Monday, November 14, 2011

Transfers Coming Up

Kia Ora Mother,

You calculated correctly. Transfers this week and actually I am pretty sure of the outcome. Elder Battsagaan is training so I know that one of us is leaving. I am pretty sure it is me. Another person is moving from the district, going up north to train and be district leader. Then one of the sisters went home a few weeks ago I can't remember if I told you that so there will be a least one new sister coming in.

It is one of the most planned out transfers I have had yet.

Ok, for Christmas I have no idea what I want. I am doing good on your testimonies still and I still have a lot of the stuff you have sent over. No new socks are necessary, because I still have heaps and of all other clothes, I have plenty. Although some new long shorts would be nice. My two pair are wearing out which is odd because I only wear them on p-days and for bed. Maybe excercise in the morning:)

I can't think of anything I need from distribution or deseret book at the moment. I am pretty content actually since your last package of vitamins and CD's. Thanks for the shirt as well. I have quite the collection now.

Missionary work is pushing along at an ever moving pace. It is almost 2012 already which means I will be home for part of that year. It is weird to think about. Oh, I thought of what I need. 0.7 mm pencil lead for my mechanical pencils. It is really hard to find over here and my pencils are almost out. That would be much appreciated.

I thought of something today that I shared with Tara but applies to all of us as human beings and children of God. Everyday, we are tried and instead of pushing God away when we are tried we need accept the trial, receive His help, and improve ourselves which helps us become better everyday.

I try to accept, receive, and improve everyday.

I love you mum and am grateful for all you do.
Have a great week and I will talk to you again soon.
Elder Beckstead

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