Monday, July 25, 2011

Question from mother

Today's post is a mix of Kristin's email to Trevor and his reply:


Hello Trevor,

I was telling Brother Denning that last week I wrote you that your emails were getting vague, and you wrote back they weren't vague, they were just short.  He said "Everything is normal to Elders in the mission field and there wasn't news to write home about."  He defended you quite nicely :)  However, Mothers need lots of details, so this week I'm asking a bunch of questions for you to easily answer:

Food is a great topic -
How many times did you fix a meal with your companion this week?  And name items of one meal please.
How many times did you have a dinner appointment this week? And name some items they either served you at their home or took you to a restaurant for.
What is your favorite food that you have eaten on your mission?   (You may want to get the recipe if needed)
Do you typically eat three meals a day? Or is it more like two with a snack? Or are you eating four and five times a day?
How often are you fasting? (Hopefully only once a month, but sometimes missionaries get carried away and think it is needed once a week for investigators or personal concerns)
Do you drink mostly water? Or mostly other liquids like juice and/or soda and or milk?
Are you hooked on the ice cream yet?
Name 3 "specific to New Zealand and your mission" food items.
Anything else you want to share -


Kia Ora Mother and Wow.

this will be interesting and I hope my answers are satifactory although some might not me.

Anyways, here goes.

I don't know how many meals we cooked. not many i assure you. The one thing we cook is grilled cheese sandwiches.
We eat 4 times a week and this week was mostly KFC. Last night was fish, chicken, rice, salad, and potatoes with pumpkin. So yep.
My favorite is either the kumara or the bacon and egg pie. I tried to get the recipe but the person forgot. Maybe when I write to him later.
I eat usually 2 1/2 times. Just a smoothie for breakfast and then lunch and dinner. sometimes less and sometimes more.
I fast once a month. I really haven't fasted much for special occasions. Once or twice since i've been here.
Usually water, fizzy or juice. It just depends where we are. (Fizzy is soda)
Ice cream is very good but I haven't had any in ages.
Three items specific, Kumara, Pies, and seafood. First two are good, last one is yuck.


Teaching the gospel is the best topic ever -
Please give me your weekly report that you turn in to your district leader (last week's numbers are great)
Are you doing any tracting?
What is your favorite way of doing "first contacting" (street or bus contacts, sidewalk chalk art, member firesides, etc)
Which is your favorite discussion to teach?
How has your testimony strengthened? (I know it strengthens every day, but was there one instance in particular where as you were teaching, the Holy Ghost bore powerful witness to your soul of the truthfulness)
What would you counsel us to do here back home?


We had no baptisms, 2 set, 0 at church, 16 total lessons, and 122 preach by the way, There is more but those are the basics. No we don't tract to often mostly by choice than by being told not to. I do not like first contacting although member referrals are the best by far.
my favorite discussion depends on the person but usually lesson 3, the gospel or lesson 2, the plan of salvation.
Something that has changed my testimony was the first time I baptized someone. The spirit just touched my heart and told me again of the truth. it was a special experience.
Just keep reading the scriptures, praying, and going to church. Those three things are the basis to achieving great things and being led by the spirit.


P-Day activities -
Do you do service on a pday or any other day?
What kinds of service to you do?
How do you clean your apartment and what time of pday do you do it?
Is your bed made every morning?
How much time do you spend reading emails? Is it enough, or not enough?
Where is the last "tourist" place you visited on a pday?
Do you hang out as a district/zone on pdays?


We do service every once in awhile. last week we cleaned out gutters and chopped down some berries from a palm, but we usually don't do much service.
We don't clean much of our flat on p-days, it is mostly clean up if something is dirty. if we do clean up though, it is first thing in the morning before we leave on pday.
My bed is never made. Pretty much. I guess half made.
It is usually not enough time to email but I work with what i got.
We hang out as a district, but the banned combined district activities which is a very pointless rule in my opinion. About as good as no hunting whales in Utah.


Zone/District/Mission -
Who is your current companion and where is he from?
How many in your current district? In your current zone?  Currently in the New Zealand Auckland Mission?
When is your next interview with the Mission President? Probably at next zone conference - when is that?
Does your Mission President have to "clean house" or are the missionaries obedient and doing what is right?
Who is your favorite missionary so far and why?
What do other missionaries say about you?
Who are you teaching this week that needs extra prayers?
Have the majority of investigators that we have prayed for in the past accepted the gospel?
How many families are you teaching this week?


Companion still Elder Allred from preston Idaho. 4 comps in district and 11 in zone. No idea how many in the NZAM. about 200 i think.
Interviews was last week and they went well. Next zone conference probably beginning of September.
The rest I will answer next week.

Love you heaps and know I am doing well. Have a great week.
Elder Beckstead

<<Kristin - just to see what she wrote - no reply from Trevor>>

Okay - that is all for this week!!!  We love you tons and hope you don't mind my asking questions.  I just love telling stories about your mission when people ask.

Last week I had a fantastic visit with Sister Smith's sister and her husband who just finished their 3 years as Mission President of the San Jose Mission.  They told some great things.  One is that in their mission, the missionaries were counseled by "the brethren" to no longer tract at all.  They will still "first contact' but it can't be by tracting.  So I asked what they were doing?  Using the members like crazy!!!  So, I'm a member - how are they using the members?  Of course they said in all different ways, but I kept pressing for specifics. They said they are training the missionaries to go to the members homes and create a list of specific non-members they have interaction with (the kids school activities, work, social events, neighbors, etc).  Then they list the church events coming up that they could invite them to.  Then they identify which activity would delight which non-member and the members invite them.  Some love reading, so they invite them to read a book that they give them as a gift.  The missionaries find out who is participating in the Sunday Meetings a week or two weeks ahead of time and go to that member (giving a talk, sharing the musical number, giving the scripture/talk in primary) and ask them to invite a friend or neighbor to support them in the meeting.  President and Sister Jackson said that is one of the most effective ways of getting non-members to church.  For myself, I never invite anyone and I'm in charge of all the RS week-day activities.  I figured that little visit was for me to start being more proactive!!!

We've had a great week - but next week is going to be WAY weird.  You, of course are gone.  Xane leaves this afternoon for All-stars week long camp, and then Korin leaves on Tuesday for Girls Camp and they won't be back until Saturday.  That leaves Sam and me at home while Dad goes to work. I have a ton of soccer stuff to get done and I'm worried I'll let Sam play the wii and watch tv a lot this week.  He does have swimming lessons this week which will help a little.  We've been riding our bikes and trying to enjoying being outside even when it is hot.

Gotta go - love you more than I can say and hope you have a fantastic week!!!

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