Monday, March 7, 2011

Recovering from Tough Week

Thanks for all the support and prayers from home. Transfers are this week and I hope that this next transfer will be better no matter what it brings. This week was again hard because Zone conference interupted our week. I not really complaining about that because it was fantastic. Elder Callister was there and he taught us heaps of stuff that was good to know. General Authorities know way too much. Then my companion got sick and then got me sick. I would've gotten sick anyways though probably because heaps of people we know got sick around the same time. Weather changes just mess with people over here. It was a flu but that lasted for a couple days. No vomiting, but a fever with body aches and a stuffy runny nose and sore throat. I am mostly over it but I hope to get rid of this awful nose and get a new one. Just one thing to add before I forget is that another reason it was hard this week was because it rained hard for two days straight and we had to tract way to much this week.

Ok, enough of that. It sounds like you had a great time on your trip and then afterwords. it also sounds like you have a full week planned next week. Our week is pretty full this next week as well. A funny story about Wednesday in two days is that we were planning to keep it free so the person leaving could pack. It was a good idea in theory until we went to see potentials and other investigators. They all said that wednesday was a good day for them. So now we have lessons almost every hour of the day which means no time to pack or say goodbye. We will see what happens there. My guess is that Elder Mayer leaves. Not because I want him to go but because he has been in Te Awamutu for 4 transfers already. We will see on Wednesday what happens for sure though. I will tell you what exciting adventures the Lord has planned for the next 6 weeks.

Thanks for the sports update and the story about the bikes. It sounds like Elder Tham's bike during personal study. The tube exploded right outside our window and his tire was flatter than a pancake. I had bought an extra tube the week before so it all worked out. Although I still haven't gotten a replacement yet.

I made the chocolates a couple of weeks ago. It took we awhile to get the chocolate melted because the pans wouldn't cooperate but they worked fantastic. The fondant was way to sticky which made the chocolates look like porcupines instead of balls. Also, I dipped macadamia nuts which the sister missionaries and my companion though were great. Please send me more next year and I will be a little more prepared with powdered sugar and stuff.

Thanks again for all the hugs and kisses that you have sent. I know it is just a trial I have to overcome. Thanks for all the support.

Love you tons, and have a great week.
Elder Beckstead

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