Monday, January 2, 2012

Transfer to Kaitaia & Missionary Miracles

Kia Ora Mother,

Thank you for sharing your miracle. And I have a few on this end as well.

It started with transfers. I got transfer and where to? If you look at a map of New Zealand. Find Kaikohe, then find Kaitaia. I am located in Kaitaia but I cover everything north and a bit south of it as well. Another big area but one filled with beaches which is my favorite. I am sad I can't go on them. I will take lots of pictures though just to remind me.

Ok. So after the 3 1/2 hour drive to transfers and the 4 hour drive from Auckland to here I was pretty tired. I am still trying to catch up and I think that will be in September. I think you are trying to make me trunky aren't you. Well it ain't going to work because I am content where I am for the moment and September isn't coming for awhile. I am however, very excited to see yous then.

Ok, so the miracles were on Friday and Sunday. On Friday we went with a member to a dinner appointment 40 minutes out of Kaitaia. We were able to teach 4 grandkids of the member and they came to church. It was great.

The second miracle was that our set investigator name Trey, didn't know if he was coming to church yesterday because of a Tangi (funeral). We said alright and hoped and prayed he would make. Yesterday morning he called us and asked us to pick him up. I have never had an investigator do that before. It was a miracle.

I love you heaps and heaps and you know me. Always out of time. Have a great week.
Elder Beckstead

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