Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Excited to get to New Zealand - Sept 18, 2010

I am so excited to leave the MTC and go to New Zealand. I love the MTC, but there is something about the idea of going to New Zealand. This is the epitome of leaving the world behind. it is weird yet kind of nice at the same time.
That quote (one Dad sent me about scriptures) is exactly what we learned yesterday about the scriptures. Scriptures help investigators gain faith in Jesus Christ and gain a testimony.
I am glad to hear that Baptisms or the number of them doesn't define how well your mission goes. I think I have always known that, but it is nice to hear all the same. The biggest part for me is just believing I will be a good missionary.
I want to say that I am thankful I had you as parents and you as brothers and sister. I love you all so much! I will email you when I get to New Zealand ... I will probably be on my way when you get this letter. Thanks for all you have done and will talk to you next from the Los Angeles airport ... and then I will be in New Zealand.

I love you all tons!
Elder Trevor Beckstead

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  1. This is so great. We are so happy for Trevor. Elder Beckstead. Wow! Time goes by. When the Lord wants something done he sends a baby and they grow up and can accomplish what He asks of them to do. We will be glad to read and hear about Elder Becksteads great experiences. Give him our love and support.
    Love, The Reids
    P.S. I want to know if he plays the piano for people to sing the wonderful hymns