Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MTC - Last P-day

Can you believe it is my last pday in the MTC? It has gone by pretty fast. I enjoyed all of your letters.

Things have been going well here. I love the teaching experiences and we have done a ton over the last week. I am super excited to get to the mission field though. It is so cut off from the outside world here, it is weird sometimes. One of my favorite things so far has been our experience last monday. We were in the TRC and we were teaching Melvin for the second time. We did really well I thought and the spirit was there. The cool part was after the teaching experience though. We ran into melvin as we were leaving and he stopped me. He said we did two things that really impressed him. We looked him straight in the eye as we talked and testified to him and he said we answered all his questions very well. What he said at the end made my companion and I think he might have been a real investigator, but we aren't to sure. He might have been role playing still.

Congratulations to Korin for making the school play and she will make a very cute dragon and the other two things. I hope her leg feels better. I enjoyed the letter from sam :) (regarding Stake Conference) and I'm sorry he was so bored. No we did not get to see it although I heard it was very good. We just had a regular Sunday except for the fireside. We didn't have one. The gym is closed and has been the entire time. It won't be open until around the 27th. I wish we could've played basketball because early morning gym is pretty cold. We have mainly played volleyball and I have juggled once just on my own.

Is crazy soccer over yet? Mom said it was still hectic around the house even though that first soccer week was over. I hope it isn't too busy for everyone.

One more thing before my time is up. Will you tell everyone to send mail to the New Zealand mission address after I leave the MTC. If it is sent here, it will be returned home, so to save the hassel, send it to New Zealand.

I love you all tons and wish you all the best.

Elder Trevor Beckstead

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