Monday, March 14, 2011


Kia Ora Mother,

My goodness, what a letter. Thank you for writing to me like always. I love reading about the hectic life of my mother. Anyways, It sounds like you had a good morning at least and I am guessing a good week. Ok, getting to the questions.

1. Elder Mayer was transfered to Rotorua and his family is fine. They live in Wellington and although there has been earthquakes there, no damage so far. Oh, before I forget, tell Xane that the tsunami did not hit us although we did have a warning for one.

2. I am still in Te A. My new companions are Elder Kimball and Elder Smith. Elder Smith is on the left of the picture and Elder Kimball the right side. It is interesting to be in a threesome. There is a definite teaching difference. Ok, transfers. We all drive up to a meetinghouse in South Auckland. There we first take all of our stuff to the new trailor and then we all meet in the church for a few words from President and Sister Porter and the AP's. The whole process takes about 2 hours. Then we all drive with our new districts or zone's to our new areas. The zone leaders get the mail and then distribute in to the district leaders who it turn distribute it to the missionaries. I have not received a package yet from the members, so I hope they get it to the mission office soon so I can get it. Thank you for sending it.

3. Zone Conferences are now every 3 months and president interviews are every 3 months on the opposite transfer. Sister Porter does speak yes at least it was at the last zone conference. It was a mission tour with Elder Callister though so I don't know what a normal zone conference is like. Mission conference is the same except with more missionaries. They are really rare nowadays apparently. Yes, we eat lunch together usually provided by the members in the area.

4. I haven't eaten anything new accept breaded flounder. That was interesting but ok. I am having smoothies for breakfast although no spinach at all. Just berries, bananas unfortunately, Ice and milk. Not too exciting. Elder Mayer had the blender though so I dunno what to do now. Elder Mayer had recovery software on one of his flashdrives so he was able to recover the pictures for me. Or at least most of them I think. It was very nice of him to do that.

Last thing. Will you please send those recipes when you have time. I can't remember what they are. Hold on let me think. Caramel popcorn, bean pizza, and something else. I can't remember.

Also, the two pictures are my new companions and my last district.

Thanks for all you do and have a fabulous week. Tell everyone in the ward I am doing well.
Love you tons,
Elder Beckstead

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