Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love the temple

Dear Mother,

The temple is always a great experience and it is so cool that you got to go twice. I hope Tara had a great time. Also, I will definitely hold you to that, taking me to Tucanos. I miss that restaurant. Anyways, this week was better for me. We accomplished two baptisms which was great. One barely happened but we were able to save it. We also had to drive an abnormal amount this week. We had trade-offs and meetings and interviews. It was nuts. This next week should be a little calmer.

One thing that wasn't so great is that with these baptisms, we have hardly anyone else that is preparing for baptism. We are having a really hard time with finding new people. We won't give up however. Transfers are the 10th of march so I still have a wee while.

have a wonderful week in Kentucky and Tennessee. I hope everything goes as planned.

Love you tons and thanks for all you do.

Elder Beckstead

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