Monday, January 16, 2012

Keep the Faith - pictures :)

Kia Ora Mother,

Thank goodness it was only last weeks craziness. You can write long emails if you so desire, however, don't feel pushed to do so. Keep your priorities in order remember.

Ok, the first picture is me at a members house and the second picture is the beach that I am hiding. My companion needs to work on his photography skills. The third is the picture of me by Kaitaia. This is where I live and spend most of our time. Our area is huge, bigger than I said before but this is the headquarters you could say. The weather is finally acting right so better pictures should be coming. The other pictures including the ones of me and my companion are on his camera and currently not here. So I will get that to yous later. His name is Elder Pohahau and he is from Tonga. His English is pretty good but there is improvment to be done just like with us all.

Ok, the first news is bad news. I was sick this week which was no good. I think I had a bad cold/ sinus infection/ or flu. The weather is horrible up here lately switching between hot and cold and has cause a lot of sickness. I will try to get back into my old routines but it is quite challenging after moving and being sick. Oh, well, just more challenges.

Ok, a miracle for this week was that yesterday we went and saw this girl that I had never met but that had been taught for awhile. We went and she said that the elders in Kaikohe (where she went for a holiday) had set her for baptism this weekend. We are just praying that her dad will give permission which has been the cause of the delay for several months now.  It was good to hear that he was thinking about it instead of just saying no and we are all praying heaps. She is very prepared and we hope to see her baptized this week.

Ok, a crazy story this week was one of the members picked up a hitchhiker on the way to church and brought him along. He is from Canada studying in a bible school in the south Island. Anyways, it was good that he came to church and we had a good lesson with him. He was one of those people that believes in doing nothing to be saved except accepting Jesus in our hearts. We are saved by grace, not by works. The Bible annoys me sometimes, but it just continues to help me know that Book of Mormon is true. We basically just tried to help him understand the necessity for the Book of Mormon which ended up in his accepting a copy. Whether it will be read or end up on the side of the road is another story.

Thanks for all that yous do for me. Oh, thanks for the pictures. I like the one with everyone (at aspen grove?) It was cool to see all of the changes a year and a bit makes. Does Oli have an older brother, cause oli was a lot smaller last time I saw him.

Love yous all heaps, and have a fantastic week.
Elder Beckstead

P.S. I was rereading the email and forgot to answer the question. I am currently studying in Helaman and today I read Helaman 5. Everyone knows the first part of the chapter with Helaman teaching his sons or more like his sons, Lehi and Nephi remembering their fathers teachings. I don't think too many people look at the last part of the chapter and the significance of it. Nephi and Lehi teach with such power that no one could deny them. 8000 people were baptized. Went to the Lamanites and were thrown in Jail. Surrounded by fire and black smoke covered the Lamanites. They hear gods voice and repent. Fire surrounds all of them and angels teach Lehi, Nephi and all of the others there. They all go out and convince many of the truth. So many in fact that the Lamanites yield up the lands back to the Nephites.

It is a testimony to me how when we teach with the spirit no one can deny us. Also, the word of god does more than the sword. Middle East, listen up.
Thanks for the question.

Also, tell the Brousseau's and the Oliver's thanks for the emails. People in the ward truly are progressing forward and it will be exciting to see them all soon.

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