular but wednesday was full of packing and saying goodbye. Then thursday I had to drive to transfers which wasn't bad. Then we had to wait for awhile. Then I had to drive all the way to Rotorua which is a good 3 hours. I was exausted because of little sleep the night before and so much driving. My companion is the driver here though so I get a break until he gets transferred.

Friday through sunday have been getting used to the area or trying to. It seems like a good area with a lot of potential.

Quote for the Week.
"Let them seek for wisdom instead of power and they will have all the power they have wisdom to exercise."   -Sister Eliza R. Snow

In D&C it also says that before we seek to teach we should seek to learn and then we will have whatever we need to teach.

As a missionary, I try to treasure up in my mind the words of life, then they will be given in the very hour that they are needed. It has been true. Also, with that wisdom we are able to use the power given to us. The power of the holy ghost in conversion.

I am doing well and am grateful always for the chance to serve the lord. I love you heaps mother and Dad and hope you have a great week.

Elder Beckstead

P.S. Ok first of all say hello to all the Schaumann clan. Second of all, I hope you haven't sent the package yet because I need a new watch. It has to be a cheap one from Walmart, both analogue and digital. Thank you mother and I love you heaps.

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