Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Kia Ora Mother,

First of all Happy 4th of July. Second of all, No I am not counting and I do not care if you do either. I'm with you. I ain't coming home anytime soon so why waste brain cells on it :)

Yes, I did know sis Engebretzen from provo. We were in the same district for awhile.

No I haven't seen or heard about any packages yet. It should be here but I bet because of the new mission president, the office is a little on the chaotic side of things. We get to meet the new president on Wednesday I believe. It will be pretty crazy all of the changes that are happening.

Tell Auntie Katie congrats for me as well. Tell her to invite the missionaries over for dinner as well and I hope something sparks in him that will lead to his conversion. I know she will be happy that you are going. Family always brings happiness it just might be delayed.

My week was good but cold. There hasn't been hardly any rain this week at all but it has been really cold all week. I have had to wear a sweater and a coat. I didn't think it was supposed to get this cold in New Zealand but sure enough it does. We had a baptism this week as well for Aleli which went well. There is a picture attached which I hope gets through. He is the older one. The younger one is Limani which was a few weeks ago. you might already have it. I can't remember. Not much else happened this week except for what I told dad about crashing my bike. Dumb brakes.

<<from dad's letter>>
The work is moving forward slowly. We did have Aleli Nonoa baptized this past week which was a pretty cool experience. We have a couple more lined up, but we are having a hard time with them. Their names are wilson, Jalisha, and George. I just wish people understood what we do and how important this really is.

One last thing to complain about. I had no brakes this week and when I went to get them fixed the member wasn't home. So we left and I was riding along, looked up, saw a car in front of me, and ran right into the back taillight breaking the plastic. I just have a few bruises and a cut on my finger from the brake and the rest of the bike was mostly alright. I tried to find the owner but finally just left a note. The guy called me a few days later and I have to pay $130 dollars to fix the back door because it wont open and the light. I am glad that I have some money put away for emergencies. I just wish I didn't have to use it for this.
<<back to mom's letter>>

Anyways, one way the lord helped me this week is by answering prayers. We have had an incredibly hard time lately with new investigators and getting people to church. In my prayers, I have been asking specifically for someone prepared to come to church not by our doing. When we got to church we saw someone that I had taught before but we though had moved away. We were able to teach him again and get him back on track for baptism. When we pray for specific things, God is able to answer with specific answers and in this case was able to provide both a new investigator and someone else at church that has potential. God is a god of miracles but it takes our constant diligence and prayer in order to qualify and acheive those miracles.

I love you heaps mother and tell the rest of the family hi for me. Have a great week.
Elder Beckstead

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