Monday, December 12, 2011

Goofball Mother :)

<<This is Trevor's reply to his mother's email. She typed it and thought she sent it (last week), but it went to the draft folder instead. It is so full of Kristin's personality, I had to include it with Trevor's reply>>

Those are very gee whiz comments. Tell the Robinsons for me to tell Elder Greening thanks for being a great AP. He was one of the best in my opinion of the ones that I have had. Him and Elder Cline.

Anyways, thanks for that. 
Elder Beckstead

On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 4:54 PM, <> wrote:
Kia Ora My Wonderful Trevie,

Here are a few gee whiz comments for you.  Totally random and you'll think, hmm, that's interesting, and go on to the next.....

1 - Did we ever tell you (or did any of the girls write you) that your former home of Juniper Hall at SUU has been condemned and the students had to move out in the middle of the semester?  Chelsea Hyatt was living there and had to find a new place last October.  The water pipes were breaking and causing all kinds of problesm, so school closed it up and sent the students packing.

2 - The other night we were visiting with Eric Robinson and he was telling us about Rylee.  She is dating a very nice young man who attended Timpview High School and just got home from his mission about 2 weeks ago. They reconnected through facebook. As he continued talking there were some interesting points... he is from New Zealand but his family moved to Provo some years ago and that is when he attended Timp.  He actually served his mission in NZ but didn't know which mission.  So Janee grabbed me yesterday as we were setting up for the Ward Christmas Party and told me he knows you!!!  You were never companions but he knew who you were and told the Robinsons that you are a very hardworking missionary and an obedient one, which, he said, can't be said of all the missionaries in your mission.  Have you figured out who it is?  Elder Vaughn Greening!  Small world yet again.  I'm telling ya... "don't say nothin bad bout no one!"  

And I'm grateful to hear again and again what a great missionary you are.  I know what you are going through on those days when you think you can't do it anymore or wonder if you are doing any good.  Did you know at one point in my mission I called my mission president from a phone booth on the street and told him I was going home early?.  I felt as though I wasn't doing any good and was done with the whole mission experience.  I was grateful for having served and would he please arrange my flight home... he listened patiently and told me to get back to work; no he wasn't going to send me home or agree for me to get home on my own.  I had to stay, stick it up, and enjoy being a missionary.  I still wonder if I really did any good... I didn't have what I consider the "icing on the cake" of baptisms.  I attended a few of people the Elders in my areas taught, but thought I personally was wasting everyone's time.  I have been a bit jealous of your opportunities but have been so very delighted to hear your favorite part of missionary work is seeing people change after receiving the gospel.  It truly is amazing isn't it?!

3 - Last night at the Christmas Party, Xane sang in a quartet with Chris Brousseau, Collin Williams, and Joseph Barley.  They sang very well!  Later, Dad read a story to the children about Santa and Jesus Christ.  There was a beautiful statue the Williams family loaned him of Santa kneeling at the manger of baby Jesus.  Dad showed the the statue to the congregation and put it on the tablecloth on the piano so the children good see it.  Part way through the reading of the story, one of the children bumped and pulled the tablecloth which sent the statue crashing to the floor.  We will be looking for a new statue to replace the one that broke :)

4 - I've always been pretty bad about having a clean house.  It's sort-a clean but there are piles and stacks everywhere of stuff and half finished projects.  Alison's Pantry in one corner, Soccer on a table, puzzles on other tables, everything I don't know where to immediately put is in the bathtub, clothes to go to DI on the closet floor, science fair project in the middle of the floor, Sweden report on the sofa, School Papers to correct at the end of another table, scriptures and unfolded blankets on the chairs and couch, etc.  Well, it's getting worse!  Now add all my relief society projects and the house is sad.  Tablecloths hanging from the doors, visiting teaching on the bed, unfolded laundry in the hall, teaching materials next to my bed, the kitchen always has food on the counters either in preparation, the middle of a meal, or didn't have time to clean it up yet before leaving to do the next thing, and the list goes on and on.  My goal of "stay home and clean the house" is never fulfilled!  I used to be distracted and now I'm distracted from the distractions.  It's all very silly.

Aside from those random thoughts everyone is doing well.  We are happy and healthy.  Oh!  I did get your Christmas package sent, and of course, forgot one thing you actually asked for!  So, I'll try to send that in a separate envelope this week.  We hope you know we love you and are honored to be your missionary supporting family.  Is there anything more that we can do to help you? You just started a new month so you should be able to drive around in the car for at least a couple of weeks.  Are you melting in the heat?  Is there something you hear of other missionaries families doing that you think, "it would be cool if my family did that?"

Question of the week - What is something you have learned about yourself from each of your companions (or only a couple if you don't have time to list them all)
Elder Tham
Elder Meyer
Elder Kimball
Elder Smith
Elder Thomas
Elder Allred
Elder Battsagaan
Elder Dyunti

did I miss any?

NO WAY - I couldn't figure out why you hadn't responded to this email and I just found it in the drafts folder.  Stinkweed!!!!!  That totally reaks, especially because
1)  I started it at 6:30 this morning so I could be sure and get it to you before the day got away from me.
2)  I was even on the computer at the same time as you were this afternoon and helped Sam send his email and I saw your talk and responded.
3)  I am practically positive I sent this and hear it is, not sent.

I am so sorry!  I don't know why you aren't supposed to see this email til now that you are reading it.... a week later, but I guess you weren't supposed to yet.  So hopefully you are seeing 2 emails from me today. This one now a week old and next week that I'll be writing soon.

Still love you even though I am your goofball mother!

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