Monday, August 22, 2011

Crazy week and strengthened faith

Holy Tomato Mother, and Kia Ora!

It sounds like a crazy week especially for you. Also, way to go on solving problems as usual and don't get too frustrated with the people who are too stubborn to change. I get it all the time over here especially and we just need to love them even when they drive us up the wall.

That is a pretty good book by the sounds of it. Really good points to make and questions to answer.

Ok, now my week was pretty boring. All of our appointments fell through basically this week and we just had mostly walk ins. We did find a new family but we will see how they take the gospel. Also, transfers are this week which is kind of crazy. It seems like transfers are every week instead of every 6 weeks it goes by so fast.

To answer your question,
My faith has been strengthened several ways throughout my mission. To see someone that is basically a gangster who drinks, smokes and has a child out of wedlock change around, be baptized and receive the priesthood is incredible. Also, the other thing is studies. Sometimes when I study in the morning, I happen to read something that will help an investigator that we are teaching that day or also, in district meetings we often use what we learned in a lesson that day. God and Jesus really have everything planned out and a quote I heard.

God's will is never frustrated but only mans.

Have a wonderful week and I love you heaps.
Elder Beckstead

P.S. Thanks for the recipes. I hope that the lady is happy with them.

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