Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rain, Visiting a Tangi & Upcoming Mission Conference

Kia Ora Mum,

I am short on time today because we only get half and hour at the library and that is it. It is very annoying but thats life I guess.

I am doing good and enjoying up north. However, it has rained everyday but two since I have been here. It is so annoying especially since it hinders my beach views as we visit members. Anyways, enough complaining.

We are teaching some choice families which I hope we can help into the waters of baptism. We had 4 people at church yesterday which was good but I wish we had all 9 or 10 that were supposed to be there. We will keep trying. We also had a miracle with a ysa named trey. He is set to be baptized at the end of the month, but was planning on going to gisborne this week. After lots of prayer and a fast yesterday, he said that he is staying to the end of the month. Yippee. He is so choice and has friends in YSA that he hangs with all the time.

Ok, some other things that happened this week was that we went to a Marae last monday after emails. It was really cool because you have to be invited first of all and it was for a tangi which is like a funeral. We didn't go to the funeral but to the viewing type thing before hand. It was very different that american culture that is for sure. It was cool never the less. We had interviews last week which was good. We are having a mission conference this month with Elder Quentin L. Cook and Elder Callister, Bishop Burton, and Elder Hamula. It should be a pretty good conference. I am very excited.

I got some pretty good pictures so I will have to send them next week. I will try to at least. I love you all heaps and thank you for the support that you give me each and every day.

Elder Beckstead

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