Sunday, September 12, 2010

MTC - Spirit is so Powerful

Letter to my cousin Tara, Sept 3, 2010

"I love the MTC. The spirit is so powerful. My first day was hectic and confusing. I got here and an escort took my luggage while I went through and got my stuff. Then I went and dropped off my luggage in my room. I had time to get my scriptures and Preach My Gospel. Then I went to our classroom and did an orientation video. Then we got to meet our teachers and our district.I am in branch 37 District C. We then went to a welcome meeting with all the new missionaries. There was about 430-440 of us. In my district there are 6 elders going to Portland, Oregon and 4 of us going to Auckland, New Zealand.
After dinner we went to three live teaching scenarios. They were so cool. I wish we could just do those every day.
Thanks for writing me. Tell Brooke thanks too. Tell her I'll write to her next Wednesday on my P-day. Technically I'm not supposed to write until then, but they said write our parents tonight, so please share this with them so it counts :)
Elder Beckstead

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