Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elder Pearson & Zone Conference

Kia Ora Mother and Holy Moses,

I can't believe all that happened in the last two weeks.

Ok, new stuff from me. The only thing I remember from interviews was I asked president how to obtain a greater desire and he told me to read Enos. I am trying to apply that but it is sure hard. Anyways, that was a few weeks ago and this week was filled with crazy stuff.

Ok first of all, some less active lady came up to me last week and wanted the recipe for Cornbread. Will you please send me a legit american style cornbread as she put it please. Thanks.

Ok next, We had zone conference this week and it was very good. I don't have my notes but we talked about the doctrine of christ and better ways to find people to teach. It was helpful as we are struggling big time with people to teach. We talk to heaps of uninterested people all week and have almost no lessons. Anyways, another crazy thing that came from zone conference is that all the missionary companionships got a portable dvd player for their flat. What in the world. Anyways, we have used it in comp study to catch up on some more movies to use during lessons. Also, we will use it to watch other missionary teaching situations. Evaluate them and practice improving ourselves. It is interesting for sure.

Ok, the last news for this week is that we had stake conference and we had Elder Pearson, 1st counselor in the pacific area presidency there and also our mission president and his wife. They all gave great talks and of course I don't remember what they said other than they were good. Also, I got to meet and shake Elder Pearson's hand. It was pretty cool.

Well the work is slow at the moment and I am happy at the moment except for the rain. I miss all the crazyness back home but I like being over here and awful lot.

I love you all. I hope you are well.

Love you heaps,
Elder Beckstead

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